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Sex Confessions #66: My girlfriend’s stepmother came on to me

I went to the bars with my girlfriend for her 21st birthday. We showed up, and her family was there, along with tons of her friends. Now this is a pretty big bar, with 4 or 5 different dance floors, and a few VIP rooms. We were in one of those rooms, doing the birthday thing before everyone was going on their separate ways to one of the many sections of the club.

As we were sitting in there, drinks all over the table, (everyone was pretty smashed by this point), the tune of happy birthday starting being sung. Not everyone was participating, in reality because we are more interested in our drinks and socializing with each other than singing at that point. More of a formality really.

Now about 2/3rds into the song, I felt a hand down on my thigh under the table. Now I would not normally have a problem with this.

My girl is somewhat of a nympho and this is not an uncommon occurrence. And then I started to think about what was happening. Of course it wasn’t her. She was down at the end of the table basking in all of the glory of her brightly lit 21st birthday cake.

Looking next to me, I realized that her step mom was who was sitting next to me, and it was her that went for the thigh grab. I kinda tried to ignore it, due to the fact that she wasn’t giving me any kind of facial expressions that would lead one to believe that it was being done on purpose.

She was actually still talking to her husband across the table. (who by the way is freakin huge, and could kick my ass at the drop of a hat without breaking a sweat)

So I sat there. Thinking about how uncomfortable I was, and the hand started moving. And not in the direction that I had hoped. Away from my junk was what I would have preferred, if only to ease the tension.

She is not an ugly woman. There was about a 5 to 10 minute period where I was being jerked off by my girlfriend’s hot stepmom. I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up excusing myself to use the restroom where I tried to collect myself before going back out to the VIP room, and choosing a seat, not right next to you know who.

I haven’t told her what happened that night, granted it has only been several days, but I was to know if that’s something I should tell? Or if it’s something that’s best left untold, until it were to happen again, where at that point I would feel obligated to tell. Please help me.


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