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Pleasant Surprise for My Wife

I have always known that my wife was wild in bed but what I didn’t know was exactly how wild it could get! now my wife is absolutely stunning, she has brown skin, long brown hair, amazing tits and a perfectly round ass! so you can see I am a very happy man… she has always said she wanted to experiment sex with another woman but she never knew how to go about it (I could never see why as she would have no problem at all pulling a sexy chick)….

So anyway I got home early the other day, feeling absolutely knackered and stressed with work, I thought I would surprise her with my early presence, little did I know that I was the one in for a big surprise!

I opened the door and I heard a slight moan coming fro upstairs, so I crept up thinking she was cheating and so I wanted to be sure before starting world war 3!!!

As I got to the top of the stairs I heard the moans getting louder and weird buzzing sound… I gently opened the door and found my wife, naked, in bed with her favorite vibrator deep in her wet pussy while she chatted online with another women. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, so I kept quiet and kept peeking through the door to find out exactly what she was doing.

I  have never been good at hide and seek and this time was not going to be any different especially as I found myself getting more and more hornier with my cock throbbing, her online buddy saw me on her side of the cam and asked my wife who I was…. she jumped feeling a bit embarrassed but thankfully this other pretty blonde (nickname: horny bi-girl) on the other side of the marvellous world wide web suggested she help my swollen cock and put it in her mouth. I could see she was more turned on by the fact that I caught my wife cyber cheating and now she was the one dictating what my wife done to me. She had a vibrator also and began fucking herself with it when she saw my wife sucking furiously on my cock that she also began to do that to her vibrator as it had just been in her pussy…

I was ready to cum but I decided I will wait until my wife and horny bi-girl was ready too so I took my cock out of my wife’s mouth, flipped her over an began fucking her doggy style, my wife was so turned on by this whole scenario she was screaming “fuck me harder” and horny bi-girl was so turned on by watching us I could see her fuck herself furiously with her vibrator until I heard her moan as she was cumming. I looked at my wife and she seemed like she was ready to cum so I let them both catch their breath after they both had an orgasm for me to explode all over my wifes tits!

Ever since we get in touch with our friendly cyber buddy for some fun!


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