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Sex by the Campfire

Camping in the great outdoors had never been my idea of a good time. I told my girlfriend, Maggie, this over and over again. As usual, she talked me into a quiet weekend at a small, secluded campground deep in the woods.

“Don’t worry, Amber. I’m sure I’ll change your mind about camping,” Maggie assured me with a grin as I parked our car under a blanket of lovely autumn foliage.

Maggie looked right at home in the great outdoors. She wore her favorite pair of hiking boots, denim jeans and a flannel shirt. Maggie’s auburn red hair was neatly tucked at the nape of her neck in a bun, revealing the freckled features of her wholesome complexion and her sparkling green eyes.

“The best thing about camping is just being yourself,”

Maggie said with a smile as she slung a hefty backpack over her shoulder with ease. “There’s so much freedom out here, Amber, and we can have a whole lotta fun!”

Maggie could already tell that I felt like a fish out of water. I struggled to keep up with her as we hiked up the trail and through the dangling branches to our campsite. I was huffing and puffing all the way and, in the back of my mind, was wondering just what kind of fun Maggie was talking about.

For a ‘city girl’, I did a pretty good job helping Maggie set up our campsite. The sounds of

nature were all around us. It made me a bit edgy to realize that we were truly alone …just me and Maggie and the great outdoors.

Late in the afternoon, as we finished lunch, Maggie built a cozy fire near our tent. She stood over the warm blaze and poked the glowing embers with a stick.

“I guess you’re wondering what kind of fun two girls can have out here, huh?” she asked over the snapping and crackling of the campfire.

I nodded as I finished off the last of my ‘beans-n-franks’ dinner.

“Well, I brought a special bag along with us,” she announced and pointed the stick to a bundle near the tent. “I want you to go down to the stream and wash up, then, put on what I brought for you in the bag. When you’re done, then come straight back to camp.”

I reached over and pulled the bag over to me. Opening it, I found soap, a wash rag, a towel, a thick leather collar with matching wrist cuffs and a pair of black thong undies.


“Oh, Mag!” I squealed with delight at the sexy goodies.

“Just do what I said and hurry back, girlfriend,” she flashed me a wicked smile over the campfire, her green eyes glowing in the flames.

A ripple of sexual arousal ran through my body as I quickly took the bag and headed down to the stream, more than eager to follow her instructions.

The sunshine glistened off the water as I stripped out of my jeans and dirty shirt. I waded out into the water and washed off the grime and sweat from the hike and our campsite.

The fresh, clear water made my nipples hard as I soaped my body with the wash rag. I ran the cloth between legs and shuttered with excitement as I wondered just what Maggie had planned for me.

In anticipation, I finished washing up at the stream and towel dried my moist blonde hair. Gingerly, I pulled the other items from the bag and put them on. I slid into the black thong, first, and arranged the thin strip of material between my asscheeks. Next, I wrapped the thick custom-made collar around my neck and secured it into place. Before I headed back to our campsite, I slid my wrists into the matching black leather cuffs.

I stuffed my clothes, towel and wash rag back into the bag, then headed back towards the warming glow of our campfire in the distance.

The sun was slowly going down and dusk was settling upon the woods as I came upon the campsite. Except for the steady, crackling fire, the site looked empty.

“Maggie?” I called out.

My heart was thumping in my chest as my whole body quivered nervously. A twig snapped directly behind me. I felt the hair on the back of my neck prickle as I realized someone was watching me. Summoning up all my nerve, I spun around and gasped.

“Maggie!” My body flooded with relief as I saw her familiar green eyes staring at me.

“It seems that you’ve forgot who was in charge here, Amber,” she scowled at me and shook her head.

Maggie looked like a forest warrior princess! She had changed into a black leather halter top, matching black mini-skirt and her sexy thigh-high boots. Maggie took a step towards me. Her unbound auburn hair wildly framed her face like a fiery halo in the firelight.

She slapped her palm with something long, thin, and dark. I strained in the dusky darkness to see what she was holding. It wasn’t the stick she had used for the campfire. No, it was her riding crop! My heart fluttered and my sex moistened between my legs. Her riding crop was the toy I loved to hate–and she knew it.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. Please forgive me!” I dropped to my knees submissively before her and tenderly planted a kiss upon the tip of her shiny black boots.

“Not good enough,” I heard the sarcasm in her tone, “You disappoint me, Amber, and you must be taught a lesson. Get up, grabbed the other small bag beside the tent and follow me.”

I picked up the smaller bundle from its spot near our tent and walked a few paces behind Maggie. She led me down a small trail to a clearing in the forest and stopped.

Two large trees formed natural posts in the center of the clearing. To my amazement, rope already dangled from two of the tree’s branches.

“Stand here,” Maggie instructed, pointing to where I should be with the tip of the riding crop.

I was feverish with anticipation as Maggie wasted no time in securing my wrist cuffs to the ropes dangling from the trees. Stretched out between the two trees, I felt very exposed as the cool night breeze lightly caressed my skin. I shivered, not from the air, but from the warm current which passed between Maggie and myself as she gazed into my eyes with a smirk.

“Do you know why I brought you out here, Amber?” she asked in a low, husky voice.

I shook my head.

“Well, I’ll tell you why,” she said as she slowly walked around my tree-bound body, “I brought you out here to make you my little campfire girl, Amber.”

I felt the warmth of her body close to mine as she stepped behind me. Maggie leaned close to my ear and whispered,“Do you want to be my little campfire girl? I give you permission to answer me, Amber.”

“Oh yes, Mistress, I would love to be your little campfire girl,” I replied as her warm hand lightly squeezed one of my exposed asscheeks. My body gave another nervous shiver from the mounting erotic tension swelling within me.

“You must prove it to me, Amber. I’m gonna give you five lashes with my riding crop. After each lash, I want you to say, as loud as you can, “I love being my Mistress’ little campfire girl. Do you understand?”

I nodded as my heart pounded in my chest. My mind was spinning wildly. What if someone heard us?

“It’s like I said before, Amber. Camping gives you the freedom to be yourself, and, don’t worry, we are all alone.”


As always, Maggie read my mind. Maybe that’s why I love her and am always willing to do anything she suggests.

I gave a small sigh of relief and prepared myself for the riding crop’s wicked ‘love’ lashes.

The crop swiftly stung the soft, fleshy globes of my asscheeks. I did as I was told, and, after each sharp stroke, I yelled out into the vast expanse of our wooded surroundings.

My shouts seemed to vibrate off the trees as the thin lines of pain burned my delicate derrière. After the fifth round, my bottom simmered with heat as Maggie put away the riding crop and untied me from the trees.

“You past challenge number one,” she told me. “I have one more for you, Amber. Are you ready for my next challenge?”

“Oh yes, Mistress,” I panted, “I’m ready to be your little campfire girl.”

“Good,” she said with a satisfied smile. “Take a drink of this and follow me.”

Maggie handed me a canteen of cool water to sooth my dried throat and, after taking a few healthy gulps, we headed back up the trail to the camp.

Leaves crunched beneath my bare feet as I followed behind her. The night air had become chilly as I folded my arms over my exposed breasts for warmth. By the time we came to our campsite, the thin welts on my asscheeks were still dully throbbing with bittersweet pain.

Maggie began to stir the low embers of the fire, with another stray branch, then tossed on another couple of logs. The campfire sprang to life again, filling the site with it golden warmth. I stood beside the revived flames and warmed my chilled body as Maggie prepared my next challenge.

“Okay, my little campfire girl, place your hands behind your back,” she instructed me with a gleam in her green eyes.

Maggie’s fingers played over my stiff nipples. I groaned with delight as she wickedly fondled over my sensitive breasts.

Maggie teased them mercilessly for a few moments, before she secured my wrist cuffs behind my back. With my hands firmly locked together, she clipped a leash to the collar around my neck and led me over to a downed log beside the roaring campfire.

Like a queen on her throne, Maggie seated herself on the fallen log and tugged at my leash. On my knees before her, I could feel the intense heat of the fire upon my back as my crotch tingled with arousal.


“Here’s your next challenge,” my red-headed Mistress said.

My eyes followed the deliberately slow movements of her fingers as she gradually raised her black leather mini-skirt. Her creamy inner thighs were spotted with delicate freckles which lead up to the reddish nest of her moist feminine folds.

Maggie was aroused too.

I smiled into her eyes.

“You only think you know what I have in mind, Amber,” she said with a mocking smile, “but there would be no challenge if I let you just eat me until I come. Right?”

Stunned, I merely nodded.

“Here’s my challenge. When you bend forward to lick me, I want you to stick that lashed little ass of yours close to the campfire.” Maggie cooed as she spread out her exposed thighs and made room for my head between her legs.

“That should really warm you up, my little campfire girl.”

She grasped her skirt in one hand and gently guided me to her hot pussy by my hair. I inhaled the scented warmth of her moist folds as I thrust my asscheeks up behind me. I felt the hot sensation of the campfire warming my welts. I gasped as the flames heated the marks, making them tingle with pleasure and pain.

“Go for it, Amber. I know you can do it,” Maggie reassured me with the soft strokes of her fingers through my tousled hair. Her voice was low and husky with passion as I plunged my tongue into her hot spot.

This time, Maggie was the one who gasped as my tongue teased over the soft, hot folds of her pussylips. I imitated the licking and flicking of the campfire over her joy-spot as her legs locked around my shoulders for added support.

My delicate derrière stung with heated bliss as I quickened my tongue’s pace over Maggie’s wet pussy. Her groans of passion filled the dark forest like a wild animal’s mating call.

I peeked up from my tongue action to see Maggie’s head thrown back, eyes half-shut, and mouth gaping with oncoming rapture. Finally Maggie’s entire body quivered as her orgasmic cry filled the woods around us.

As her orgasm subsided, Maggie unfastened my wrist cuffs and drew me to my feet. Her lips pressed softly on mine as she rubbed over the tender marks on my ass. She smiled at me with satisfaction gleaming in her lovely green eyes.

“See Amber, I told you that I’d change your mind about camping, didn’t I?”

“Yeah,” I replied with an amused chuckle, “I didn’t know it would be such fun being your little campfire girl.” I smiled over at my girlfriend and realized that I was eager for even more camping fun in the great outdoors with my Mistress, Maggie.

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