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Sex Confessions #49: Climbed 14 floors For Sex

I had met this girl through some friends.

We talked on the phone for a while and she tells me she loves oral sex. Since I love getting oral sex I figure we’re both winners. She invites me over. I get to her building and the elevators are not working. She lives on the 14th floor! After weighing my options I start climbing the stairs. By the time I get to the top I am sweating.

I go inside we have a quick drink. I am standing in front of her window checking out the view when she drops to her knees and starts sucking me off. I stand there for a while looking outside while she goes to town.

She tells me to lay down so I do. As she uses her hand on me, I see her reaching under her bed. She brings out this rubbermaid box and opens it up. Out comes a rubber glove. At this point i am totally turned on, but, scared shitless.

She pulls out a bottle of lube and lubes up her gloved finger. Now I have to speak up. I ask her what the fuck she thinks she’s doing.

She tells me that some guys like to have a finger in their ass. I am horrified. I tell her that I’ve never had someone do that to me and I don’t want to start now. She tell me to try.

After some hand-job filled persuasion, I reluctantly agree. She away she goes. She’s sucking on me and playing with my bum.

Next thing I know, she pops her finger right in! I panic and try and move away. She persists and for a few minutes I squirm, trying to give it a go but not really enjoying it. I tell her to stop and minutes later I orgasm. I quickly pull myself together and head home.

I felt violated and even typing this has made my ass clench so hard that I think I just pulled something.


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