Sex with Strangers

Literotica: Hannah’s Helping Hands


I was having the best dream ever. I dreamt that I was stood at the door of my brother’s bedroom, watching him and his best friend fuck a gorgeous, dark haired young girl…

“Paulie? Wake up…”

She was laid on her back, while the bigger of the two guys moved above her, pumping hard and fast between her legs. My brother was at the other end of her, eagerly feeding his cock into her mouth which she greedily sucked on with wild abandon.

“Paulie? I’m here…”

I sat bolt upright in bed. It hadn’t been a dream. It had happened.

“Whoa!” said Hannah, taking a step backwards at my sudden movement, her face concerned, “Are you okay?”

“I’m… fine,” I said, “I must have dropped off. What time is it?”

“About half past three,” she said as she moved to sit down on the foot of the bed, “Mike took a while to fall asleep tonight, but he’s well gone now. Sorry it’s late, but I’m here now.” Hannah’s was talking slowly, and her speech was quite slurred. As the fuzz of sleep disappeared from my mind and my vision came finally into focus, I could see that she was still very drunk. Her pretty green eyes were glazed, and she wobbled clumsily, almost falling from the bed as she tried to sit herself on the end of it. She had a t-shirt on again, this time a black one, presumably my brother’s.

“I saw you with Mike and Steve,” I said, just in case she hadn’t really seen me and I had imagined the wink and smile.

“I know. I saw you too,” she smiled, a slightly lop-sided and drunken smile. “Did you like watching? You looked like you were enjoying yourself, playing with your… thing…” she laughed then, and for a moment I thought she was laughing at me. “I’ve been a very naughty girl.”

“Yes, you have,” I propped a pillow behind my back, so that I could sit and talk to her properly. “I can’t believe you did a threesome. I didn’t know you liked that sort of thing.”

Hannah just waved a floppy hand dismissively. “It was just a bit of fun,” she explained, “I used to go out with Steve before Mike, so I’ve slept with him before, you know?”

“Ah, I see,” I said, although in my mind that didn’t really justify having a threesome.

“I must admit, I’m a bit drunk,” she giggled, “And he’s got a big willy.”

“Yeah, I noticed,” I admitted.

“Not as big as yours though,” Hannah giggled again, “I bet seeing me like that really got you horny?”

“I would have been just as excited seeing you with just Mike,” I said as a horrible thought popped into my head, “You didn’t do that just for me, did you?”

“No, of course not,” Hannah reassured me and I noticed that she was slowly moving up the bed towards me. Or possibly away from the edge of the bed, which she had nearly slipped off. “Steve just asked, and because I was in the mood for some fun, I thought ‘why not?’ Plus, Mike had really pissed me off just before, so I kind of got him back.”

“He didn’t seem to mind though,” I commented, “Why were you mad with him?”

“I should have known he would enjoy it,” Hannah said with disgust, “I was cross because we played a game of spin the bottle downstairs. Have you heard of it before?”

“Um, no?” I said. I didn’t like lying to her, but I wasn’t going to admit to having spied on them.

“Basically you spin a bottle and whoever it lands on has to do a forfeit,” she explained, “Our forfeits were to either down a shot of some whisky or other, and then to take something off.”

“Take your clothes off?” I enquired as though I didn’t know.

“Yeah, well, I ended up naked, in front of all Mike’s friends and when you were naked that was supposed to be it – you were out of the game, but…” Hannah sighed, “Your wonderful brother told me to stay in the game, but the next time I lost I had to do a different forfeit.”

“A different forfeit?” I didn’t know about any of this part, I had to return upstairs before this bit had happened, “Like what?”

“Like me showing the boys my boobs, or pussy…” Hannah went on to say, “And then after that, he told

Steve and Rich that they could have a feel.”

“He let them feel you up?” I asked, genuinely surprised though I shouldn’t have been after what I had seen earlier.

“He let Steve feel my boobs, and Rich touch my pussy but luckily Lisa lost her panties just after that, which meant that Mike won and the game was over.” Hannah was still edging closer to me, so that by the time she paused she was sat right next to me. “I wonder if your brother cares about me at all, the way he was passing me around his mates like that.” She looked upset suddenly, and I wondered if I should put an arm around her to comfort her or something.

“So when Steve said about a threesome, you just agreed hoping that Mike would stop it,” I guessed aloud, “That would prove he cares, right?”

“Not really,” said Hannah, “Sort of, but like I said, I was just feeling horny and up for some fun. I’ve done a threesome before, so…”

Another surprise for me. “With Mike? And Steve?”

“No, no, no,” Hannah’s hand was resting on the quilt, right next to my fully-erect dick, “With my boyfriend before Steve, and his friend. It wasn’t very good though. Mind you, neither was Mike really. Steve was good. He’s always good, but Mike was a bit drunk. He takes forever to cum when he’s drunk and he just pounds away…” Then she giggled, “Sorry, I’m going on, aren’t I?”

“Just a bit,” I agreed with a grin.

“Well, I’m mad,” she complained, “I didn’t get to cum, but they both did. In fact, Steve came inside me, when I told him not to.”

“Oh,” I said, not quite sure of what to say. Then I remembered the long wail that she had let out, just before they stopped. “I thought I heard you cum though? You screamed pretty loud, I’m sure the whole road heard it.”

“Ooops,” Hannah said, “I faked it actually. I was getting a bit fed up of Mike battering away behind me, and I know he likes to make me cum before he cums himself, so I pretended. It worked, he came straight after, but at least as he was a good boy and didn’t cum inside me as well, or I would be really gooey. That would be horrible.”

What could I say to that? Luckily, I didn’t need to say anything because Hannah stood up just then, pulled the t-shirt off over her head before sitting back down.

“Do you want me to get you off again?” she slurred, talking in a way that I could tell was a drunken attempt at being seductive. She didn’t need to try. Hannah was utterly sexy even when dressed, and here she was, completely naked, her slim figure completely bared to my hungry eyes.

“Only if you want to,” I said. No sooner had I finished the sentence than Hannah was pulling the quilt off me, and then tugging at the waist of my bottoms. I raised my backside and helped her take them off, and then I laid there with my painfully-hard erection standing straight up against my belly. Hannah threw the quilt on the floor and climbed up on to the bed next to me.

“Urgh,” she said, just as she knelt at my side.

“What?” I asked, puzzled.

“I’ve still got his… stuff… leaking out of me,” she said ruefully, “Not a nice feeling.”

“Really?” I was learning new things all the time; I had no idea that cum dribbled back out at that time.

“Yes – look,” Hannah said, leaning sideways so that she was leant over me and then raising one leg up and exposing her pussy. Her tight slit looked very pink and puffy, but I wasn’t surprised considering the hammer it had taken earlier from the two boys. I could see a trickle of sticky white cum, running from the bottom of the crack and down her thigh. “Yuck,” she said, before taking my cock in her hand and beginning to stroke up and down.

She didn’t put the raised leg down straight away and I couldn’t take my eyes from her swollen cunt as she wanked me. I was dying to touch it; to feel the wetness of her, but I was too scared to ask.

“Is that turning you on?” she whispered, “Looking at my cummy pussy? You’re so big and hard.”

“Um, yeah,” I admitted, and then she giggled and put her leg down, but it was only so that she could turn and lower her head into my lap. “Oh my god,” I moaned as she took me into her mouth. The feeling of warmth and wetness around my dick, along with the alternating sensations of suction or her tongue running over and around my cock’s head and shaft was just amazing. It felt even better than I remembered from last time, and I could soon feel myself getting harder and harder as my orgasm inevitably approached.

“I don’t want to cum yet,” I said to her after a few minutes, gently easing her head away from my dick which was starting to throb.

“Okay,” she whispered, looking up at me as she pulled away, “What do you want to do?” Her green eyes shone brightly even in the darkness. I thought about it before answering, while Hannah moved back to a sitting position, right in front of me on the bed. She had her knees drawn up to her chest, with her arms around them. “Well?”

“Can I see again?” I asked, and I touched one of her knees, hinting for Hannah to open her legs. Last time I had done anything like that she had immediately stopped me from touching her, but this time all she did was move her arms, putting them behind her and as I pressed on her knee more firmly, she eased them apart. Putting both hands on her thighs, I gently pushed her legs as wide as I could. Hannah leant back, resting on her arms so that her small, perky breasts jutted out. Now that her legs were splayed as wide as they could go, I had the most spectacular view of Hannah’s naked body.

I was leaning forward, my hands still on her thighs.

“Can I touch?” I had to summon all my courage to ask, and still the question came out as an almost inaudible whisper, but just loud enough for Hannah to hear.

“Do you really want to?” she asked, “Remember Steve squirted in there, and Mike’s stuff shot all over me. It’s mostly dried but I’m still a bit sticky, you know?”

“I’m not bothered,” I said honestly. It was worth getting a bit of spunk on my hands to touch Hannah. I leaned further forward, slowly sliding my hands downwards across her smooth thighs until they rested on her lower belly. I didn’t know what to do first. Should I just go for the pussy? Deciding that might be a bit hasty, I slid my hands up over her stomach and onto her gorgeously firm tits. Although they were small, they fitted into my hands perfectly as I cupped and gently squeezed them. I wasn’t sure how hard to squeeze, but I guessed I was doing okay because Hannah sighed and closed her eyes, so I just kept doing what I was doing, rolling them in my hands and then stopping to brush my fingers and thumbs over her erect, pink nipples.

“I guess it’s okay,” Hannah said quietly, as reassuring herself. “Mike let his buddies all have a feel, so why shouldn’t you?”

I slid one hand down across her belly to her pussy and she pushed her hips forward nearer to me so that I could slide my hand between her legs better. She was really warm down there, and the soft strip of hair felt fluffy to the touch. I ran one finger down her slit, which felt damp and sticky and then I pushed it hesitantly against her. It met little resistance, slipping inside her easily, and so growing in confidence I began to work it in and out of her slowly.

“Come here,” Hannah said, moving slightly nearer again, and then reaching out she told hold of my still-throbbing cock. At first I thought she was going to pull me on top of her, but she didn’t. She just started to wank me off slowly, while I continued to finger-fuck her pussy.

This was awesome, but it got better.

“You’re so hard and big,” she slurred to me, then bit her lip and moaned as I wiggled my finger inside her, “Mike’s not that big but Steve’s got a nice dick. That’s why I let him fuck me, but yours is really nice – bigger than both of theirs.”

“Thanks,” I said. I was getting more confident by the minute, and I decided to try and play with her clitoris, like Hannah had shown me the other night. I moved my fingers from her hole and slid them up her slit until I found the swollen hot bud at the very top of her wet crack. I rolled it in my fingers, and then pushed and rubbed it around. Hannah grunted in pleasure as I found a rhythm, and she began to roll her hips in rhythm with my circular rubbing motions on her button. She still had her hand on my dick, but she had stopped pulling on it, as though she had forgotten she was even holding me.

“Do you want to lick me?” she asked suddenly, and without waiting for an answer she laid back on the bed. I was a bit unsure, but seeing her laid there I thought ‘What the hell?’ and moved forward on to my front. At first, I just planted a few tentative kisses over her mound, but she pushed my head down.

“Lick my clit,” she whispered, and so I did. Using one hand to open her wet slit until I could see the small, pink nub, I leaned my face forward and began to softly lap against it. “Ooooh,” she said softly, “That’s it.”

My confidence grew even further, and I put my lips over the top of her slit, and drove my tongue harder against her clitoris, pushing it around in a small circle with my tongue, just as I had with my finger.

“You’re going to make me cum,” she said into the cool air of the bedroom, “Don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

I had no intentions of stopping. I kept sucking and licking on her swollen little pleasure button, savouring the moment and enjoying the surprisingly pleasant taste of her juices. It had slipped from my mind that Steve had spunked in her just a short time before, but even when I got a slight salty taste in my mouth which I presumed to be his sperm, I didn’t stop. I wanted her to cum. It didn’t take long.

“Aaahhhh,” she moaned quietly, biting her lip to restrain herself from making too loud a noise. Her hips strained upwards into the air, pushing my head backwards and her whole body quivered and shook for a good thirty seconds with her orgasm, until finally she slumped back down on to the bed.

“Oh, I needed that,” she said softly and breathlessly. Then she raised herself up on to her elbows and looked at me with a naughty smile. “I really need some cock now. I’m… just… so… horny! I bet you’d absolutely love to fuck me, wouldn’t you?”

Her voice was still slurry so I knew she was drunk, and that I was taking advantage of her, but I couldn’t resist nodding. “Yes. You know I would.”

She didn’t say anything for a whole minute or so. Hannah just lay there and stared at me. Finally, she took a deep breath and said just what I wanted to hear.

“Mike can’t be that bothered about me, if he let Steve fuck me,” she mused to herself, “In fact, I bet he would have let all his mates screw me tonight, if I had been up for it. It would serve him right if I slept with you.”

I gulped down a big gulp of air. Was this it?

“Come on then, virgin boy,” she whispered and wiggled her hips and pussy suggestively at me.

“O-okay,” I stuttered slightly, and then asked with all seriousness, “Are you sure?” Hannah didn’t reply, she just laid her head back down and waited for me. It was too late to back out now. I moved over her, positioned my knees between her legs and reaching down, I took my cock and pointed it at her tight, little pussy. What if I came too fast? What if I did it wrong? All those doubts were swept away as I pushed the head of my dick against her soft slit. She was so wet that I slipped into her first time. The feeling was even better than the blowjob, and as I sank down on top of her, I felt her arms wrap around my back and her legs move to accommodate me better. Finally, our groins bumped together as my cock was totally enveloped inside her hot cunt.

“Oh, that’s it…” Hannah whispered into my ear, and then giggled, “Hey, congrats – you’re not a virgin now.”

It was like the heaviest burden you could possibly imagine, being lifted from my shoulders. I wasn’t a virgin anymore! A feeling of happiness surged through me, and I couldn’t help smiling to myself where my face was nestled in Hannah’s neck. I kissed her there, in the crook of her shoulder and she sighed in pleasure as I started to move my hips up and down on top of her. I moved in and out of Hannah slowly as I really didn’t want to blow my load prematurely. It was difficult to hold back though, especially with Hannah making sexy low, encouraging noises in my ear.

“Fuck me,” she whispered, and I felt her wriggle her hips upwards urgently against me. I lifted my face and turned it towards her, and as I did she closed her eyes and pressed her mouth to mine. As we kissed, I felt her tongue pushing against my lips, and I opened it and let her flick it against mine. In turn, I explored her mouth with my tongue, which was a strangely erotic feeling, like I was fucking her with both my dick and my tongue. I had kissed girls before, but never like this. Hannah pulled her mouth away for a moment, and groaned slightly louder. I realised that as we kissed I had instinctively began to screw her a bit harder. Again, I slowed down, fearing that I might cum at any moment.

“No,” Hannah whispered to me in response, “Fuck me fast. Come on… Fuck me with your big dick.” Her hands were on my arse, and I felt her dig her nails in slightly, just short of painfully, as she urged me to speed up.

“I might cum though,” I said, “And I don’t want to yet.”

Hannah looked at me and smiled. “Roll over then,” she said after a moment, putting one hand against my chest. I reluctantly rolled off her and on to my back and she moved with me until she was kneeling above my cock with her legs spread either side of my hips. The dim amber light coming in from the street outside illuminated her and I stared in awe for a moment – she truly was beautiful. Her long, dark hair – her bright green eyes and full lips – the smooth skin of her graceful neck and slight shoulders – her small but firm breasts with her erect, pink nipples – her perfectly flat stomach, tight waist and slim hips – the thin strip of dark pubic hair that ran down to a little tuft of her just above her clit and her wet, narrow pussy slit – her toned thighs and shapely legs – there wasn’t a flaw anywhere about her.

I realised I was holding my breath, and I let it out in a long sigh as she reached down and took hold of my dick in her small hand. Pointing it straight upwards, she lowered her pussy gently until the tip of my cock was pushing against her small, pink slit. Then she lowered herself down, sliding over and down my cock so that she took all of me fully inside her.

“Ooooh,” she sighed, smiling as she began to rock gently on me, “You’re so big; I can feel you really deep in my pussy.” I pushed upwards slightly with my hips, lifting off the bed an inch or so and pushing even deeper inside her.

“Oh god, that feels so good,” she sighed, tossing her head back as I continued to push up into her in rhythm with the forward and back motion of her hips. “Does it feel good for you?” she asked, not bothering to open her eyes or look at me.

“Yeah,” was all I could say. As Hannah leaned back slightly, my eyes were transfixed on the sight in front of me and the root of my cock buried in her tight little cunt. I slid out slightly as she rocked her hips, and momentarily I saw her small pink pussy lips wrapped around my cock as it drew out, and then disappear again as my dick slid back in. Hannah’s hand slid down between her legs, her middle finger beginning to rub the swollen pink nub of her clit. I could feel myself growing more excited, my cock going rock hard inside her, and so I grabbed her hips and began to thrust upwards into her as hard as I could.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her, remembering how angry she said she was with Steve for spunking inside her.

“Okay,” was all she said. I looked at her for a moment, and saw that she was biting her lip in excitement, her fingers working quickly on her clit.

“Oh, fuck!” The words came out of my mouth involuntarily as I felt my buttocks tighten and then my cock exploded inside Hannah. I can’t think of a better word to describe it. My entire body seemed to tingle and burn as my dick pumped for what felt like forever, but Hannah never stopped what she was doing the whole time. She kept rocking as my dick continued to pump and throb inside her, and even when I was spent she carried on rubbing herself. I could feel my cock starting to soften inside her but she kept moving her fingers against her button in ever-quicker circles, until finally she suddenly convulsed again. Her hips raised right up, causing my to now limp dick to fall out of her with a wet popping sound, and she gave her pussy a final frantic rub as she came. I got a great close-up view of her cunt, my sticky white cum dribbling out of it as she thrust it almost in my face, her legs splayed open grotesquely wide as she orgasmed, before she finally rolled sideways and collapsed at the side of me on the bed.

We both lay there for a little while, I don’t know how long for, but in complete silence except for the sounds of our breathing. Finally, when we had both recovered somewhat, Hannah raised herself up on to one elbow.

“Was that all right for you?” she giggled into my ear.

“Mind-blowing,” I said honestly.

“I’m all sticky now,” she whispered, “I’m going to the toilet to clean up, and then I better go back to Mike.”

“Sure,” I said softly. All I wanted to do was go to sleep because I felt both exhausted and yet totally relaxed.

Hannah sat up, sliding down until she was just perched on the end of the bed, where she picked up the discarded t-shirt, pulling it on over her head.

“This has to be our secret, Paulie,” she whispered, “Promise me, you’ll never tell anyone, not any of your friends or anybody.”

“I promise,” I said, and Hannah left, closing the door quietly behind her. If had known that that would be the last time I saw Hannah, I would have tried to say something more meaningful.


The next day, as always, Hannah was gone. What I didn’t know is that she was gone for good. I didn’t want to ask Mike when she was coming over next, but when he didn’t even mention her for a couple of days, I brought her up in conversation.

“How’s Hannah?” I asked, while washing the dinner pots one evening. I was aware that my parents would be home by the coming weekend, and I wanted maybe one last night of fun with his gorgeous girlfriend.

“I don’t know,” said my brother as he dried a plate, “We broke up the other day.”

“You… broke up?” I stammered, feeling a huge swell of disappointment rise up in my gut. “Why?”

“None of your business,” he snapped at me, then seeing the look on my face and probably misreading it as being upset at his reaction, his face softened, “Sorry, Paul. It just didn’t work out.”

“Oh,” I said. I felt like crying, I was that gutted. “Do you think you might get together? Or is it over?”

“It’s over,” he replied. This verbal confirmation was like a knife in the stomach, but I tried not to show it. “It wasn’t anything serious, so I’m okay. Don’t worry about me, little bro. I was never that into her, and there’s another girl who I really like, so it was time to call it a day, you know?”

He had dumped her for another girl. Would this girl be as hot as Hannah? I couldn’t see it personally; Hannah was the sexiest girl I had ever laid my eyes on.

“Yeah right,” I said, trying to recover from the body blow. “Plenty more fish in the sea, right?”

“Exactly,” Mike said, as I tipped the water out of the empty washing bowl and dried my hands. I walked into the front room, a plan forming in my head. Leaving him to dry the remaining pots and pans, I searched around until I found what I was looking for – his mobile phone.

Quickly, before he could see me, I scanned through the contacts until I found her number. I typed it into my phone and hit ‘save’ then put his phone back where I had found it just as he walked into the room.

“Been fun while Mum and Dad have been away, hasn’t it?” Mike said with a grin as he sat down and switched on the television.

“Yep, I’ve really enjoyed myself,” I said, knowing exactly what he was talking about. If only he knew why I had enjoyed it so much. Briefly, I considered telling him that I had fucked her, but a vision of his meaty fist bloodying my nose made me swiftly dismiss the idea.


I managed to summon up the courage to ring Hannah, although it took me a couple of days to do so.


“Hi, Hannah?”

“That’s me? Who’s this?”

“It’s me, Paul?”

“Oh, right. How are you?”

“I’m fine, but how are you? I’m sorry about you and Mike.”

“Hey, shit happens,” she said after a moment, “But I’m fine. Really it was for the best. Sure, I was a bit sad, but he just wanted me for sex, so I’m better off without him.”

“That’s right. I’m glad you’re okay. Listen…” I wasn’t sure what I was going to say, and I paused for a moment, but Hannah interrupted me before I could say anything further.

“Plus I’ve met this really nice guy,” she said, making my heart sink, “And he’s got a big willy, maybe even bigger than yours!” I listened to her giggle down the phone at me, and I forced out a laugh, even though I was crushed.

“Good,” I managed to say, “That’s good.”

“So what did you want to say, Paulie? You were going to say something.”

“Right, yeah. I… um…” I felt like such an idiot. Who was I to think she might be interested in me?


“Sorry. I just wanted to say thank you.”

“Thank you?”

“Yes,” I looked over my shoulder to make sure no-one was around. I was in the house, on my own, but I wanted to make sure. “You know – for helping me lose my virginity?”

“That’s so sweet,” said Hannah softly. “I really enjoyed it too, but Paulie..?”


“I really like my new boyfriend,” I knew what she was going to say, but I held the phone to my ear and listened anyway, “And I want to make a go of it, so we can’t meet up or anything, okay?”

“Of course not,” I said glumly.

“Sorry. I just didn’t want you getting any ideas, you know?”

“Oh no, that’s not why I phoned,” I lied, “I just wanted to say thanks. Really, that’s all.”

“You don’t have to say thanks. I always wanted to make love to you once I saw that big willy of yours, and I enjoyed it too. But now we have to say goodbye.”

“Okay. Goodbye then.” I wouldn’t quite describe it as heartbreaking, but it felt close.

“See you around,” Hannah said. Her final words to me. And then the line went dead. I stared at the screen of the phone for a couple of minutes and then put it into my pocket, just as Mike walked through the door.

On his arm was the most gorgeous girl I had ever seen.

“Paul, meet Jodie…” Mike said.

Jodie smiled at me. Maybe things weren’t so bad.


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