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Sex Confessions #76: I didn’t ask questions and he didn’t ask questions

He thought I was 19. I knew he was older, had a steady job, his own house and more, but I didn’t ask questions and he didn’t ask questions, if you know what I mean. I was just turned on by the fact that he was a fireman on duty and I have a thing for older guys.

We were just talking at first. I had pulled up to chat while he was outside having a cigarette. It was late and very quiet. He asked me if I wanted to see the firetrucks and I said yes, excitedly.

He told me his favorite was the biggest one so we went up inside and sat in the backseat. We started making out and soon he was undoing my bra. I was only 17.

Sometimes I see his wife driving his car with firefighter plates. His little boy might be five years old, and looks like his dad.


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