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Sex Confessions #81:What a Scumbag

Last year, I left my ex for another, better guy (he and I are still together, too). Through an act of a little revenge, I found out that I really did make the right choice by leaving my ex!

My ex is bi-sexual. The town I live in is small and my friend, let’s call him C., is about the only openly gay guy in my school. He was also 15 at the time. C. was desperate to find someone to screw and my ex was now single and still curious.

I hooked them up… but my ex didn’t know how old his little gay lover was. After my ex told me all the steamy details of his first gay sex, I told him how old C was. My ex became all nervous and mad that I didn’t tell him that he was only 15. I was loving my revenge. A few weeks later, C. told me that my ex had come back for more! What a scumbag!

Happily rid of a scumbag, NY


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