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Sex Confessions #62: A Thumb in my Bum

…is what I had happen to me last night. Unlike the guy that sent in his story about getting drunk and driving I got drunk and let my boyfriend jam his thumb in my bum as he was pleasuring my from behind. It is my fav position.

We had drinks over at another couple’s house and by the time we got home we were pretty riled up. After finishing a bottle we had at home we started making out on the couch. We went to the bedroom and were having a pretty good session when he did it. I wasn’t expecting it at all.

He never even touched that spot before, not even by accident. I was shocked at first but within a second the fact that he even did that turned me on.

I had one of the biggest orgasms of my life last night. I can’t tell my friend about this and I don’t want to tell my boyfriend exactly how much I loved it. I always thought anal was for gay men not for me!


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