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Literotica: Educating Steve

Steve had quite an awakening at his 19th birthday party that the women of the dorm had for him. Not only was he no longer a virgin, he had received quite an education in the ways to please a woman. He had also gained quite a bit of confidence and was looking forward to capitalizing on his reputation that had stirred as a result of the happenings in the dorm.

Steve had his eye on one of the women in his art history class, a class that he had to take as part of graduation requirements but pure drudgery. The professor of the class was quite a looker herself, in fact a rumor had gotten around that she was some kind of slut among the male students. Steve wasn’t sure, judging by the size of the rock on her finger, he didn’t want to get messed up in something that could turn ugly. So Stephanie, who has flashed him a warm smile several times would be his objective.

The five women who had started this project were quite proud of themselves. Carolyn, in paricular was quite happy that in Steve, she found something of a stud, and the way he could make love, would get her wet just thinking about it. In the afterglow of the party, they cast about for ideas on their next move.

It was then that Nancy had brougt up Cafe Norma. She had heard that her ex boyfriend now worked there occasionally. As she described the club to the other women, they were excited to think that Steve could make quite an impression there. And when they hear about his being recently a virgin, then he’d be the star of the show.

Nancy did some checking and discovered that the club was looking for new talent. She described to them how Steve performed at the recent birthday and they were anxious to have him perform on a trial basis. There was just one problem, he would have to shave his pubic area.

The women got back together and decided that the upcoming Saturday night would be the night.

Carolyn approached Steve as he came back from classes and said they had one more surprise for him, deliberately being sketchy on the details. All he was able to glean was that another wild night of sex was in store for him with many more women.

Carolyn picked Steve up at 5 PM that Saturday and drove him to the Cafe Norma. Carolyn began to fill him in on additional details. First the name of the Club, “CaFe NorMa” with those letters capitalized, gave a hint of the type of club. CFNM or Clothed Female Naked Male. He would be on display buck naked to a crowd of women all dressed and all hot to get their hands on him. Steve was apprehensive, knowing he’d get an erection. Carolyn calmed his fears. Unlike a strip club, say Chippendales, the men here were expected, even encouraged to show off their assets in hot sexual ways. The women would have their hands, stroking, probing and caressing his body. Contact was encouraged. Even some women would be excited enough to give him blow jobs. Carolyn felt confident that he had the stamina to make quite an impression on the ladies.

When they arrived at the Club they went to the back entrance and then took Steve to his dressing, actually more accurately un-dressing room. Carolyn explained that the women wanted the men to have nothing imparing their fondling, therefore his pubic hair would have to go. With that, Carolyn had him undress as she opened her purse and pulled out shaving creme and a razor. Not to worry, she had had experience shaving men before. Steve was learning quite a bit about Carolyn.

As Carolyn began her work, she took hold of Steve’s shaft which had begun to grow stiff as she worked. She took her time and was careful of the sensitive spots. She occasionally gave Steve a few strokes, loving the feel of his throbbing shaft in her hand. Soon she was done and she stepped back to admire her handiwork.

She moved her hands of his new smoothness and took out some lotion to rub over the smooth skin. She took his now smooth balls in her hands and loved the feel of the crinkly skin, now devoid of any hair and knew that he would put on quite a show.

Steve went to the shower to clean up and cool down. He was going to need all the stamina he could muster for what would be coming next. As he turned off the shower, her heard a voice making announcements and then clapping and cheering. Apparently the show had already started.

When he stepped out, Carolyn had left. A man popped his head in the door and announced he would be on in 5 minutes. Steve left the dressing room and followed the signs to the stage area to wait his turn.

The announcer came on “Ladies please welcome the neweest man for your consideration. Steve is a sophomore at our local university and judging by the presistant praises by some of the women there he will be quite a hunk for you. Oh, by the way, did I mention that until 2 weeks ago he was still a virgin.” Steve heard a murmur of appreciation come from the crowd. “Ladies please welcome Steve.” That was his cue to come onto the stage.

When he came on stage all he could see was the glare of the lights. He made his way to the edge and he could begin to see women reacing out for his body. Right at the front he saw Carolyn and 4 of the other women from the dorm there. They pulled him down and began caressing him all over his body. Carolyn had taken hold of his cock and began leading him down the aisle so that he could experience the other women. As Carolyn had said, all of the women were dressed. Some very conservatively some appeared to have very short and daring cut dresses on. All of them reached out to caress Steve.

The many pairs of hands were having an effect on him. His hard cock was throbbing as women reached out and grasped it. Some would give it a few strokes. Others would fondle his balls feeling their weight in their hands as they ran their fingers over his smooth skin.

Steve soon began to realize several of the women had began to suck on his nipples, making them into two hard pin pricks. He returned his way to the stage were he sat on the edge.

Now some of the women had began to teasingly lick his cock, some would run their tongues along the underside, tracing his throbbing vein, others the top side. Now a woman in a tank top had taken his head between her lips and was morking her magic on him with her lips and tongue. She had quite some talent and soon he felt his cum racing up his shaft to fill her hungry mouth. The woman turned away licking the rest from her lips.

Other women hungrily nosed their way in, wanting to clean the remainder off his cock. That’s when he spotted her. His art history professor Karen.

So the rumors were true, she was a slut after all. She pushed her way forward to the front and whipspered into his ear. “I’ve wanted you every since I saw you in my class. Now I’m going to have you.” With that, she began to caress his whole body with her hands and tongue. She had quite a talent, for her work was soon reviving his cock.

Again she whispered into his ear. “I’m not wearing any panties. That might come in handy for later.” When she said that, Steve took his first really good look at her. She was wearing a very low cut dress. You could see all of her cleavage of the two perfectly rounded orbs of her breasts. He even thought he could see the two points of her erect nipples in the dim light. The bottom of the dress was very short and he quessed that she was true to her word.

Steve decided to test her claim as she worked, reaching up under her dress and along her thighs. Karen turned to him and smiled, encouraging him onward. Soon Steve’s fingers found that she was ideed naked under her dress. His fingers encounted her smooth pussy, already dripping with excitement. That was enough to make Steve instantly hard again.

Karen moved in and really gave him a blow job. She had a way of working that excited every nerve. Her tongue with its feather flicks and then hard licks in the right places. She took an extra long time at the base of his head. She flicked him back and forth there with her tongue, then teasingly went to other areas, but always coming back there to drive him wild.

When she took him in her mouth he went crazy. He could feel the tingles coming from everywhere along his body. She would stroke his shaft with her hand while her lips and tongue left him gasping with pleasure.

But now the announcer was welcoming a new man to come out and Steve would have to exit the stage. Karen whispered, “I’ll meet you at your dressing room.” Apparently this was a common practice for her.

Steve got back to the room and had just enough time to sit down when there was a knock at the door. Steve opened it and Karen moved in, already beginning to undo her dress. She closed the door and let the dress fall to the floor as she stood there in naked splendor for Steve’s examination.

Karen now made the next move. You may think you are no longer a virgin. But I hear that at your birthday party they didn’t do everything. For now you are going to have the chance to lose your anal virginity.”

Karen turned around and bent over. Steve could see her tanned buns with her wet pussy peeking at him. She had quite a set of inner lips and they were protruding. Steve reached out to caress them. “Take a finger and stick it inside of me. Feel how wet I am.” Steve stuck a finger deep inside of her and it slid in, soon coated with her hot juices. “Now stick it up my ass.” Karen guided him to her rosebud letting the tip of his figner rest there and now directing him to push against it. Steve was amazed how she opened up and his finger seemed to be sucked in. It was tight and hot.

Karen turned around and resumed her work on Steve’s cock. Soon having him hard and throbbing again. Steve didn’t think he had ever been as hard as Karen had him now.

Karen opened her purse and pulled out a tube of KY jelly and greased him up. She loved how her hands glided over his now slick and throbbing pole.

Once again she bent over and Steve got behind her and pressed the tip of hic cock against her rosebud. He could feel her open up and his cock began to slide in, almost of its own will.

Steve couldn’t imagine how tight it felt. He began to move in and out. Karen reached around and began to finger her clit. Her throbbing excitement was soon milking his cock and he could feel a warmth that started from his enveloped cock and traveled all over his body. Suddenly he exploded inside of her, throbbing hard and spraying him cum deep inot her.

That was enough to trigger her own orgasm and Karen groaned and then colapsed to the floor in pleasure.

As they both got dressed, Steve reflected back on these past several weeks and couldn’t imagine it getting any better. He certainly had a new appreciation for Art History.


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