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A Quickie with a Virgin

I’ve been dating this girl named Savannah for awhile. shed never had sex and neither have I. one night after walking to my place we sat down on my couch to watch a movie.  No one was home so it was pretty awesome.  

After getting into the movie she started to squeeze closer to me, which I didn’t mind, than out of nowhere she started to rub my crotch.  I pretended not to notice until she started to do it harder.  

Then she unzipped my pants and moved in front of me.  she put her hand in my pants and pulled out my cock.  “O my god your huge” she said.  than she shoved my cock in her mouth, i let out a groan as she started to stroke me even harder, she let her tongue whirl around my huge shaft. After awhile I felt my balls starting to tighten up.

 I let out another groan and shot load after load into her mouth, she sucked every drop of cum in me into her mouth, stood, and swallowed it.  “Your turn” I said. She laid on the couch in front of me, I pulled of her skin tight jeans.  I noticed the thong she was wearing was already wet. I pulled it off.  I pushed her back and slid my head in between her legs.  

I looked at her never fucked pussy and my cock started to get hard again.  I slid my tongue over it, she let out a loud groan,  I kept going, she started moan louder and faster .  After about a minute of eating her out she let out a long shriek and came.  

She looked at my hard cock and spread her pussy lips apart. I moved up to her and slowly slid my cock in her virgin pussy. We both let out massive groans as i started to pump harder and faster.  She kept screaming for more as I ravaged her pussy.  

I felt my climax coming and so did she.  she looked around at me and yelled with pleasure, “Fuck my asshole please!”  I didn’t even protest,  I pulled my cock out of her spasming pussy and brought it to her virgin asshole.

I slowly slid my long shaft in and she let out a cry. I kept pushing and thrusting in. than we were in a rhythm again as she rubbed her pussy while I fucked her ass.  My balls started to tighten again.  

Then i shot load after laod into her asshole.  Than we layed there, cum dripping out of her asshole.  “I want that every  night” she said with pleasure. Of course I didn’t mind.

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