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Sex Confessions #53: An Affair with a Groom-to-be

I think I’ve fallen for a guy who is getting married in 7 months. It started out as fuck buddies. I knew the deal from the beginning and was OK with that. He turned out to be a lot more sensitive and sweeter then I ever thought his tough exterior would let him admit to.

BUT alas he has the 2.5 kids and the (practically) wife at home and has made himself completely clear that there is no way he will leave her for me or anyone else. Yet in the same breathe he will tell me he thinks of me constantly and that he has caught feelings for me. Until he told me that I was ok just thinking it was me who was starting to feel something.

I know this is classic wanting his cake and eating it to and every inch of me screams to run away from this but I don’t want to. I’m a reasonably intelligent female who has been around the block more then her share of the time and I just know no good can come of this but yet still i subject myself to it.

Sexually he is by far the best lover I have ever had and I think he feels the same way. Shame he made the choices he made earlier on in life cause I think we fit pretty well together. So I just told him this fling will be over one month before his wedding and that will be the last day we speak to each other. Secretly I hope he leaves her. On the other hand there is no way I could be in a relationship with him even if he did leave her because I couldn’t trust him (kinda ironic cause he cheated on his ex wife with his current fiancee, oy vey!)


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