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Having Fun with the Babysitter

When Karen came home early one day and caught me in bed with Susie, she was really mad. Susie had only been with us a month you see, and this made it the fourth housekeeper to be fired in less than a year! Damn was she mad!

“Can’t you keep your hands off of them” she screamed at me,

“Do I have to give up my job and stay home to babysit you?”

I knew that was an empty threat. Karen placed too much emphasis on the fact that she had a ‘career’ with a big business conglomerate in the city, unlike her dumb husband who was content to be an independent painting contractor. Look, it might not be a glamour job but over the course of a year I make good bucks and Karen resents that fact. Especially when I only work about seven months out of the year!

There’s times when work is slow and I have to sit around waiting for the phone to ring, and then there are the days when the weather won’t let me work outside. Karen on the other hand has to work at least five days a week, sometimes more, but she is so fucking status happy that she would sooner cut off her ears then to give up this big deal career. Since we live a little way out of the city, she has had problems finding a housekeeper who will work for us. It isn’t like it’s a hard job or anything like that, its just that we need somebody to get the kids off to school in the morning and be there when they get back. For the rest of the day it’s just light housekeeping. When I’m working, I usually get started right after the sun comes up, and Karen has to be at work before nine which requires her to be on the road for the better part of an hour.

When Karen first got this job we tried to work around our schedules so that one of us could take care of the kids and the household chores. This worked fine if I wasn’t working, but we soon found out that if I don’t work when the weather permits, my customers won’t call me again, nor will they recommend me to their friends and that is where I get most of my business from, word of mouth recommendations.

The first four housekeepers Karen hired were all local girls. Fresh out of college with no jobs waiting for them, they were caught in the old ‘catch 22’ situation. They had the education but no experience. At least not work experience!

The first one we fired had been with us about four months when a sudden downpour forced me to quit work early and go home. I let myself in and headed for the master bedroom and bathroom to get out of my soaking clothes. Since I hadn’t seen Carol on my way in, I assumed that she was either downstairs tidying the kids playroom, or had gone out for a while. I closed the bedroom door and quickly stripped off by clothes. I decided to have a quick shower before I put on clean dry clothes and just as I opened the door to the master bathroom, I realized that the door wasn’t usually closed. What a sight for sore eyes! There stood Carol, with her back against the shower wall, using the shower hose to send a stream of water blasting into her beautiful little cunt. Her eyes were closed in ecstasy and it was obvious that she was on the verge of orgasm. I stood there and watched shamelessly as her body convulsed with her climax. With my eyes I devoured her small yet perky little tits with those lust hardened nipples just begging to be sucked. Her smooth belly and her slightly protruding pubic mound. When she finally opened her eyes I was stroking my now rigid shaft. With one glance she took in my condition and said

“Care to join me?”

I joined her all right, standing up in the shower, I pounded my rod into her hot snatch until the inevitable happened and I exploded deep inside her. From the shower we moved to the bed and there proceeded to enjoy each others body immensely for the next few months until one day Karen openly asked her if I had been making passes at her. Carol who had grown to dislike my wife and her bitchy ways said,

“Hell no, I made the pass for him and we’ve been fucking like bunnies for months now. Every time I see a rain coming I know that pretty soon I’ll be cumming too!”

Needless to say that was good bye for Carol. I wish she hadn’t added the part about the rain though because since then, Karen has made it a point to come home early every now and then, whenever it starts to rain through the day. I was careful not to get caught after that, but not quite careful enough.

Cindy lasted four months and Ann for two. Like I said, Susie had only been with us for one month before we were caught. I enjoyed those college girls. It was a nice refreshing change of pace having a nice firm body to lavish my affection on. That Karen didn’t leave me was easy enough to understand. She didn’t want to jeopardize her ‘career’. She really didn’t seem to desire sex much herself, it only made her mad that I was enjoying myself.

Well Karen quickly came to the conclusion that the problem was that the previous girls were all single, and probably starved for sex, so she proceeded to look for an older woman who was married. She thought that she had found the right girl when she found Laurie. Laurie was twenty-six years old and very married. I didn’t have any say what-so-ever in hiring Laurie. After going through a whole bunch of candidates, Karen finally settled on Laurie and then introduced me!

“Be careful of him”, Karen warned her, “He has wandering hand trouble”.

Laurie assured her in front of me that she knew how to take care of those kind of problems. The very first day on the job, Laurie showed me just how she took care of those problems. It was one of those days when I couldn’t go to work, so I had just lazed around the house all day watching Laurie’s great big fucking boobs. I mean they were gigantic. Every step she took, they swayed. She wasn’t big anywhere else, as a matter of fact, she was rather on the slim side, but those tits had to measure at least 44DD. She had chosen to wear a lavender jump suit to work that first day, and it was about two thirty in the afternoon when she climbed up on the couch beside me. She asked me what I was watching on television, and did I mind if she had a beer. I told her to make herself at home.

When she came back to the couch, instead of watching the tube with me, she started making motions with her shoulder. Kind of holding it with one hand while making circles with her elbow. I asked her if she had a sore shoulder, and she said that she thought that she had pulled a muscle, and would I rub it for her.

I said sure, why not, and before I could say anything else she stretched out on the couch right on top of me. Her tits were mashed against my cock! I started to rub her shoulder, trying not to think of the iron pole that had somehow grown in between my legs when Laurie asked if the collar of her jump suit was getting in the way.

I said that it wasn’t, but she said it must be since I wasn’t reaching the sore muscle. I wanted to tell her that the only muscle that was sore was the one between my legs, but I think she knew that already. She stood up and unzipped her jump suit and just let it fall to the floor. I was staring at those big beautiful fucking tits that I had been daydreaming about most of the day.

She lifted one dark nipple, about the size of my thumb, to my eager mouth. Laurie then dropped to her knees in front of me and undid my jeans.

Since all she was wearing was a pair of real skimpy panties, I really couldn’t refuse to let her remove my jeans. My cock sprung out and she deftly slipped it between her humongous mammaries and started to milk my cock. She must have had a great sense of instinct!Either that or she had really sensitive tits, because just as I was about to explode and let my seed fly she reached forward with her lips and swallowed all my spunk!

I had a great time with Laurie over the next six months. Not only did she give great head, she also loved to fuck. She really got off on being on top and letting me suck on her nipples while she rode the pony!

Being she was older and wiser, she was also more discreet. I didn’t get caught with Laurie, but her husband started to question why she wasn’t looking for a job that paid more.Eventually he was the one who made her quit. Karen, ever naive, thought that she had found the solution to ‘my’ problem. She was very careful in selecting the next housekeeper. She found what she was looking for in Jean.

Jean was much older, closer to fifty than to forty, and quite content to work for the money we offered her. She was collecting some kind of pension, and only wanted to earn some more without the government finding out about it. It was a busy season for me when Jean started and I really didn’t see much of her until a two week rain storm came and I was forced to stay home. The first few days we got along well enough. I found Jean to be an interesting person with a variety of opinions on just about everything. We talked a lot, and the more we talked, the more personal our conversations got. I asked her how come she wasn’t married any longer especially since she was so good looking. The grey in her hair suited her well, and she wore it a little on the long side. Her body looked like it was in fine shape, nothing spectacular, but still a hell of a lot better than a lot of women I knew. Jean told me that she had kicked her husband out about five years ago. When I asked her why she said very quietly that he wouldn’t eat her right. I started to laugh when she said that, and Jean got very upset. She said that a man always wants good head but is never willing to return the favor. I couldn’t stop laughing which really made her mad!

“Well Bill” she said, “If you think this is so fucking funny, why don’t you show me how you do it”.

That caught me off guard, but I’ve never been one to turn down a challenge so I followed her into the bedroom. By the time I got there she was already halfway undressed, and didn’t waste any time taking off the rest of her clothes. I started to take my clothes off too when she told me to hold it. First I had to prove myself. Well I dove in and licked her hot gash from top to bottom, from side to side and with long deep thrusts of my tongue I fucked her steamy snatch.

Jean was really groaning with pleasure now so I decided to really give her the treatment. I started to take really long licks using the flat of my tongue to wipe her cunt! I started with my forehead and slid my face across her hot box letting my chin finish the sweep. Just when she was trembling with pre-climax shakes I sucked her clit hard between my lips and she screamed out in pleasure.

When I looked up, I could see tears in her eyes. I asked if everything was okay and she told me that she had never been licked so good. I told her that if she enjoyed the first climax than she was sure to love the next one. I dove right back in and licked at her love canal until I brought her off twice more. When I finally surfaced for air my whole face was covered in her love juices. Turn about is fair play they say, and Jean could suck cock better anyone I had ever met before. Jean and I continued to have an oral orgy whenever we could for the next year. Then one day she said that she had found a steady boyfriend and that he wanted her to move to his house in the city. That was just over an month ago.

Last week my wife hired Nancy. Nancy is a very big girl, and I mean very big, all over. I can’t help myself. When I think of what it would be like to have that much woman flesh in my hands I get an instant hard-on. Karen is so pleased to have found all these women to keep me faithful, I’m almost ashamed.

Last Friday, Nancy’s third day on the job, I didn’t have a job to go to, so I had slept in. I guess that Karen didn’t tell Nancy that I was still home because I was lying in the tub stroking myself thinking about what it would be like fucking a really big girl, when Nancy walked into the bathroom. She took one look at my big cock in my hand, dropped the dirty linen she had been collecting, grabbed her own crotch and said,

“Have you ever made it with a big girl Mr. E?”

Just my luck I guess!


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