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Sex Confessions #69: My First Lesbian Experience

My first lesbian experience happened a couple of years ago on New Years. I was 16 and she was 17. Me and one of my best friends (I’ll just call her Jess) went to a party that night. It was really boring, so we just ended up coming back to my house to hang out there. After midnight, my parents went to bed and we just went to my room to hang out.

We started talking about how lame our New Year’s night had been. To make things more exciting, we went downstairs, grabbed a couple beers, and went back to my room. After a little while, we both became a little tipsy and for fun, we started watching some porn.

Then out of nowhere, Jess looks at me and says, “I’m getting really horny.” Then she kissed me. It caught me really off-guard but I’d always wanted to know what it’s like to be with a girl, so I didn’t stop her. Well things began heating up and next thing you know, both our shirts come off. I still remember her on top of me, moaning as I sucked her nipple. I still had my underwear on and she was rubbing all over my clit and it felt really good. We began dry humping for about 10 minutes but then we became tired and just passed out.

The next morning, we didn’t say one thing about it to each other. I know she remembers, but I think we’re both too embarrassed to say anything. We’re still

good friends today and I’ve never even mentioned it to her.


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