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Sex Confessions: A Hot Relationship with My Boss

Submission from Claire

I confess of having a relationship with my boss, he’s a 48 year old rich man and I’m only his 27 year old naughty secretary. I’m only sleeping with him because he gives me nice presents, takes me out to fancy restaurants and buy me a lot of stuff!

He’s been married for 31 years now, with three sons and a jabber mouth wife. The eldest of his sons is at 30 years of age, next to him is a 27 year old perverted guy and the youngest son who’s at 24.

My boss loves it when I dress up (most of the time I dress up like a stripper), seduce him by slowly stripping off my clothes in front of him while he masturbates. He’d make me swallow his cock when he’s about to cum and hold my head until he’s finished filling my mouth.

One day, after giving my boss a nice anal sex, he immediately left the office for a company meeting. While I was still half naked at his office, I felt the urge of masturbating on his desk. To my mistake I forgot to lock the door, since nobody’s supposed to be in my boss’ office there’s no reason for someone to knock first before entering.

One of my boss’ sons, the eldest, suddenly went inside and saw me naked, sitting on his dad’s desk and moaning for pleasure! There was no way he’d believe that I was just masturbating in his dad’s office since his dad has just left the room hurriedly to attend a meeting, so i told him the truth. Coincidently, the eldest son is also a horny devil like his dad! He promised not to tell his mom If I’d give him oral sex from time to time. I agreed and since then I’m at his office (under his desk actually) every Wednesday giving him oral sex. I’d go totally naked, squeeze myself under his table and suck him up ’til he cums! Sometimes I even do him when he’s talking with a client, his cock gets harder that way and I just love it.

My boss never suspected a thing… So I thought that it’s just okay for me to do both of them, and since his wife a nothing more than just a rich, spoiled woman who does nothing but open her mouth and nag all day long!

Every now and then, my boss would order me to go over his house to fetch some things for him or just to organize his work table at home. At first I didn’t know why, but later on I found out that he was flirting with his other secretary while I’m away.

One time, he ordered me to fix his drawer at home, I pretended that I already left the office and hid myself behind the thick velvet curtains inside the conference room where he and his other secretary always meet up. I watched them had sex almost every time because it turns me on. I didn’t mind it really, I know my place and besides each time I go to his house I get to pleasure his youngest son 😉

As what most people say, “The acorn never falls too far from the tree…” All the tree sons are as horny as their dad, no wonder their mom is always nagging at them.

I really don’t care as long as I get what I want, that’s what most wealthy people do, they work hard just to get rich and when they’re filthy rich they tend to destroy their own family.

True love may be deep and hard to find, but sex is only a few inches away! Sex relieves tension – love causes it…


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