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Tips on Picking Up Girls

Picking up 9’s and 10’s


Most guys believe that 9’s and 10’s are super hard to get and that you need to have ultra strong game. Which is not true. The Game you play on those girls is just different. It’s not harder or easier, just different!


It’s the same effort and it takes same time, but the style of game is very different. In some ways gaming 7’s can be harder then 9.5’s.


Let me explain.


7’s and 8’s – dont want a total chump – nice guy, they want a guy who is kinda strong(Alpha), so they can rely on him(insecurity problem), BUT at same time, she wants some kind of emotional connection with him(Rapport).


So your game needs to be calibrated so fucking good for those girls. You will need to calibrate how dominant you are to get good Attraction, and how much Rapport you need to pull her into bed. Every girl is going to be different. It’s very personal how much Attraction\ Rapport she needs. There are so many factors that controls this ratio, and formula is complicated.


Here are a few factors :


-Parents ( who is more dominant in house ) – they always search for a father role in future BF

-First sexual experience \ First boyfriend (for example, if guy was cheating her she will search lots of rapport & trust in next guys who come, and less Atraction)

-Last boyfriend (If guy was bad in sex, she will go for guys who are more dominant, sexual.

-Her friends (her friends have lot of influence on her, and she will mirror their value)


So probably now you understand why its not possible to tell how much attraction or rapport she may need before you start talking with a girl. It’s almost impossible to create prefect model thats going to wok in every case. That’s why those 7’s and 8’s require a shitload of calibration.


Rule of thumb is that those girls need way more rapport then attraction.

CA – LI – BR – ATE


With very very beautiful & sexy girls, ( 9’s and10’s ) it’s a very different story.

FIRST Lets take a look what’s happening in their life :


– Parents know how beautiful she is, and they treat her whole life as a Diamond.

– In a High School she is a Princess, and guys starting to hit on her left and right. All guys want to have sex with her.

– Everytime she goes out, guys are licking her ass, and do everything she wants, as they think thats the way to get into her panties.

– All guys are super, super insecure around her, and treat her super nice.

-She finds rich Boyfriend (Sponsor) who buys her everything. He’s fun for a while, after some time she dumps him.

– When she asks for something she gets it!


Now you can see a problem. Everyone wants to create rapport with her, and is super nice. So basically to be different, and to create attraction, you need to break every possible rapport with her. And don’t want to connect with her at all. You need to be different then everyone else. You need to show that you are not affected with her beauty at all, and you dont think she is special at all. You need to be total selfish bastard.

This is part of game I love to play.


With those girls, there is no Rapport at all. She needs to create rapport with you. On first sign that you like her and you want to connect with her may be a turn off for her.

She knows she can get everything she wants, and when she start getting it, it gets boring. So dont give her what she wants. Consciously or Unconsciously.


10: Can you hand me this glass?

Me : You have arms and legs .


10 sms : „ I am helping my friend he has a problem with Gf, she takes drugs..blabla… He needs my help“

Me : „ Give him a Blowjob“


10 : I thik I want to live somewhere else, maybe New York, Or.. I donno.. Africa maybe as well

Me : „ yea, go to Jungle, thats best for you.


10 : I like Xy

Me : I hate Xy


Its interesting. She will stay around you as long as you do this. I personally feel very stupid being around those girls, But as for playing this game I Love it.


Be carefull with their IOI’s.


From time to time they will throw something very personal, like a compliment.. but its only a test on the unconscious level.

”You are so special, I love to be around you, no one makes me feel so sexy… I like you, I cant stop thinking about you….“


Something like this will happen after you become very strong in her life, and you think the game is over. You think she is yours, you got her. BUT

I made this mistake so many times. If you reply something like “I like you too.. I am thinking about you as well“ If you do this its game over. You lost her. You showed affection. You are just like all other guys.


This is super sensitive game with them.You can make only one mistake.


Its best if you just keep it rolling, and stay congruent with your original image.

Its very hard, but you must be total non-emotional dick with them.


Attitude to have is “She is just little kid that peed in her panties, and is crying for attention.“


An Opener I love to use on these girls is, “Are you a Man or a Woman“ with a totally serious face.


Let the bitch qualify herself.


10’s are not that hard at all when you are around them alone. The only problem with 10’s is you cant find them in regular life, and there are not enough of them even at the best nightclubs.


Emotional Momentum

It’s important to keep emotional momentum going after you’ve met a girl and are in the process of seducing her. One of the best tools for doing that without overextending yourself is text messages.


Come up with an arsenal of cute/funny/interesting txts you can send starting the night you meet her (if you aren’t taking her home 😉 and through the next few days… You should have an actual phone conversation within 2-3 days of meeting, but keeping a txt exchange going insures that you stay fresh in her mind and maintain her positive emotional associations with you.


Allowing a lag time to happen after a cold approach can kill your momentum. It can be shocking how much girls are creatures of the moment… A set that seems unbelievably on suddenly doesn’t answer your call two days later. Why? She’s moved on emotionally. Basically, she forgot how much she was into you that night, met someone else and doesn’t feel it anymore.


Most women to an extent have emotional ADD until you cement a truly solid connection with them. They are all over the place and follow impulses and stimuli as they come along. Take this into account and use it to your advantage by making sure that you are one of those ongoing stimuli by keeping in touch regularly with txt messages.


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