Sex Diary, Sex with Strangers

Missing my Sugar Daddy

My sugardaddy and I have been seeing each other sporadically on weekends and such. One night my favorite dark chocolate car driver came to pick me up in his suit and tie to take me to The Ritz to meet up with my not so much man of mine…but whatever.


We go to our room and it naturally has a balcony and is super nice and spacious. He also brought party favors. They are called poppers, they are some kind of nitrate that gets released when you pop this seal. It releases this aroma that makes you feel super relaxed and heightens your orgasm.


I wanted him so bad! And he wanted me just as badly..hehe….he slowly undressed me and we made such great love!!!! Please, try a popper. I had never felt so relaxed during sex. It was amazing. We went on for a while, napped and then wanted to go eat. Fabulous Sex and I was yet to go to a delicious dinner…I loved life. We went to dinner and I was sipping on a super strong Martini. The bartenders were trying to figure out how we knew each other. At first we said family and they knew we were full of shit, especially because we cannot keep out hands away from each other or our flirtacious looks.


After my second martini I wanted to go back to the hotel and take him down. I just love older men, I don’t know if the ones I just meet but I feel like they are so confident and sexy and I do like how he takes control sometimes. After we shared a yummy piece of cheesecake we sped away in his Porsche convertible and I felt so good! We came back to the hotel smoked a blunt and I am sure you can guess the rest.


The next morning we ordered breakfast in bed and the man who brought it up called me Mrs…so and so and I nearly had a heart attack. He left for a meeting after breakfast and before I had to leave I scoped out the room for goodies. I had to quickly grab some freebies, like towels, utensils, shampoo…I almost grabbed the blow drier too. It’s not like I was paying that room bill. That night my dad came into town and he stayed at the hotel right next to The Ritz. Life is too bizarre.


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