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Literotica: Manipulation of a Fox

Jaime and Luisa have been married for 7 years now. They are a young couple, and they married for the wrong reasons.


After five years of marriage, they are still childless and Luisa finds herself completely bored. She manipulates her submissive husband, Jaime, into sharing fantasies about somebody else fucking her. Things start from simple role play and dildos, but eventually Luisa pushes things further and she finds a way to cuckold her ignorant, submissive husband. In the end, they realize that a cuckold relationship will spark their fruitless marriage.


I am sore from the number of cocks that I’d had today. Ten? Twelve? I could hardly count. Recalling the events was like counting the cars that passed a busy highway. The men came into my room one by one, while I was getting fucked. I thought we’d never run out of company. There were asian men, black men, latinos, whites. It was some sort of an international fuck.


All afternoon, I oozed with juices and moaned like an Aphrodite whore. Damn, it was a sight. I came for about twenty times, and there was almost a gallon of semen spilled on the floor, on the sheets, and on me. Unfortunately, my husband Jaime was at work. He was in some hotel in Macau, closing a deal with his Chinese client. The sex party would’ve been better if he saw everything live. But I got everything videotaped anyway, and we could watch it together when he finally came home tonight.


My husband was the one who paid and sent those men. It was our 8th wedding anniversary today, and I’d been telling my husband some fantasies about “getting fucked all over the world”. He had been sharing my dirty sex desires for the past few months, and Jaime knew that I would prefer a sex party over any other gift.


Tonight, my husband would come home and fuck my sore pussy. He wouldn’t it being loose after my sex with a dozen men. Jaime loved entering me right when I am sore, right when a bull’s semen was just oozing out from my lips. He also loved to eat my cunt while it reeked of the semen and the saliva of other men. I would command him to do all of these. And he would always submit with an erection inside his pants.


Jaime wasn’t like this when I met him. He was a down to earth, straight-minded man, who was conservative to the core. In our first year of marriage, he was the most boring husband. We didn’t even watch porn together, for Christ’s sake. But now, everything was different, and our marriage was full of spark and satisfaction. He was my cuckold husband, and I was the foxy wife.


This is the story of how I made cuckold my husband.


* * *


I met Jaime at my father’s party. I was only twenty then, and I was currently in a relationship with somebody else. It was with Jethro, the head of the high school football team. He was hot and handsome, and also kind and sweet. Jethro was the dream guy of every girl. And there was no better match for me other than him. I was the prettiest, richest girl back in our high school. Everyone knew that we deserved each other.


It was a long time ago, but I could still remember how much I loved my boyfriend. He was my first everything – first date, first kiss, first fuck. I gave him everything and it was all out of love. Jethro was a very good, loyal boyfriend considering his reputation as a jock. During our relationship, he never cheated on me, nor beat me or anything. Jethro never made me cry.


He only did that once, and that was when he went to college. Jethro got a college scholarship in Arizona. It was once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him, since Jethro’s dream was to play with the Arizona football team. I was in Nevada back then. I wanted to come with him, but my father insisted that I study in Europe. I was a good daughter above everything else, so I didn’t do something romantic and stupid like run away with my boyfriend.


So, when I met Jaime, I was practically single. I had a virtual boyfriend who was oceans away. I was lonely and I was sad, but I was still full of hope when it comes to love. I longed for the day when I’d get married to Jethro and I’d be the perfect housewife. Yes, I was stuck in the fantasies of the 50’s. I was quite old-fashioned, but my mother had raised me that way.


Jaime and I became friends, but we were only friends because of our fathers’ connection. They worked together in a business venture, something like that. I was lonely and I needed somebody smart enough to talk to, and Jaime was the perfect candidate. Jaime was a political science student, and I studied business. He was all brains, so that meant he didn’t have a gorgeous face or body. Jaime had a regular, average, normal human face, nothing more.


He was also a very plain guy. Jaime was just a little short of a nerd. He was blonde, skinny, and he didn’t have a sense of adventure and excitement. The most fun moments in his life consisted of the days when he was candidate for interstate quiz bee competitions. Jaime never even had a girlfriend when I met him. He was plain as a wheat loaf.


We got drunk one night after experimenting with whiskey. My father was a collector of vintage wines, and I was feeling stupid that night. Jamie and I were both good kids, you know, and in my young life I’d never tasted cigarettes or any kind of drugs. I was the prim and proper, pretty and rich, monogamous high school sweetie. My only dirty side was the one I’d shared with Jethro, and that was our sex life. It wasn’t even dirty in any kind of way. I never even orgasmed when we did it! I thought sex was just like that: lie on the bed, spread my legs, feel his cock go in and out of me. I thought the whole thing just lasted for two minutes.


So, since we were feeling stupid after too many punches, and because of the strong alcohol in my father’s collection, plus the number of oysters that we’d consumed that night (pardon us, we were rich people), Jaime and I had half-conscious sex inside my father’s guest room.


It was a blur. When I woke up, I was already naked and my head was spinning. Between my legs was a paste of dried semen. Jaime was on the floor, eagle spread, butt-naked. I screamed, but my throat was hollow and no voice came out.


That was not even the worst part of it. Our one-night stand got me pregnant! My life crumbled and tore apart when the doctor told me about it. I cried for three days straight, and I didn’t want to talk to anyone. I hated my parents. They could’ve done something to prevent me from getting pregnant!


I soon realized that our parents, Jaime’s and mine, were actually in favor of what had happened between us. For hell’s sake, they might as well planned it all.


After a week since my positive pregnancy test, I confessed to Jethro all about it. It was one of the most painful moments in my life. He was the love of my life, and I knew that he would slip away from me after this. The worse was that I couldn’t even see him face-to-face, hug him, and comfort him. It was all a mess and my life was fucked up. I felt dead inside, and I hated everyone, especially my groom-to-be, Jaime.


What could Jaime feel about this? Nothing. For all I know, he might even be secretly happy inside. He got himself a wife that he would never have earned otherwise. Although Jaime was a “proper” man and he was rich, no woman like me would commit a lifetime with him.


But I had no choice. Two months pregnant, I faced the altar and married a man I barely knew. I felt like a robot, numb inside and out. I wanted to crush the fetus inside my womb as I said my wedding vows. I was so full of hate that I could hardly feel anything. During my wedding it felt like I was being torched to death in front of a hundred guests. I kept my fake smile and said “I do.” After a kiss that didn’t feel anything, I was now Mrs. Luisa Sullivan. My life had ended.


Jaime was a good husband, he provided me with everything and he actually read books about marriage, pleasing a woman, everything. He was actually gentle and submissive, and he bent to each of my desires. We also had a decent sex life, though it was never enough. Deep inside, I was never satisfied.


My only hope was to become a happy mother. But fate didn’t even grant me that. In the third month of my pregnancy, I had a miscarriage. I tried going back to college, but I had no inspiration to continue my studies. My life was miserable. After that, I got pregnant again, and after three months, I lost the child once again. This went on for four more times.


After seven years, I felt like I’d had enough misery.


* * *


One of my recent addictions and areas of explorations was sex. I was twenty-seven, and my body was so ripe for the sexual urges and juices that I’d suppressed during the past several years. They were literally oozing out of me. I’d grown into a voluptuous woman who wore plus-sized clothes, but I was never anything chubby or fat. My breasts swelled from my chest and my hips were so curvy and round, I resembled a fertility goddess. My brown hair flowed in curves like I was Venus. I also had a tiny waist, for heaven’s sake, and my face was kept pretty and smooth even without makeup.


I was always adorned with jewelry, expensive perfume, and designer clothes. I satisfied my lack of emotional and sexual happiness with material things. It worked out well anyway, and Jaime gave in to almost everything that I said.


“Honey, can you fix my debit card? I’ve run out of balance for my online shopping.” I said as I browsed the net. I didn’t even look away from the screen. Behind me, my husband fixed his tie.


“Yeah sure, sweetie. What stuff are you planning to buy anyway? Real estate?”


I rolled my eyes. Jaime was such an idiot. “No, I just…” I paused, trying to find the right words. I was still sane enough not to anger my husband. “I’m going to buy some toys. Toys for women, actually.”


“Oh. I thought you’d finished your doll collection?”


I couldn’t believe that Jaime could be this thick. My anger and disappointment had made me tactless. “No, I’m not buying dolls,” I said in a mocking voice. I turned my swivel chair to face him. “I’m going to order a fucking dildo, Jaime.”


For a second, his face was blank. Either Jaime was pretending that he didn’t know what a dildo was, or he was too embarrassed to admit it.


“A what?” he stared at me like a monkey.


Fuck you, Jaime! You are such a sex idiot! “A dildo,” I imitated the way preschool teachers talked. “It is a fake dick, usually made of rubber or plastic, and it has a vibrating mechanism. I’m going to buy a dildo-vibrator.”


His face was flush. “Christ’s sake, Luisa, why would you need—”


“Because I’m a woman and I want a fucking dildo!” I shouted. “I’m not some twelve-year-old girl who’s asking for it! God, I am twenty-seven! For hell’s sake, Jaime!”


“Okay, fine, fine,” Jamie said in a hushed voice. He was panicky, just as always when I was getting angry. “I’ll fix your debit card today, sweetie. I’m so, so, sorry.”


I went back to the computer. Jaime rushed behind me to give me hug. He apologized once again and said some sweet words. My anger went down for a few degrees, simply because I found my husband so pathetic. It reached the point that he was almost funny.


* * *


I purchased my dildo and got my delivery without telling Jaime. It was fair to him, anyway, since he was disturbed by the idea of a fake dick. He also never mentioned it to me, though I bet he had already seen it. I didn’t hide my dildo, anyway. I just put it in one of my drawers.


It was a pink dildo with a detachable feather teaser, vibrating option, and it also had bulging veins, giving me the ticklish sensations. I enjoyed it very much. I could hardly count the orgasms that it gave me. While my husband was at work and I was left alone, my favorite companion was my dildo.


My dildo gave me a hell of fun. It was even more fun than fucking my husband’s dick! But after a week, I got a little bored. I decided to do sexier things with my new toy. So, I began with chatting with strangers online while I played my dildo. The excitement was altogether a new kind of fun. I chatted with men who were hot as fuck and who were willing to show their dicks on the screen.


It was entertaining. But even then there were a few guys who were embarrassed and ashamed at the sight of my dildo-filled pussy. Instead of feeling down, I actually felt different. I discovered where my true excitement was: I had a thing for submissive guys who were quite ashamed and frustrated with sex.


And who was a better candidate for being ashamed and frustrated with sex? There was no other guy than my husband, Jaime. For the first time, I felt excited to engage in a sexual act with him.


It was a Thursday morning, and even as a stay-at-home wife, I knew that offices run slow on Thursday mornings. Meaning to say, it wouldn’t be a big deal if my husband came in late.


When saying goodbye to me, Jaime always pecked a kiss on my cheek before he turned away. But this morning, I made it different.


I moved my face to the side, so that our mouths crushed together. Jaime froze in surprise at first, but he began to enjoy the kiss as our tongues moved and got tangled in an erotic kiss. I touched the side of his face, tracing the line of his jaw and the side of his neck. My other hand explored the slim body beneath his suit. I felt his hands run down my supple thighs.


My skilled hands moved around his waist, squeezing whatever piece of flesh that hung there. After some strokes, they went around his hips, squeezing his butt cheeks. I touched all of Jamie’s sweet spots, and then I found his bulging erection between his legs. Bingo! Jaime was truly my sex slave, and he never runs of out erections for me. I squeezed the dick inside his pants.


“Whoa, honey,” He pulled away, gasping and breathing deeply. “We’ll have all the time in the world when I come home, okay?”


“But I want you now,” I said in my sexiest voice. I’d never used it on Jaime until now. I started unbuttoning his pants.  “Stay for a few minutes, please?”


I kissed his neck, and Jaime made a grunting sound that was definitely a “yes”.


I grinned at my devilish success. I pulled away from Jaime and walked towards the bed. “Stay there, honey,” I told him. Jaime didn’t move away until I was already on the bed, naked from the waist and below, and ready with my dildo on one hand.


His brows drew together. “What are you doing, honey?” He started walking towards me.


“Stay there, Jaime!” I said firmly, as if talking to a dog. “Now, I want you to watch me and jack off.”


Jaime’s expression was a mix of shame, excitement, desire, and embarrassment.


I closed my eyes and leaned back. I slightly opened my mouth and I licked my lips, moistening then with thick saliva. I spread my legs apart and began pushing the head of my dildo into the lips of my pussy. My hand was beneath one of my thighs so I could give my husband a better view.


“I’m getting so horny and wet, Jaime. Please stay? Oh! Oh my god!”


I rubbed the length of the dildo against my cunt. I was getting wet, and I felt my juices surge all the more when I saw Jaime completely focused on me. As I commanded, his right hand was wrapped all over his cock. His mouth was also opened a little, and it was obvious that he was having some fun watching me. But the look of confused shame and embarrassment on his face really turned me on!


I started poking my pussy with the tip of the dildo. “Wanna see this enter me, hun? Want your wife to get fucked by a big, pink dick?”


Jaime was just looking at me, confused. But deep inside him, he wanted this. My husband was turned on, and the fully-erect dick inside his palms was the biggest proof. He nodded slightly.


I made an angry face. “Damn, I need you to say it! Don’t you have a mouth, Jaime?”


He swallowed. He met my eyes, and I saw that he was full of pleasurable torment. Then Jaime’s eyes went back to the stuff between my legs. “I-I want to see you, hon. Fuck yourself with a, a pink, dildo,” he stammered.


“That’s more like it, Jaime,” I said contentedly in a sexy voice. I smiled, then I closed my eyes once again as I moaned and pushed the entire length of the dildo deep inside my cunt. It filled my walls and I felt my cunt expand. There was a tingling, sharp pleasure on the mouth of my pussy. I started pulling the dildo in and out of my cunt, and I saw my juices giving it a shiny surface.


“Oh, Jaime, the dildo’s full of my juices,” I teased him. “Do you want me to go harder? Wanna see my juices drip from it?”


“Yes, honey. I wanna see you get fucked, real hard.”


I smiled. I followed as he said. I slammed the dildo faster than before, and I felt my own pleasure grow more intense. I moaned and I gasped. There was a pain in Jaime’s voice, and even by his face, I could tell that he really wanted me to fuck with him right now. His palms were full of calluses, and that sort would feel good around a cock.


“Oh, Jaime, oh,” I said in a helpless voice, like I was begging for him. “Wanna fuck me now? Wanna take the place of this pink cock?”


Jaime’s face glowed, and then he nodded. He was moving closer when I told him to stop.


“You are not to come inside me, do you understand? I want you to spill your load on the floor as you watch this dick fuck me!” I shouted. I slammed my dildo even harder inside my pussy. My entire body shook at rattled, and the motion of the dildo was nothing but a blur between my legs.


“Come with me, Jaime! Oh, oh my god!” I pleaded. My orgasm was coming close.


Jamie began to jack off even faster and harder, and I could see the struggle in his face. Bits of perspiration rolled down his cheeks. My husband struggled to get off, and he was also struggling with the anxiety of seeing me getting fucked by a plastic dick.


But between all this, my husband was definitely aroused.


We came together, just as I commanded. I exploded with a very sweet orgasm that caused me to shout at the top of my lungs. I gripped the dildo real hard, and I writhed on the sheets like a laboring animal. The pleasure was so intense I felt like I could levitate. Jaime followed a second later, and his thick cum splashed to the floor. His face was plainly full of torment and pleasure, and he looked helpless like a poor puppy.


“Ahh! Ahh! Oh my god!” He said it like a curse. Jaime looked so poor and sounded desperate. I knew that he pitied himself for what he just did, as if he was a toddler who’d just peed himself. But honestly, he couldn’t be more pathetic. My husband was wearing his suit, dressed on the way to his office, but his cock was full of semen and was out of his pants.


He looked so poor and pathetic, that I almost hated myself for it. To console both of us, I walked over to him and gave him a brief kiss.


“You did well, baby, you made me happy,” I said. “I love you so much, Jaime!” I kissed him.


“Yeah?” His face brightened. He looked like a teenager who was coming home from a sweet date at a cheap restaurant. “You liked it?”


“Of course I did!” I kissed him once again. Jamie would do everything to make me happy, even if it cost him his dignity and pride. But what happened today was nothing, since he enjoyed it, undoubtedly.


* * *


We role played with my dildo several times more. Sometimes, I didn’t let Jaime come off. He just masturbated as he watched me, and then I’d send him away, frustrated. Sometimes, I just told him to watch but never touch himself. Either way, Jaime enjoyed it. As long as I was happy, he was happy anyway.


My dirty talk and the intensity of our role play had also gotten worse/better. I’d gone as far as saying, “This dick is your officemate’s dick, Jaime!” or “This is your brother’s cock, Jaime. Would you want me to fuck with it?” My husband was getting the hang of it, and every day I thought of worse ways to embarrass him.


Then one day, to my surprise, Jaime bought me a black dildo! He said, “Let’s pretend that it’s a black guy’s cock, hon.” I was truly shocked, good heavens. I didn’t expect that Jaime would get comfortable in as early as one month. I enjoyed it for a while, but when I could hardly feel Jaime’s embarrassment and shame, I decided to go one step further.


Jaime enjoyed being a virtual-cuckold husband. Now, I decided to make him into a real cuckold husband.


Most wives start fucking with their officemates, neighbors, and friends. But since I had none of such, I had to settle with strangers. I hesitated at first, since it was seriously risky, but then there’s always some tension and risks when it comes to adventures like this. For one, Jaime might no longer be interested when I took it to this level. He might be outraged instead.


But I never thought about consulting it with Jaime. Asking a husband for the permission to cuckold him was extremely absurd to begin with. So, I just took the risk. I just took a deep breath and drank a gulp of whiskey. I gathered up the courage to tell my husband that I’d be shopping on Wednesday. I would also like him to fetch me from the grocery store once I’m done.


I dressed extra sexy, but it wasn’t sexy enough to be considered suspicious. I wore a deep blue dress that exposed my arms and also a fair length of my cleavage. It was tight on the waist and hips, emphasizing the proportions of my curves. The edges hung freely down the middle of my thighs. I tied my hair into a neat bun and I wore light makeup. My husband was surprised and delighted to see me. He complimented that I looked just like when we first met.


That was more than seven years ago.


I told Jaime that I’d be done in more or less a couple of hours. That would be enough time for me to fish for a guy who was decent enough, handsome even, and someone I could use to build a relationship with. It would be easier if I just stick to just one man.


As I walked the aisles, many eyes gazed at my direction. They admired my beauty, probably. I was flattered and happy about that, but I was annoyed and disappointed at the same time. Most of the people I bump against were old couples, middle-aged women, and families with kids. I soon realized that I was kidding myself when I hoped to meet some hot guy inside a grocery store, on a Wednesday afternoon.


An hour had passed, and I was running out of hope. After a hundred times of searching, I went over the men’s department once again. Then finally I saw someone close to what I was looking for. My heart drummed slowly inside my chest, and I pushed my cart to his direction. I heard the wheels creaking, like even they were excited for me.


He had long, curly hair, and he tied it at his nape. The man was dark-skinned, and he was taller than me by a head. He wore a brown leather jacket, which made him extremely gorgeous. Inside it was a grey shirt, and to cover his (supposedly) muscular legs, he had worn out denim pants. This man was the epitome of rugged handsomeness. I could only hope that he was single, or available. If he were in a relationship, I wished he would be willing to fool around with me.


He noticed me as soon as I approached his direction. As soon as our gazes met, our mouths curved into a smile. It felt like we had agreed to meet at that place and time. It was very odd, in a crazy, delightful way. After that, we were silent. He picked out some men’s products and I took two brands of facial wash on both of my hands.


“Which one would you recommend?”


He turned to me, confident enough to assume that I had asked him the question.


“I would take the one on the left, if I were your boyfriend, Miss,” he gave me that crazy smile again. It was contagious, and I found myself grinning at his answer. He also had a cool, silvery voice, like he was meant to sing for a pop-rock boy band.


“What makes you think I’ve a boyfriend?” I shook my head as I put back the facial wash on the deck. I chuckled.


“Well, why else would a beautiful woman like you look for men’s products?” He turned to face me. One of his hands went to his waist. He was just fucking handsome and gorgeous, with that crooked smile, and I felt like a teenager once again.


The “flirt” sign was on between us, illuminated like a neon light.


“Could it be that I just wanted to speak to you, mister?” I said in my sweetest voice, mocking him slightly.


He laughed at this. He leaned back and brushed his hair with his fingers. Damn, you wouldn’t need a psychologist to conclude that this man was full of himself.


“Yeah, well, I’m sorry for assuming that,” he looked me in the eyes, and he burned with desire. There was some happiness and lust in his irises. It was easy to tell that. “My name’s Vincent, by the way.”


I took his outstretched hand. I smiled at his face, and I felt him squeeze my soft hand, as if inviting me to be with him. At this point, I knew that he was already mine.


“I’m Mrs. Luisa Sullivan,” I said, chuckling. I shook his big, strong hand and squeezed it firmly.


“Oh,” He was obviously disappointed. He hid with a smile on the corner of his mouth. Vincent’s eyes widened in surprise, but he didn’t look frustrated. He coped with it fairly well. And for the love of god, he was apparently still interested in me.


“Then your husband must be a lucky guy,” he continued, “not all wives go to the grocery just to buy facial wash for them,” He laughed softly, and his laughter was full of emotion. There was also definitely a story behind it.


I raised a brow. “And how did you know that, Vincent?” A stupid question, but it was bound to start a conversation.


He looked down for a while, gathering himself to face me. He almost had the same amount of confidence on his face when he looked up. “Well,” he answered, “my ex-wife never bothered to buy facial wash for me.”


We talked about our marriages for a minute, and then spent most of the time teasing and joking with each other. Vincent was a charming conversationalist, and we were truly attracted to each other. It was in a sexual kind of way, of course.


I eventually learned what was behind his recent divorce. Apparently, he and his wife didn’t share the same values. Vincent found open marriages and polyamorous relationships appealing, but his wife didn’t. They tried it once, under his suggestions, and everything fell down into shambles.


Vincent couldn’t be a better candidate. His moral codes simply fit mine. So, when I asked him to escort me to the bathroom, he was so willing that he even went with me inside the toilet cubicle.


Damn, he was starved for some sex. Before we began, I sent a message to my husband, saying that I was getting done with the shopping. Then I turned all of my attention to Vincent. He was a very aggressive lover, full of agility and strength.


He almost tore my clothes apart, and thank god he bothered to pull down the zipper behind my back. He was excited by the fact that I didn’t wear a bra beneath my dress. His mouth went to the bouncy mounds on my chest, sucking my hard tits and rubbing his teeth against my breasts. He was almost monstrous, and I was extremely aroused by what he did with my tits. My husband never even grabbed them! If there was a more intense word than “ravage”, that was what Vincent did to my breasts.


I was supposed to ask him to stamp kiss marks on my chest, but Vincent had done that automatically. He was as savage as that. Then his hands moved down to my thighs, brushing them up and down. He reached between my legs and found my wet pussy there. One of his fingers pressed my clitoris, and I made a muffled moan. I grabbed his hair. Vincent also made a delighted sound and then he reached for my panties, pulling them down the length of my legs.


When my cunt was already bare, he shoved three fingers inside. He wriggled them inside my hole, giving me sharp pleasures. My toes curled and my legs tensed. I fought very hard to stifle the moans on my throat. This was the hottest and the most violent thing that anybody had done to my pussy! My poor cunt felt like it was going to tear apart, but I extremely liked it. Vincent kissed my mouth passionately, and I loved the feeling of his tongue entering my mouth, altogether with his fingers entering my cunt.


“You’re flowing like the river, Luisa,” he whispered to my ear before licking the lobe.


“You’re damn poetic, Vincent,” I struggled to answer. “Oh, oh my god,” I was nearing my orgasm. When Vincent heard it, he took the cue and shook his fingers even violently inside my pussy.


The pleasure tormented me all the more, and I felt like I was going to be ripped apart. My cunt ached, but I liked what he did. I closed my eyes tight, feeling my face twisted in a tremendous pleasure. Vincent kissed me passionately once again to stifle my loud screams. The tension was getting high and high, and it felt like my pleasure radar was climbing a ladder. Then, in a god-sent moment, I came hard, really, really, really hard.


I wailed like a tortured pig. The entire grocery would’ve heard me if Vincent’s mouth wasn’t on mine.


It was a memorable moment for me, since it was my first orgasm with a man present (excluding the times I used my dildo in front of Jaime). This entire thing happened inside the cubicle of a grocery store, for the record. My breath was so fast and heavy, it was like I’d just run a marathon. I was delirious with pleasure. My legs trembled, and they didn’t give away when Vincent told me to go down on my knees. I was already falling on my knees, by the way.


Then, he gave me another one of my first experiences. I was barely myself when I felt Vincent’s large cock push between my lips. I knew I had to suck his salty dick, and my mouth did it automatically. I soon came to my senses, as I savored the sensation of his fat cock inside my mouth. My lips drooled with some of my saliva. Damn, Vincent was huge. I was almost afraid that my jaw would lock in any second.


I tried my best to suck him, and move my lips up and down his length. But I clearly lacked practice on this one. I knew that I was barely in performance-level, and it was almost shaming. Vincent did me really well earlier.


Vincent pardoned me by that, so he proceeded to do some of the work. He grabbed my hair and began to rhythmically push my head in and off his length. He shoved his dick further down my throat, and I almost gagged and choked. But I managed to control myself, not wanting to further emphasize my lack of experience.


When I was getting the rhythm and the right depth, I quickly moved my head independently from his guidance. I felt his grip loosen, and he muttered something like, “That’s it, baby,” But I was so focused on the sound of his cock inside my mouth, so I barely heard it.


I moved faster. I wanted Vincent to come inside my mouth. I moved my head faster and faster, even deeper, banging my head against his hip. I kept doing this until I felt his hand grip my hair once again, steadying my head balls-deep on his cock. He grunted a very stifled sound, and then I soon felt thick, salty semen pour down my throat. I was about to gag once again, but it tried to focus on keeping it on my mouth. I cleared my thoughts while I felt his large cock throb and pump semen inside my mound.


He cleared off with a deep breath. Vincent let go of my hair, and then I looked up to see him. My mouth was still full of semen, and I intended to do that for a few moments. His face was full of bliss, and even though he was covered with sweat, he looked fresh like a young man riding in the wind. He licked his lips, and then he looked down at me. When our gazes met, I swallowed the semen that filled my mouth.


I saw Vincent’s eyes sparkle. His mouth slightly opened. He was at a loss of words for praising me how I managed to swallow his semen.


I was flattered and feeling victorious, but I had a business to do. Reclaiming my senses, I quickly stood up from my position and pulled up my panties. I asked Vincent to please unzip my dress and fix it, and he politely obliged. Our last moments in the cubicle were spent in hurry. We could barely thank and praise each other. I checked my phone to read my husband’s message. He had arrived several minutes ago.


“Damn, let’s get out of here!” I said to Vincent. I cleaned my face just a bit and combed my hair. Even with that, I definitely looked like I just gave oral sex. My lips were actually swollen, and my lipstick was smeared. Thank god it was just a light shade.


I grabbed my plastic of groceries and gave Vincent my number. We said a brief goodbye, and my heart was drumming inside my chest.


“We’d definitely meet again!” Vincent smiled warmly at me as I sped away. I only briefly smiled at him, since I didn’t had time.


* * *


“What took you so long?” my husband met me at the baggage counter. Or rather, I found him there. “I looked all over for you, Luisa.”


My husband looked worried, and that wasn’t just because of my absence. It was mostly because of my presence when he saw me. I almost looked like a cheap whore, except for the brands and the jewelry that I wore all over my body.


I wrapped my arms all over him and kissed his mouth. There was no better time for this. It was the moment when Vincent’s smell was supposed to be all over my body, especially on my mouth. Damn, I wish my husband wasn’t stupid enough not to realize that I just had somebody’s load of cum on my mouth.


I kissed him deep, offering the taste of semen in my mouth as well as I could. When I broke off and looked up to see him, I got my expected reaction: Jaime was full of horror. He knew that I’d just been with somebody else. He definitely knew it.


I was glad for three things: First was by the fact that my husband wasn’t as ignorant and stupid as I had hoped. Second, he offered to carry the grocery bags for me. And third, I saw an erection in his pants, which stayed there until it we reached the car and drove for a mile.


“What took you so long, honey?” he pressed the question once again. “You didn’t seem to have bought a lot of stuff.” He glanced at me then raised a brow. He wore a detective’s expression on his face. My stupid husband thought that he was going to outwit me with such a poor argument.


“Jaime, my husband, if I had all the time in the world, that doesn’t mean that I would buy everything in the grocery store, does it?” I spoke clearly and slowly to make him understand. I hissed my last words, hoping to shut him up.


Always meeting my expectations, my submissive husband did shut up anyway. He didn’t look angry or exasperated. Actually, he looked kinda afraid of me.


I almost laughed. But then I decided that this serious atmosphere, where I’m dominant, was the best.


“But I met someone earlier.” I said with a hint of playful teasing. It was almost seductive, if not for the tension and seriousness between us.


“Who was he?” he asked.


I was surprised by his assumption, by his silly attempt to take the dominant side. “Oh, you’re so fucking smart, Jaime. Yes, that person was a goddamned he,” I spoke like an appreciative schoolteacher. I was full of sarcasm.


“I, I’m sorry, honey. I, I didn’t mean to assume—” he stammered as he apologized.


“It’s alright, babe,” I cut him off. I sounded tired, and then I sighed. I put my arm over my forehead. “We’re just tired today, I guess.”


* * *


That night, I decided to put it all together. I brought out my dildo. I had prepared another role playing game with my husband, and I was quite sure that he’d enjoy it.


I told him to stay with me, on the bed, but we occupied the opposite sides of it. We were both fully naked, and at first I told him to watch me as I touched myself. However, he could only look, but not touch. My hands went all over by body: from my shoulders, breasts, tummy, and my legs. In a matter of minutes, my husband was already filled with lust at the sight of his gorgeous wife.


Soon, he was hard, and he was jacking off with glassy eyes, full of lust.


I brought out my dildo, and then I started licking it. “Do you know whose cock is this, Jaime?”


He shook his head. “I don’t know, Luisa.”


I frowned. “Oh, come on, sweetie. I bet you have good guesses at the back of your head,” I smiled, as if encouraging him.


“Here’s a clue,” I sucked the tip of the dildo. Then, I showed him how I play it with my tongue. After going down my throat, the dildo moved in and out of my tight lips. I briefly closed my eyes, and then I opened them at the sound of his stammering voice.


“That’s…that’s from the man at, at the grocery store. Oh, oh my god!” He said, full of certainty, confusion, and courage. His voice was almost about to broke. But when I saw his face, I saw him flare up and go red with desire and humiliation. His hands moved faster around his cock, and I could see how he was so full of desire and pleasure at the embarrassment.


“Oh yes, that’s right, Jaime,” I said it hard, full of satisfaction. “It was from Vincent, someone you’ll never measure up to. So you’d better pay some respect and learn his name, dick!” I spat at him.


“Yes, Luisa.” My husband said submissively. I was just about to say something else when, suddenly, Jaime’s eyes closed tight, and a wild groan escaped his throat. He bent backwards and his semen exploded right then and there. Some bits of it splashed all over me, and my eyes widened in shock. Jaime fell on the bed, moaning, enjoying the aftershocks of his orgasm. He was shaking, trembling, like he’d just been electrocuted.


My game had barely begun, but Jaime had already finished off gloriously.


* * *


In the next day, and in the next few days, Jaime kept asking me if “Vincent” was actually a real person, or if I was just inventing new stuff for our sex games. Right from the start, I told him that yes, Vincent was a real person, and that I’d been seeing Vincent whenever he was at work.


Jaime didn’t believe me at first. I guessed he was denying the truth just to protect the last shreds of his ego. Well actually, I’d fucked with Vincent five times more since we last met. And in those last few times, we’d gone all the way. My lover had even managed to come inside my pussy.


He said he wanted proof, and so I gave him some. First I told him about the taste of semen in my mouth and the smell of Vincent on my body, back when were at the grocery store. Jaime didn’t believe this, saying I made things up. Fine. I showed him the kiss marks on my chest. My husband still didn’t believe. He said he wanted a physician’s proof. Fine. I had sex with Vincent once more, right in our bed, and then I asked him to fill my pussy with his cum. After Vincent just left, Jaime came home from work. I asked my husband to enter me, so that he could feel Vincent’s cum on my vagina. Fuck it; his cock could feel it for Christ’s sake. Still, he laughed it off and said that my sex games were funny.


Jaime’s disbelief was exasperating, since I could already feel my victory in turning him into a cuckold. Well, technically, he was already a cuckold. He loved the idea of me getting fucked by other people! In fact, I was already fucking with other people. And worst of all, he loved the embarrassment and shame that came with it.


Then one day, while I lay masturbating on the bed, an idea came to me. My husband and I had been playing cuckold fantasies for almost half a year now. And when he said that my sex games were “funny”, maybe he meant that he was already tired of playing “games”.


Maybe my husband something more real now, and he was just afraid to ask. He wanted to stop imagining, and instead turn everything into reality. It was about time that Jaime wanted to see me getting fucked by other men. Fucked hard, right in front of his humiliated self, while he jerked off his cock in excitement.


I had won, and I had made cuckold my husband, definitely.


* * *


I excitedly planned it. I told Vincent about Jaime. He replied that he was very interested in becoming bull to us! I almost jumped in excitement, now that my fantasy was getting more real than ever. I asked Vincent if bringing one of his friends would be more fun, and he said a definite yes. He could bring a white guy since Jaime was white, or he could bring someone who’s dark-haired just like him. Vincent assured me that his side of the plan was already fine, and all that I had to do now was to find the right place and the right time.


Of course, I wasn’t stupid enough to consult Jaime regarding this. I wanted everything to be a surprise for him. Damn, this felt a hundred times more exciting than our honeymoon. After seven years, it was the first time that I was crazily excited to be in Jaime’s arms. For about three days, I was fidgety, and I could hardly keep the excitement to myself. Sometimes, I found myself lovingly looking at Jaime. I felt really stupid and embarrassed, but it was just enough price for the pleasure that we’d get from this.


As part of the preparations, I met with Vincent’s friend to make sure that we were all compatible with each other. His friend was a Canadian-Brazilian guy named Tony, and just like Vincent, he oozed with sex appeal and he was so gorgeous! No one could’ve been a better candidate.


Tony was just a little more gentle and shy compared to Vincent, but he was damn sensual and pleasing to the touch. While Vincent was kinda rough and hard, Tony was gentle but firmer. He definitely performed in bed according to his features: caramel skin, blue eyes, dark hair, clean shaven face, and toned body.


That night, as if it was a bridal shower, Tony and Vincent fucked me and gifted me with their skilled mouths, tongues, and rock-hard dicks. It was a long afternoon, but we were careful enough not to make ourselves too sore. I still came for about eight times, if I counted it right. But while I was in the middle of the act, all that I could think of was teasing my cuckold husband. I would say dirty words to him, look him in the eyes, and ask him to lick my fresh cunt full of semen.


Before going home, I went to a hotel and booked a widely-spaced room for tomorrow.  I was genuinely excited about it, and I told Jaime all about it that night. My husband said that I sounded nice and sweet. It was a bit unnerving since he was used to me acting all grumpy and dominant over him. I just laughed it off and told Jaime that I was just happy. He should see the surprise tomorrow before he made any judgments. Jaime was a little nervous about it himself, and he kept asking me what the damn surprise was. I simply told him to wait for it tomorrow, and that I knew he would like it.


Of course, this was a lie. I wasn’t quite sure if Jaime would be comfortable by the sight of his wife getting fucked by two strangers. But for sure, I knew that I would enjoy it. And if he enjoyed the fantasy, he might as well enjoy the reality.


I wore a silk, sapphire blue dress that hung loose around my body. I adorned my neck and ears with a set of pearl jewelry. I wore red stilettos, and applied silvery and smokey makeup on my face. I was easily dressed now as a goddess. I smiled contentedly at myself as I brushed and let down my long, flowing hair.


I went to the hotel first. In the lobby, I met with Vincent and Tony and told them about my plans for the day. They said it was perfect. My husband would arrive soon, and all three of us would be waiting at the suite.


I told my husband to wear formal attire, and since he was submissive, Jaime did not disappoint me. He came to our room wearing a grey three-piece suit. He took things over the top by wearing a corsage on his chest. I almost laughed at him, but my husband looked a bit charming for the first time in many years.


“Hello, Jaime.”


He followed my voice. The lights were dimly lit around the room, and my husband found me sitting on the middle of the large bed. The light above me was shining bright. I was fully clothed, and I even had my stilettos on. I was alone, and I sat there like a goddess. My legs were crossed and I stroked my thighs lightly. I leaned back on the bed, exposing my bare cleavage.


“Hey, honey.” Jaime was delighted to see me. He knew enough not to do anything unless I told him so. By the way I was dressed, Jaime had quickly guessed that it was another “sex game”. Well actually, it was going to be more than that.


“Why don’t you drag a chair from one of the tables?” I spoke to him like he was a black slave and I was some plantation owner. The arrogant tone of my voice alone gave him a gush of desire, and I saw it in his eyes.


“Certainly, ma’am.”


I almost laughed, and for a second I thought Jaime would bow at me. He returned with a chair dragged behind him. He set it about five feet from the bed, and I was impressed by his sense of distance. I told him to sit on the chair.


I smiled teasingly at him, and then from behind me I reached my pink dildo. I raised it so that he could see clearly.


Jaime grinned. He thought that he knew. We gave each other devilish grins for a while, and then I spoke. “You said that my sex games were funny, Jaime, is that right?” The smile from my face disappeared.


Jaime suddenly tensed. He was at a loss of words. He opened his mouths but words won’t come out.


I threw the dildo away, ever so elegantly, and it rolled beside his chair like an amputated dick.


“I have no games prepared for you today, Jaime, but I have something that you will definitely enjoy, cuckold,” I emphasized the last word.


From a door in the left side of the room, Tony and Vincent emerged. They were both naked, and their perfect musculatures shone against the light. They came out of the door with grace and finesse. I knew these details even though I only kept my eyes at Jaime. My husband’s eyes grew wide with shock, and for a second he was about to stand up from his chair. But when I hissed at him, he behaved like a kitty.


Tony and Vincent joined me on the bed. Their hands went all over me, gently and sensually. Vincent needed a lot of time to practice this gentleness, but for Tony it was all natural. They caressed me like a goddess, and I felt like a goddess. Sometimes I would close my eyes and lean back, moaning in pleasure. When I opened my eyes, they would dart to Jaime’s direction, where he remained seated. His eyes burned in lust and in desire. He was enjoying the scene in silence.


The two men started undressing me. Wherever their hands touched, their mouths followed. Vincent pulled my dress above my head, and then he quickly bent down to squeeze my breasts and put them in his mouth. I wore no underwear, and every hair on my body was clean shaved. Only the thick brown hair above my head covered a bit of skin on my body.


While Vincent was on my breasts, Tony kissed my legs then pulled them apart. He used his hands to rub my pussy and pull apart the lips. I told them to make sure that Jaime was seeing everything, and so I also spread my legs in front of Jaime. I also told them to never, ever recognize Jaime’s presence unless I told it so.


After a few minutes of showing off my body, I got up from the bed and walked towards my husband. When I was just a foot away from him, he looked up at me with desire, eagerness, and with anger. It didn’t matter which emotion was on his face. I knew that he enjoyed them all anyway.


I motioned for him to stand up, and my submissive husband followed. I began undressing him, but I told him never to touch me. When we were already both naked, I knelt down just a little, then I sucked his dick gently. Like what I’d guessed, my husband was definitely turned on by the events.


Before he started to feel good, I moved away from him and told my husband to take a seat and “enjoy himself” while I get fucked. Jaime whimpered in protest, but I kept my decision firm. I went back to the bed to meet once again the touch and kisses of Tony and Vincent. Damn, I was in heaven. They were all over me, and the fact that my cuckold husband watched in pleasure and envy made me even more excited.


I sucked Vincent’s cock while I let him grab my hair. I made sure to suck him so hard so that my mouth made sounds. Behind me, Tony positioned himself and started fucking me from behind.


I gasped in pleasure, my eyes rolled deliriously. We’d all rehearsed this last night, but the pleasure remained so fresh. Tony’s cock was slammed deep into my cunt. His balls slapped against my clitoris. Every move and pump that he made cast shivers down my spine. It sent waves of pleasure down to the tip of my fingers. He slapped my ass hard, and the sound echoed across the room. Tony’s thrusts went faster and faster and my entire body shuddered. My mouth was even slammed harder into Vincent’s cock, and the head of his penis reached down my throat.


Tony fucked with the vigor of a horse. He moved his hips in a circular motion, and then pumped me hard twelve times in succession. After that, I just lost myself. I was blinded by a surge of pleasure and bliss. My entire body exploded like a volcano. It was crazy. I whimpered and cried as I reached my orgasm, and I sounded like an animal being tortured. I grabbed the sheets. Tony’s hands clawed butt cheeks, and I felt his nails dig deep.


My face twisted in torment, and Vincent fucked my mouth even harder. He shouted at me, but my ears were ringing with my own whimpers. I could hardly breath, I was gagging. But on top of all this, I was riding in pleasure at seventh heaven.


Vincent squirted his cum on my face. I felt the hot jizz splash all over me, and I caught some on my mouth. I panted. Tony pulled himself from me, and I felt my knees go weak. I felt like a fucked whore. But none of this was over yet. Vincent shifted his position on the bed. He grabbed my waist then put me on his lap. He slid me into his still-hard cock, and then he spread our legs apart.


When I managed to open my eyes, I saw my husband staring right at us. He was massaging his fully-erect cock. Some of Vincent’s cum was still dripping from my face, and I could feel it trickle down my chin. My husband’s mouth was gaped open, and there was some saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth. But he wasn’t looking at my face. My legs and Vincent’s legs were widely spread, and the sight of his cock going inside my dripping wet cunt was very visible. My husband fixed his eyes there.


While my limp body bounced on and off Vincent’s cock, Tony grabbed my right hand. He put it right around his hard cock. I was still conscious enough to grab it and move it up and down my palms. So, while I was getting fucked and getting rocked up and down, one of my hands masturbated somebody else’s dick.


I could feel my orgasm coming near once more. My pussy lips were itchy with pleasure and all it wanted was more and more fuck. Deep inside my vagina, Vincent’s cock touched the sweet spots. I gasped and moaned as sexy as I could, then I looked at my husband right in the face.


“Why don’t you lick us, Jaime?” I asked aloud, full of authority. Vincent slowed down. “Come here, my honey, get a taste of my cunt while it’s full of cock!”


“Yes, Luisa.”


Slowly, Jaime moved towards the bed. Vincent stopped for a while. Obediently, my husband bent low and licked my pussy, which was still filled with Vincent’s cock. The sensation of his tongue was very pleasing on my cunt. He moved up then sucked my clitoris, causing me to moan. Then, without warning, he grabbed my breasts and squeezed them.


I told Jaime to go back to his seat. He submitted without a word. Vincent and I resumed our fucking, while Tony’s cock was still in my hand. After several minutes of bouncing on and off the bed, Vincent and I got off together. We screamed aloud and Vincent bit my shoulder to release the tension. My pussy dripped with his semen.


Then it was Tony’s turn. He laid me on the bed then spread my legs apart, putting my legs on both of his shoulders. Tony easily slid his cock into my cunt because it was still full of Vincent’s semen. My body felt wear out, but when Tony began to fuck me hard, I could feel my orgasm coming nearer and nearer again. He slammed his cock inside me, real hard, and the sounds of our thighs slapping together was loud across the room. We moaned together like we were having a bloody fight.


I came with Tony, and so far it was my loudest whimper of the day. Partly because I was already sore. Tony elegantly grunted and deliriously rolled his eyes as he filled me. When he was done, he didn’t bother put my legs together. Like I said, he walked away with Vincent and they left on the bed like a gangbanged teenager.


My breathing was irregular and heavy. I was feeling lightheaded. After Tony’s intense fuck, I could hardly feel my legs.


“Come to me, Jaime. Now, I want you to fuck your sweet wife,” I croaked softly.


Ever the submissive and obedient, Jaime mounted me. He held both of my legs, and he easily slid his cock inside my sore pussy. My cunt overflowed with thick loads of two other men. But when I saw my husband’s face it was painted with a devilish grin. Jaime was happy. He gladly thrust his cock in and out of my loose cunt, and he squeezed my breasts which were wet with the saliva of other men, and some of Vincent’s cum.


“You were so sweet back there, Luisa. You got fucked like a cheap whore,” Jaime said in a breathy voice. Then my husband kissed my mouth, and his tongue tasted the semen inside it. He cleaned my tongue. After he was done, he licked his lips. “Sweet!”


It was only a matter of minutes when my husband came inside me. For the first time, we orgasmed together. We held each other tight and he cradled me into his arms.


After that, we discovered the ways we could be happy. I got fucked by other men while my husband watched. And then, he would mount my body and taste the semen of those who had come before him.


Such was my cuckold husband, and I was the foxy wife who loved every bit of him.


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