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Sex with the Boyfriend

My boyfriend, is a great guy. We have been dating for four  years and we do live together. Our sex life has been I guess average. However, my boyfriend tells me some of the creative and wildest stories while we make love.

I often fantasized about the scenes he whispers in my ear; I get so caught up in the stories I now find it I cannot achieve a good orgasm without a story. He tells me stories of me making love with another man or woman.

At first, I was uneasy about him telling me stories of another man or woman. But as time progressed, I begin to imagine of making love with another man.

I kept the fantasy to myself without telling him; for I did not know if he would get jealous or not. It took me about a year before I would discuss my fantasies with him…and he was very enjoyable to discuss my fantasies with my love.

We would discuss our fantasies not only during sexual play, but sometimes over dinner. My boyfriend then begin to urge me to maybe act out some of our fantasies. My first fantasy was to make out again with my former boyfriend; for he was a great fuck!

He had a 10 inch dick and the thickness to go with it! However, I could not go back to my old boyfriend, I didn’t want to lead him on. So for a while, I would just fantasize about him.

I work at a hospital, I met a nice young gentlemen, who I noticed would always undress me with his eyes. As time went on we became friends. I soon put him into my fantasies…imagining what it would be like to make love to him.

My boyfriend and I always shared a fantasy of me making out with another man while my boyfriend would watch. Then the gentleman at work (Brent) ask me out to the company picnic. I told him I couldn’t.

We both have the hots for each other…I knew what I wanted to do to him. We would tease each other at work about sex. My boyfriend encourage me to go the picnic and have a good time. I went…and boy I had a great time! Near the end of the picnic, Brent and I decided to take a walk on the beach. As soon as we were alone his hand slid up my dress to squeeze my ass. As his masculine hands explored my body his tongue explored my inner mouth.

Inside my mind I kept thinking I couldn’t believe I was doing this for I love my boyfriend with all my heart. Yet I was getting wet being with Brent. I told Brent I couldn’t go thru it. Yet, we fooled around for several hours. I asked him would he like to fuck me while my boyfriend watch. He told me if that was the only way of getting a chance…then so beit.

We stayed on the beach til three in the morning. As we departed I told him I would set a date with my boyfriend…as I said this, he seemed sadden and express he would really like to be alone with me. As we kissed good night. My pussy was drenching wet about the thoughts of him fucking me. I came hometo my boyfriend and quickly awaken him to tell him what happen at the picnic. To my surprise my boyfriend was excited and not jealous. He told me I should have went thru with it. I begged him to make love to me.


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