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Sex Confessions #52: Finger banging my step-sister with a shot glass

The title speaks volumes for my first story here. I was with Jason and Jesse at the bar when Jesse picks up this girl named Haven. When she was introduced to me I laughed out loud at her name, but found her familiar somehow. Once the laughter subsided we quickly realized this girl was down for whatever.

We had a few more drinks and a couple more shooters before heading home to party some more.

A couple of lines were chalked and more bottles popped. Next thing I knew she was on the floor making out with Jason. I grabbed my beer and sat down on the couch to watch the show. Haven was pretty drunk by this point and she had no inhibitions. She took her shirt off(nice tits!) and had her hand down Jason’s pants seconds later.

Jesse looks at me and smiles, then lays down on the floor on the other side of Heaven. She starts rubbing his junk through his pants while he sucks on her titties.

I decide to play DJ while the three of them fuck around. I pop in a couple CD’s then return to my spot on the couch. Both Jason and Jesse are getting handjobs and they both have a boob each to suck on. It’s looking pretty sweet and it’s all happening on our living room floor.

Jesse removes Havens jeans and her thong. She’s nicely shaven I notice with a little patch on top. Jesse starts rubbing her then suddenly gets up and goes to the kitchen. He opens a few cupboard doors before finding what he wanted. He returns with one of our shot glasses we brought back from Cabo. It’s a long and slender one, 2 oz shot glass or something.

Jesse licks the outside of the shotglass then sticks it inside Haven! I had to put a pillow over my face to keep from laughing. I didn’t want to ruin the mood. So Jesse’s finger banging Haven with a shot glass while she’s sucking on Jason now.

I had enough. I unzip and motion for Jesse to move over. I start screwing Haven and noticed that she felt pretty tight which is a good thing.

I look up and see that she’s hooking up both Jesse and Jason with hummers now and I continue working her down below. Seconds later I feel the twitch so I take myself out and bust on her belly. I quickly get up and grab some paper towels and clean her off so that the other two guys could get in there.

I grab my beer and do another line before sitting back down on the couch. I watch as Jesse and Jason takes turns with her. The best part is that she smiled and she totally enjoyed the whole thing!

Oh and the reason why I can’t tell this to anyone? I found out a few months later why this girl seemed so familiar to me. I went to our family’s reunion and there she was. Turns out she was my recently new(He’s been married to my Moms for about a year) Step-Father’s daughter from his first marriage! I had only seen her in passing before, never even knew her name. I don’t live at home anymore so I never even heard my step-father talk about her.

The reunion was pretty sweet BTW. I ended up making out with Haven again and we hooked up that same night for some good sex. I am not sure if this is wrong, we aren’t related by blood. Whatever. She’s a real good lay.


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