Sex Confessions

Sex Confessions #91: Close Encounter with Jessica Alba

i was working at a restaurant a couple of years ago doing security for a wedding reception. she walked in with her boyfriend who is that guy from her show that’s in a wheelchair. they both walked in and went to sit down. i couldn’t take my eyes off of her. she came over to me and asked if i worked there.

i replied that i did not and i was only here for security reasons. she gave me a smile, then a wink and then walked back to her table. again i couldn’t take my eyes off of her. her hair was exactly how i like hair. long and brown with some waves and curls in it. her body was incredible, her lips full and her smile captivating. i think it was the wink that set me off.

I finished my detail there and then went home to my bed to think about her some more. it didn’t take me too long before i was playing with myself, thinking of how i might have been able to spit some game to her and pick her up. i let my imagination run wild and before long i had a mind-blowing orgasm. it was like two in one. i came, then right away had another one. i cleaned myself up and was fast asleep before long.

now i need to go and get that dvd of the movie she was in. into the blue or something like that.


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