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Literotica: The Ledger

They called themselves, for reasons that became apparent, Katherine and Petruccio. She was 43, he 47. They were an educated, sophisticated couple, slightly nervous although that was commonplace with many who came to us.

Sitting together on a couch facing us, they made an attractive pair. She crossed and uncrossed her legs two or three times. Good legs. I imagined running my hands up the calves, under the skirt, encountering cool flesh above the stocking tops. I hoped Katherine and Petruccio wouldn’t be a couple who disappeared never to return.

Led by Anna’s gentle questioning, they explained it was a second marriage for both. They claimed their sex life was active and reasonably varied. So why had they sought us out? Petruccio answered, “Well, there are – things we don’t do. But we talk about them and we can’t agree.”

Shrewdly, Anna didn’t instantly enquire what those ?things’ might be. We had learned to move slowly, building confidence and a certain arms-length familiarity on both sides before getting to the point. Rushing fences had proved unsatisfactory. Closing her notepad, Anna asked them to watch the video.

When it finished, I asked if they wished to continue. They said they did and seemed disappointed we were asking them to go away, discuss the video and come back again. In a week’s time? Reluctantly, I thought, they agreed to wait seven days.

“Well,” I asked Anna when we were alone. “What did you make of them?”

“Promising. You really fancy her don’t you?”

“I could.”

“You must learn not to moisten your lips with the tip of your tongue – it’s such a give away. What were you thinking about – getting your hand under her skirt?”

“You know me too well. Anyway, did you succumb to his charms?”

“Like you – I could. But I think I’d have to be careful.”


“Well, they didn’t call themselves Katherine and Petruccio by accident. If you know your Shakespeare. Or your Cole Porter.”

The penny dropped. “Of course! We’re meant to think ?Taming of the Shrew.’ Which must mean spanking, yes? You think that’s what they can’t agree about?”

“No, I don’t. I think Katherine and Petruccio was a clue to what they do like – planted to see how smart we are. My guess is he likes to dish it out and she enjoys taking it. I may be wrong but I wouldn’t be at all surprised next time if she doesn’t finish up across your lap with her pretty arse in the air.”

“You noticed – the rear view?”

“Of course. And so did you.”

“Of course. But if that’s what they don’t agree about, what is it?”

“Interesting to find out – I thought I picked up a hint while they were watching the video.”

“Which was?”

“Wait and see.”


Seven days later, Katherine and Petruccio were back sitting on our couch looking as though they had arrived for a board meeting. Both were in dark suits, formal in the extreme. Katherine was exquisitely made up, her outward demeanour cool and self-possessed.

Her skirt couldn’t have been called short but it revealed enough to confirm my memory of excellent legs. I noticed that Anna, facing them, had allowed her own skirt to ride up slightly and her knees were parted.

I knew she was wearing pale lemon knickers with a wide leg, favourites of mine. Petruccio, when I asked what thoughts they had had since their previous visit, leaned forward towards Anna and made no pretence of looking anywhere other than under the hem of her skirt. Only then did he answer.

“We wondered if we might ask you the same thing. For instance, have you thought about our names?”

Direct and to the point. No signs of nervousness this time. Few of our clients took this approach. Perhaps it was a test of our credibility. While I hesitated, Anna answered, calmly responding in kind. “Yes, of course. Spanking is a more frequent form of foreplay than many people realise. Is it something new for you?”

She looked at Katherine but Petruccio continued to answer. “No. We both find it arousing. Have done almost since we first got together.”

“I take it you do the spanking?”


“It helps that you’re so frank. Not everyone we see feels comfortable discussing interests that may seem to them a little unconventional. But if you are both happy with Katherine across your knee, obviously that isn’t the reason you have asked to see us.”


“So let me put this to you. If it isn’t unreasonable to progress from admiring the female bottom, as many men do, to chastising it, then it’s always possible that the next stage is a desire to penetrate it. Would I be right in thinking anal sex is the subject on which you disagree?”

A tiny gasp was the first sign Katherine had given of losing her composure. “How did you know?” she asked.

I felt it was time I made a contribution, remembering to refer to Anna by her assumed name. “Mia is remarkably observant,” I said. “While you were watching the video last time, the untrained eye would probably have noticed nothing.

But Mia picks up even the tiniest indication – eyelid movements, a change in breathing pattern.” There was something in this but largely it was the sort of jargon we produced to show our ?professional expertise.’

Mostly it was no more than shrewd guesswork, although of course, after seeing a number of couples we had some experience to draw upon.

This time Anna had hit the jackpot. Even so, these were more intelligent clients than we usually encountered; I decided not to let them dwell on Anna’s supposed powers of perception. “But that’s not important. We need to know how you see the problem.”

“Let’s see if I can help.” Anna had also weighed up our clients and had decided to continue taking the direct route. “I guess, Katherine, you are pretty adventurous in the bedroom. Anything that turns on Petruccio, turns you on. You can stand a little pain when he spanks you – in fact, you welcome it. But so far you have been content with vaginal sex? Oh, and oral, I presume.”

Katherine nodded.

“Now he has suggested anal sex and you are afraid it will hurt. Am I right?”

“Yes. I mean, pleasing him is important to me. But – ” The thought remained unfinished.

“Have you tried?”

“Only with a finger.”

“And how was that?”

“It’s hard to say. I can’t really say I liked it, but at the same time I was aroused. I didn’t know whether I wanted to go further, so we didn’t.”

“But,” her husband added, “when Katherine says she was aroused, it was more than just that. When we fucked it was as though she had been starved for days.” He smiled. “Which she never is.”

“Well, then – what do you want from us?”

“Just to know what you recommend, I suppose.”

Anna stayed brisk and businesslike. “Well, I wonder how you feel about a little practical experimentation while you are here.” It was as though she were offering a cup of coffee. “In the past when we’ve encountered your problem, we’ve found we could coax people through the initial stages. It all depends.”

“On what?”

“On how you would feel about engaging in sexual activity in our presence, possibly even with our participation. Some people say no because they are embarrassed and we’ve respected that. Tried to find another solution.

But others have found the idea arousing. Once they shed their inhibitions, more or less anything is possible.”

This was total top-of-the-head extemporising by Anna without any justification whatsoever, but I had long ceased to be amazed at her gift for seizing the moment. Her hormones are no less demanding than mine; here, they were working overtime.

Petruccio spoke. “Could you leave us for a moment, do you think? It’s something we’d have to discuss.”

“Of course,” said Anna, taking my hand and leading me towards the kitchen. “Take all the time you need. Nobody has to do anything they don’t want to.” In the kitchen, I leaned against the dish washer and took a deep breath. Before I could say anything, Anna put her hand across my mouth and shook her head. “Softly, softly,” she murmured. “Petruccio is dying for it. Just wait.”

A tap on the kitchen door indicated they were ready to announce their decision. Petruccio spoke.

“We’ve decided that as we’ve come this far, there’s not much point in stopping now. Katherine is naturally nervous, but if we can take it in stages, just see how we go – then we’d like to try.”

“We’re here to help. Any time you want to say stop will be fine with us.” Anna sounded almost sincere I thought as she led the way to the bedroom.

“Now.” she said, “Everyone just relax. This is supposed to be about pleasure – intense pleasure if we get it right. It’s time for a few clothes to come off and I suggest you do the same. Petruccio, why don’t you help me? Colin will help Katherine.”

This had become a feature of our preliminaries, largely because Anna knew about my fixation with a woman’s underwear. Katherine didn’t disappoint me. Removing her dress revealed a black outfit – bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings.

When I remarked how sexy she looked, her husband stepped forward to remove the bra and then suggested she should bend over to show off her rear. When she did so, her breasts remained firm and slightly pear-shaped, the nipples dark and pointed.

I took in the silk material stretched across rounded buttocks, the small area of white thigh above the stocking tops. This was an eminently fuckable woman – by whichever orifice.

Anna, stripped down by Petruccio to her pale lemon ensemble, moved to Katherine’s side and eased her upright. “My dear,” she said, “you look sensational. If you don’t believe me – look at this.”

Her hand delved into my y-fronts to extract a cock that was already semi-erect. She went on, “I’m going to give this some attention – it’s the way we like to warm up. Perhaps you two would like to show us yours.”

The bed had to wait. Anna placed two chairs facing each other, one for Petruccio, one for me. She knelt at my side, took my cock in her hand and went to work.

No play-acting now. After a brief hesitation, Petruccio beckoned his wife to lie across his lap. He was completely naked and his cock, too, was firm. Katherine touched it, folded it against his lower stomach before taking up her position.

“Ready?” he asked. She said nothing. His hand descended with a sharp slap. “I said are you ready?”

“If you want to.”

Another slap, this time on the other cheek. “It’s what you want, isn’t it?” When there was no reply he administered several more smacks. “Answer me.”

“You know.”

His hand rose and descended again. And again. “So tell me.”

There was a long silence broken only by the sound of his palm impacting on silk-covered flesh. “Tell me.”

“I want you to smack me.”


“On my arse.” She was fully into the game now, possibly so involved that she was oblivious to our presence. The cool, controlled Katherine who had arrived less than an hour ago with such self-awareness had given way to a woman who couldn’t conceal her raw desire. “Smack my arse. I want it.”

While Petruccio applied himself to stoking his wife’s fires I could only admire the calculated skill with which he administered the punishment: never so severe as to be unbearable but positive enough to achieve its objective.

At the same time, Anna was her usual attentive self, recognising the moment to stop sucking and instead to pinch the base of my cock. We were no longer detached observers. We were involved and the erotic temperature was rising by the minute. Too much too soon would spoil everything.

Time to move on. Anna got to her feet and lifted Katherine from her position across her husband’s knee and took her to the bed. “May I?” she said, slipping her fingers into the waistband of the woman’s knickers. Without waiting for an answer, she slid the garment down those long shapely legs and dropped it to the floor.

The suspender belt and stockings remained in place. Katherine was passive, making no protest as she adopted a prone position on the bed. Her buttocks had a rosy hue but no damage had been done.

“That’s very nice,” said Anna, exotic foreign accent coming through. “Such a beautiful arse. So lovely, I have to kiss it.”

The kisses were soft, fluttering from cheek to cheek as Anna also used her hands to caress and fondle the roundness. Petruccio and I leaned close to watch. He was stroking his cock, long sensuous, anticipatory strokes. Katherine moaned softly as Anna’s attention became more intrusive.

Her fingers parted the cleft, disclosing a pink anal aperture. Anna’s tongue tip made contact. Katherine’s sigh didn’t sound like disapproval. Anna looked to me and raised her eyebrows. Realising where this was leading, I went to the bedside table drawer for a tube of gel. Removing the cap, I passed it to her. I looked at Petruccio who nodded. He said to Katherine, “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” she said. “I’m fine. It’s good so far.” Everyone knew what could happen next.

Anna – wise Anna – slipped a hand underneath Katherine’s body. I guessed she would be carefully testing the other woman’s cunt for wetness, probably seeking to give a reassuring rub to the clitoris, continuing the arousal and distracting attention from the crucial next step. “Now then,” Anna murmured.

“There won’t be a problem.” She squeezed gel on to her fingers and on to the area around the aperture she had moistened with her tongue. She placed a finger tip against the opening, pressed but didn’t attempt to penetrate. We’d been led to believe that Katherine and Petruccio had tried this themselves but now it was woman-to-woman and the sexual chemistry was entirely different. This was the moment when Katherine could say stop.

In fact, she reached behind her, gasped Anna’s wrist and applied pressure. Unwilling to put it into words, she was giving the signal to go ahead. After a few cautious experiments, Anna’s heavily lubricated finger slid past the sphincter with ease, paused in place, withdrew and re-entered.

When there was no protest from Katherine, it was plain that the first big crisis had been surmounted. Anna gradually increased the speed of her fingering, added a second finger, then a third. The room was silent. I realised I was holding my breath.

At last, Anna broke the tension. “Katherine,” she said, withdrawing completely, “tell me honestly, that didn’t hurt, did it?”

Katherine turned and sat up. “No. It didn’t hurt. You were very careful.”

“Did you like it?”

A long pause. “I think I did, yes.”

Anna leaned forward, kissed Katherine’s breasts, slipped a hand momentarily between the woman’s legs. “So shall we go on?”

Another long pause. At last: “Yes.”

It took a little organising but Anna knew what she wanted and, having been in charge virtually throughout, I was content to play a supporting role and do as I was told. Once the condoms were in place, I lay on my back and Katherine, facing me, mounted my rigid cock. At first, Anna and Petruccio stood side by side behind Katherine.

With one hand, Anna was handling Petruccio, with the other she was manipulating Katherine’s arsehole. Katherine, supporting herself with her hands on my shoulders, rode effortlessly on my cock, absorbing the size without difficulty.

I would have liked to nibble on the dark nipples that descended close to my mouth but never quite managed it. The squishing sound as she rose and fell was evidence of how effective the preliminaries – the spanking, the fingering, general atmosphere of unrestrained sex – how effective they had been in bringing on her lubrication.

Highly stimulated though I was, I felt able to maintain an almost trancelike state, relishing the warm embrace of this forty-three-year-old woman’s cunt, close to the edge but never in danger of going over.

For me, it could have gone on indefinitely. Anna, however, hadn’t lost sight of our true purpose. She put her hands under Katherine’s armpits and lifted her slowly off my still rampant cock. Then she urged the woman to bend forward and take me into her mouth. This had the effect of raising her arse. While Katherine sucked, Anna retreated and resumed her earlier activity, massaging Petruccio, fingering his wife.

I divided my attention between observing my cock disappearing between Katherine’s lips and watching Anna’s judgement of when to take the final step.

At last, she nodded to Petruccio. Removing her fingers from the now open orifice, she applied more gel and then guided him in. Momentarily, Katherine tensed with my stalk halfway into her throat. Then she closed her eyes, relaxed and began to concentrate on her first authentic arse fuck.

To his credit, Petruccio was brilliant. Long though he may have anticipated this experience, he reined in the desire he must have felt, fucking the tight opening with loving sensitivity, gently exploring the depth to which she could take him without pain or anxiety. When, finally, he was fully buried, he paused and looked gratefully to Anna.

“It’s all right,” she told him quietly. “Fuck. When you’re ready, come.” Satisfied that he was building up a steady but not aggressive tempo, Anna slid her hand once more under the other woman’s body.

I knew she would be seeking the clit to ensure that Katherine reached her own fulfilment. It would be important for her to recall the orgasm when they looked back and considered the success or otherwise of the occasion.

Anna’s ability to bring everything to the boil was evident from the way Katherine gradually seemed to lose interest in sucking me. My contribution was over. Other parts of her body were sending messages of exquisite excitement.

She need to savour them to the full. I understood and took my cock from her mouth so that her mind could be solely concerned with the spasms that were about to engulf her cunt and her arse. There was no mistaking the climax when it arrived. Katherine threw back her head, her mouth wide, gulping for air, making unformed sounds of ecstasy.

Petruccio responded by pumping uncontrollably inside her until he, too, crossed the line. For my part, I threw off my condom and, with a single stroke, ejaculated on to Katherine’s tits. It was a while before anyone moved.

Then, I was astonished to see, Katherine murmured something into Anna’s ear before spreading my wife’s legs. The final orgasm was achieved with great affection.


Before they departed, Katherine and Petruccio were effusive in their thanks, convinced they would want to continue the experience in the privacy of their own bedroom. How successful they were, I have no idea. Of course, we never saw them again. It’s impossible to say how much the success of that session was due to the fact that it was, in essence, a foursome with all the added stimulus inherent in our presence, two virtual strangers. I have to say we recall it as one of our most enjoyable diagnoses. Though even I still find it hard to believe the fee Anna suggested nor the apparent satisfaction with which Petruccio paid it. No doubt the Charity was as pleased as we were.


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