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Sex Confessions #56: Miami Dink

I have multiple tatty’s already. Been getting them since I was 17. I was told by a friend that there was a super hot guy working at shop that she found. I needed some more work done on my back so I decided to check it out. I make my appointment for two Monday’s ago.

I arrive at the shop and like what I see. We’ve got around 7 shops in the city that I had heard about but this one was a mystery other than my friend referring me. It looked alright from the outside but it wasn’t in the nicest part of town.

The guy comes up to the front and he really does looks like Ami from Miami Ink. I’ve watched the show since it first aired. I think about doing Chris on a regular basis but I have never thought of Ami like that. Now here was this guy that looks just like him.

I head over to the table and he asks me pull my pants down a little. He’s going to be touching up and filling in the work on my lower back. I unbutton my jeans and slide them down a little, fully aware that my panties are visible. He see him smile and I enjoy his gaze.

I lay down and starts prepping me. We make casual conversation and he starts working on me. He feels very gentle, almost like he is drawing on my back when it should feel more like a grinding. I was impressed.

With every single tattoo it has been a near-ograsmic experience for me. It might be the endorphins or whatever, maybe some adrenalin mixed in too. I’ve often thought some highly sexual thoughts about my tattoo artist.

I figure I have some sort of weird pleasure-pain thing going on. Basically I was getting turned on my this new Ami-looking tattoo guy. Every time the needle touched my skin I felt a wave of pleasure starting at the point of contact and moving all over my body.

I become more aware of my surroundings. There is no one in the shop. I ask him if he usually works alone and his reply was that the girl that usually works the front desk had to go home for the night because of a problem with her babysitter. He asksme if I am uncomfortable and I tell him that his gentle touch is making me feel at ease. This pleases him. My mind starts wandering…I start thinking about doing this guy, right here on the tattoo table. I picture “Ami” going down on me, tattoo gun in hand. I start thinking of the tattoo gun close to my pussy, the vibrations sending sweet shockwaves up my spine.

He’s almost done and I turn up my flirt. I start asking him how many hot girls(like me!) he’s worked on, what the sexiest body part he’s ever tattoo’d, if he’s ever done piercing and how many boobs he’s pierced. He tells me not as nearly as he’d like and I laugh, having my right nipple done months ago.

He then mentions that he’s never done a Prince Albert, other than his own. I immediately get turned on more. I’ve seen Prince Albert’s before in photos, but never in real life. I am curious. I want to see it. I try and figure out a way to make him show me.

He is in the final stages of my work, just filling in some faded spots. I ask him if maybe when he’s done we can show each other our tattoo’s and piercing. HE laughs and says that he’s never been asked to do a tattoo show after working on a customer. We’re talking back and forth very comfortable, the more he says, the more I know I am going to fuck him.

He finished up and hands me a mirror. I am pleased with his work, the touch-ups look original, the filling in he has done looks mint. I am pleased.

I leave my jeans unbuttoned. I ask him to show me his tatty’s so he takes off his shirt. He’s got two full sleeves and a pretty serious back piece done. Some nice work mixed in with some jail-looking tatty’s. He’s pretty ripped too. Nice abs and shoulders make me smile.

I show him the infinity symbol(don’t ask!)on my calf and then slide my jeans down so he can see the angel I have on my inner thigh. He moves a little closer, pretending that the can’t see it. I smile,knowing that he is trying to look right through my panties. They are not sheer but with a good eye and some imagination I know he can see under them. I tell him to get a closer look and as he moves closer I put my hands on his muscled shoulders and bring his face in for a closer look. He’s about 4 inches from my pussy. He looks up at me with this totally hot fuck-me look.

I tell him to hurry up and lock the front door before I chicken out and pull my jeans up. He runs to the front door, knocking over a cart full of supplies.

Hilarity ensues, ink bottles and vaseline and alcohol wipes everywhere as he slips through them to lock the door.

He comes back and I’ve got my jeans off and I’m standing there in my bra and underwear. We make out as he feels me up. He rubs the outside of my panties for a while, I know he can feel how wet I am. I am rubbing the front of his khaki’s and I can feel him growing and growing.

The tattoo guy lays me down on the table and goes down on me. Looking down at this tattoo’s guy with the fit body eating me out gives me the fastest orgasm I think I’ve ever had. Here I was, living out a fantasy with Ami from Miami Ink. Well not really him but this guy looked the part, played the part and now he WAS Ami in my mind!

He comes up for air and kisses me. I can taste myself on his lips and it turns me on huge. I ask him if he’ll show me his Prince Albert. He eagerly agrees, slipping his pants off. He’s going commando and to be honest I sort of expected that.

I see the ring glistening in the overhead lights of the shop. Dropping down to my knees I start checking it out.

Within seconds it’s inside my mouth, my tongue flicking it around. It must feel damn good because he moans every time I roll it around with my tongue. I tug on his balls while blowing him, feeling how full they are. After about 10 mins of a good sucking I want him inside me. I want to feel the ring in me.

I stand up and lay back down on the tattoo bed. Sliding my panties to the slide, he takes himself and rubs his pierced dick up and down my wetness. I am so fucking turned out I want to cum again just from the sight what he’s doing.

He slips himself inside me and it’s like my vibe and a dick all at once. My vibe is ridged near the head and the more this guy goes in and out, the more his Prince Albert turns me on.

I cum again, this time I keep it silent. I’m sure he feels me tightening because he speeds up. I tell him to cum on me, I don’t really want to walk home dripping.

Seconds later he pulls out and explodes over my tummy. The sight of him exploding, the cum shooting past his pierced dick, the fact that he looks like Ami, and the whole idea that I was doing what I was doing has made this the most erotic experience of my life. By far.


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