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Sex Confessions #75:  8 ways he’s tried to ruin my life

I can’t tell my parents or my big brother, but my on-again, off-again boyfriend has tried on numerous occasions to ruin my life. Some of the ways he’s tried are


-He called my work and told them I was stealing from them.


-When I gave him money to go and buy a couple of ounces for a friend, he took the money then had his friend call me and tell me he was in jail and that the police siezed the money. The whole time he was at the bar.


-He cheated on me. With a whore.


-He got me pregnant and wouldn’t even take me to the clinic when I was going for the abortion.


-He constantly flirted with other girls, right in front of me.


-He made out with my sister when I was in the hospital.


-We went to a party one night and he got very drunk and insisted we drive home. He ended up crashing into a light pole, then told me to get into the drivers seat and say it was me who was driving. I don’t think the police believed me.


-He is always getting into fights at bars when we go out. More than once I have had to get involved with girlfriends of the boy’s he fights with.


All this being said. I still love him. I just can’t tell me family all the crappy things he’s done because I am quite sure that my dad would shoot him next time he stepped on to our porch.


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