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Sex Confessions #67: A Great Return for A Small Investment

On Valentine’s Day I juggled three girlfriends. I went out the night before then had breakfast with one then fucked her on her futon, then went home and showered. Then I went out for a late lunch with another girl and enjoyed a valentines day handjob in her staff car.

Then I went home and changed and went out for dinner with another girl and boned her back at her place. Three girls, three orgasms and I only paid for 1 meal. Talk about a great ROI. If my investments were as profitable as my new sex life, I’d retire tomorrow.

BTW. I’m married. Wife was in UK with sick Mum for last 3 weeks. Pity! Hope she’s enjoying her tea and scones and sick mum! (She’s been having an affair too! She just doesn’t know I know! Now it’s MY TIME TO SHINE!)


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