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My New College Roommate

Now, we are pinning each other and I am telling him how much I love my roommate.

I tell him how fun and crazy she is, so he put money in my account to get her a ticket 2 days before I left. THe only issue was she would have to leave by herself, and she was a little nervous considering she and I both knew that this was crazy of me to go to foreign country with a stranger. I thought, not a bad first date.


He puts more money into my account because he asked if I needed more for shopping…he he he. I think you all know how I responded to that question. Then it ends up being the night before I had to leave for Fiji.

My flight left at 3:30 AM, left just say my other roomie was coming home that night and we were celebrating like rock stars. I tried to make my all friends stay up and believe me NOTHING made them stay up.


So Im fucked up and packing for what seems to be a near month or two. I have like three carry on bags because I was finding bags and random shit I had to shove in places. I am doing my make up, and not even that is making me look presentable. I call a cab and then pass out, he kept calling me and I waked up and then ignored it, if it wasn’t for my friend sleeping on the couch I would have missed my flight. The cab had been waiting luckily, and took me to the airport. I fell asleep in the cab, and then my bag was overweight so I had to fumble all my shit around and all I wanted to do was sleep.


Mother fucking affair

I needed to meet this man and make sure he was not some kind of psycho, especially in the manner I was speaking to him (just a little more flirtatious than i would have like to with a stranger). So one night before I come back from the Bahamas and before I have to leave Miami I ended up meeting him for a drink and he was great. His personality stroked me the right way for sure. He was very relaxed, sexy and smart. We did kiss, but only for a bit, nothing hardcore. After that night we got into pinning through our blackberries. We pinned almost every day, and he certainly had me on the tip of my toes. He gave me countdowns until our island getaway, and told me how he was going to spoil me. Oh goody!, I thought.


Except one day, it hit me, that son of a bitch must be married. I asked him and he confessed to having a wife for 12 fucking years. Thank god, he does not have kids…then I would be the ultimate home wrecker.


He has a beach house about two hours away from me and he wanted me to come out to meet him. I do not have a car so I tell him I have no idea how I will get there, but when there is Lexa involved, Lexa will find a way.


Please realize I arrived in town for school on a friday and still had to move in all my furniture and mattress. So I am drinking beer on a sunday trying to figure out how the fuck I am supposed to get a ride to see him because I do not know anyone who would even lend me their car ( I am a crazy, new driver). Then it dawns on me, duh..i’ll make him buy a car service to pick my drunk ass up.


Next thing I know a guy in a tuxedo comes to pick me up to go in a lincoln black on black ride. I stumble into the car trying not to seem like a lush. The plan was that the car would take me to “The Ritz,” because he was spending time with clients there. He was supposed to pick me up from there and take me to his beach house.


The car ride began a bit boring because the driver was playing music that one usually hears in elevators. Whoa, then I thought…If I am going to be a car for about an hour, two hours to meet up with a stranger who is taking to me to a foreign country…DAM I will need a drink to handle this. I reach into my overnight bag and grab a beer. The driver in the front gave me a bit of look and then I heard the best thing ever. The radio station made it’s point and started to play the best hit of all, Billie Jeane by my one and only MJ.


The ride got way better! I reached my destination to the “The Ritz Carlton,” in Orlando, and immediately I scurried to the prissy bar and ordered a kettle one and soda. I felt like a grade a hooker. He came to pick me up in his blinged out truck and I hopped in with my denim skinny anklet jeans equipped with zippers on the bottom, wearing a black patent belt with gold circles,and the perfect sized buckle topped with brown cargo”esuque” wedges, a thick, a white tank and a black blazer. I was looking pretty good.


My two little eyes spy Fiji man with one hand on the wheel looking like a stud, smiling right at me. Man am I a sucker or what? I just couldn’t help but shine my brightest smile. I was super happy to see him for some reason, probably the fact that I was intoxicated defintely helped. As soon as I got in the car, he had me reach into the glove department and he bought me a brand new hot pink 16GB ipod nano! I mentioned to him that my ipod broke and he told me I couldn’t travel without one. I automatically agreed.


We stopped off to get dinner first and get all the general questions out of the way and then start talking more about dirty details like drugs and sex. At the end dinner the waitress asked us what our deal and said she has been trying to figure us out all night. I really don’t know if she could have handled it.


He was 38 years old but acted like my age. He listened to all types of music and he was so into music which was pretty awesome. He is a pretty independent person and gets along with people very well. The man even enjoyed himself that mary jane.He all said he wanted to put money into my account every month so I would not have to work…um yes please.


His beach house so adorable and he designed it all himself-hm… probably a lie but whatever. He gave me a nice tour and then he made me a drink, and we went on his balcony over looking the beach with a full frekin moon….what do you guys think happened?


He totally charmed me in, but thats what I love. I made him have to work…a little but I needed to make sure the sex was decent if I was going to a foreign city with this man for a week. He had this bed too on his balcony so we started laying in that and then he was touching me super slow and sexy…and you could HEAR the waves. He paid so much attention to every inch of my body. It was unreal! God, It is so refreshing to not have some college dude, like have his cock jump out all over me in thirty seconds. It was like a total “Nicholas Sparks” movie scene. The light from the moon was even shining on us, god I feel corny.


He called it, making love. I do no think any man I have slept there has ever said that. I’ve heard fuck, sex, do it, bump, screw, thrust, etc…but when you think about it why haven’t more men used the term making love. I feel like way more women would respond to, “shall we make love tonight, or no?” versus “wanna go do it?” But hey maybe that is just me and we all know how fucking odd I am.


We made love in every room in that house that night. In the morning after barely sleeping he made me breakfast and he had one of those awesome coffee machines. Wealthy people have the fucking coolest kitchen appliances, you know? I mean if I was wealthy I would never be in the kitchen, or maybe I would hire a chef, either way they all have the sick nasty, speech enabler, robot coffee machines, and then they have the pepper shaker that automatically grinds it for you with the click of a button. They seriously have every stupid appliance there is out there too, like they have to have the panini maker, the not ‘“shit” american waffle maker -but the “BELGIUM” waffle maker, the premium, top of the notch smoothie maker, and if you’re lucky they have ice cream makers and espresso machines!


ANYWAYS-he pays for me to take the same car guy back to my crack ’a’ lack house. This guy definitely knows what’s going down but he was a super fly guy so it worked out well. He played Michael Jackson again too! And I read some of “Little Bee” (great book by the way). I also did pass out a good ninety percent of the time. The next day Fiji put money in my account to get first class tickets to Fiji AND to go shopping! Yay!


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