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Sex Confessions 46: Sex with My Maid

I live in the south with my parents and go to a local community college. As a 19 year old my parents pay for my tuition as well as my car and provide me weekly money for spending. I am rich I guess and spoiled too.


We have a maid named Ramee who comes to the house at 6:00 and leaves at 5:30. I’m not sure of her age but I think she is over thirty; maybe thirty-three. She is nice. She is real pretty too. I really like her because she has pretty eyes, but her lips are very big too. I always say to myself I want to kiss her and since she is married she has two children. I see her big boobs; they desire me a lot… I know they do because she dresses up sp she can show them off.


I am Harish and I think I am a good looking guy for my age. I have nice body, thick dark hair and a good smile too. I don’t get out of bed until 7:30 and she is there cleaning well before that. My parents are gone by the time I get up so it is usually quiet in our house.


One day I heard screaming which startled me so I got out of bed and ran towards the screaming. We had a mouse inside our house. She was sitting on a counter. I yelled out asking what was wrong and she told me. She was scared to death. I asked her where it ran to and she told me. I looked all over but found nothing and no trace of any mouse.


She would not clean. She would not get off the counter. I knew the house had to be cleaned but she refused to get off the counter. It was against all house rules to sit on any counters in our house. If my dad found out he would go into a tirade. He is not a safe man to be around when he is like that.


I told her that too. She knew she had to get to work and couldn’t stay on top of the counter so I offered to stay by her side all day if necessary. My parents wouldn’t be home until after 6 in the evening anyways.


That is when I saw her wearing the nice maid’s uniform. She looked great in it. It was low cut like those typical maid uniforms you see on TV. Her boobs were falling out. Ramee looked sexy in it. She has really great calves and thighs too. I like them very much and wanted to tell her that I did. I wanted to tell her I liked many things about her maid’s uniform but I did not.


I didn’t do it right away.


I made breakfast and offered her juice while I cooked. She began to move into the living room but wouldn’t go until I followed. I had to clean up, but she offered and we talked while she cleaned up my mess.


I wanted to tell her she was pretty. Her legs were incredible. In a manner of speaking I was almost drooling over the sight of them. I looked at looked. I stared upwards past her knee and gawked at her thighs. As Ramee did my dishes and asked me questions she turned her head. She saw me looking at her legs and body. She stopped doing dishes and turned to look at me.


“Does Harish see me as a really pretty woman” she asked with a coy smile.


I looked up and she asked me the same question. I looked at her and said yes. “What else does Harish think is pretty about Ramee” she asked. She stepped forward. “Do you like Ramee’s boobs too? I hope young Harish does. I wish you would. It would make me very happy inside if you like Ramee’s body.


Her questions aroused me. She had all the right physical traits a sexy woman should have. I loved her hair. It was long, thick and silky. She had very pretty eyes and thick lips. She had big boobs with long cleavage. She was slender and had very nice hips. She had a very attractive butt and of course very nice legs. I aroused myself thinking about her.


“Do you like anything else Harish” she asked.


“Yes” I said apprehensively.


She asked what that was but I couldn’t tell her. I was too timid. She smiled at me. I smiled back and she put down the wash clothe and walked up to me. She looked me right in the face. She made me excited when she did because she smiled into my eyes.


I liked it when she did. “Do you like Ramee’s boobs” she asked in a strange quiet voice.


I looked down at them. I looked at her cleavage. She had very deep cleavage and I badly wanted to tell Ramee I really loved her cleavage and boobs.


Ramee spoke out in that same quiet voice which aroused me a lot. My penis stiffened and tingled. I wanted to tell her but I could not. I didn’t want to sound immature. I wanted her to know but I couldn’t bring myself to telling her. She was so sexy; she was prettier then pretty.


“You dooooo like them” she quietly exclaimed. “Ramee is happy that Harish likes her boobs. You… I become all excited knowing you like my boobs Harish” she said wearing a grand smile. “Does Harish wish to feel me here” as she laid her own hands on her cleavage and boobs.


I didn’t say yes but I did not my head yes. “That would…” and she took an odd breath of air as she closed her eyes “Ramee desires Harish to feel her big chest. I like Harish’s hands here feeling my slit and boobs. It is okay Harish” she said taking my hands and lifting them up so she could put them on her very soft boobs. I went crazy!


They were gentle, smooth and squashy. They ignited me inside. My flesh burned from within as I felt her supple boobs. I had all these things I had to tell her but I was unable to speak.


“I can see Harish loves feeling me. I love how you touch me too Harish. Tomorrow I come early. Tomorrow I bring you surprise. Right now I am too excited! I can’t work so I must go home and take care of me there” she said. “Ramee is too excited. I like you Harish.”


The next morning as I slept I awoke to a huge surprise. Lying on my side as I usually do I thought I was dreaming. I dreamt that something was vibrating against my backside and surging in between my legs by my crotch. I did not move; maybe I did, but I don’t know.


She sat there with a vibrator running in along the back of my thighs pushing it inward towards my testicles. I recall moving around in wahT I thought was my dream. I recall developing an excited penis. I don’t recall moaning, but Ramee said I did. She told me it excited her. When I excited her she said she played with herself while using her toy on me.


I finally awoke and she was fully dressed but her maid’s uniform was pulled up. She was sitting against my headboard while one hand held her vibrator as is was shoved in between my legs.


“Good morning” she said in a sweet voice. “How is Harish this nice quiet morning?”


I turned over and felt the after affects of whatever it was had been happening to me on my lower body. I kept picking at the back of my legs due to the sensations I felt from the vibration. Suddenly I noticed I was a little hard. Not realizing it I picked at my slight erection. I moved it around not thinking because I was not quite awake yet.


I looked over at Ramee. She was sitting up as if she belonged in my bed. I did not notice her skirt had been pulled up. She asked me if I enjoyed her little treat and I asked her what treat that was as I started waking up and smiling. With another maid’s uniform on but a different color her hair and face were angelic.


I brought a little gift for you to use. It is yours” she told me. “I went home early yesterday. I thought about you the complete time I was home all alone. You made me so happy Ramee. I was so excited for two whole hours because of you. I was all turned on because I thought of you. My body became hot and tortured because I thought of you. You were my hero yesterday. I rewarded you in my mind. Now Ramee wants to reward you personally. Let me tell you what I need. Let me tell you what I do to reward Harish.”


“What is that Ramee” I asked cluelessly.


“Harish? Ramee wants to do this for you” and she slid down to where my pajama bottoms were and opened up the slit. I wore nothing underneath. I did not stop her. I could not stop Ramee. I was not quite awake. I was a little excited too. I was a little fuzzy at the moment. “You will love this Harish” she said gently and Ramee reached in, deftly grabbed my tingling but limp penis and pulled it out of my pajama bottoms. She looked up and said “I have never done this to anyone. I always have wanted to do it. I hope I do it right for you Harish.”


Ramee bent down and put her soft lips and mouth over my penis. As soon as I felt her sumptuous lips and mouth consume my penis I was euphoric! All these explosions and eruptions within me began burning on my flesh again.


My stomach hurt, but in a wonderful way! My penis ached, but in an awesome way! Chemical reactions flooded me all over and right away I groaned joyously! I have never been with a girl who did such things like Ramee did to me. The way she sucked my penis and how she brought it from being soft and limp to hard and electrified stupefied me! I groaned and moaned and as I did I felt this compulsion to grab Ramee’s head. Thick hair and rapid movement up and down my hardened cock had me on the verge of exploding within seconds.


“Ramee… Ramee” I shouted desperately. “I am going to cum… I am going to cum inside your mouth really soon” I shouted frantically. She kept sucking and sucking without regard for what I said. I warned her again, but she kept sucking harder and harder.


I screamed and humped her mouth almost violently. My lower body shot up off the bed as I assisted in bringing on my massive ejaculation. I blew a nonstop load of my cum into her mouth and Ramee still didn’t stop sucking me. Her head bobbed up and down. She was gluttonous in her pursuit of gratifying me and herself. I heard gagging like there was no tomorrow, but I began to hear her swallowing it too.


Finally she came up. Having swallowed most of my cum I thought to myself “Usually the girls I see online don’t swallow they spit it out! I can’t believe Ramee swallowed my cum!


“Wow Ramee” I exclaimed with a grand smile on my face. “Ohhh wow wowwww Ramee wowww” I said again. “What can I say? What can I do to… Oh my god Ramee…” but I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to hold her. I wanted to take off her uniform and kiss her big boobs. I wanted to tell her I loved her.


“Ramee I love you.”


“I know… I know you think you do but Harish it is an infatuation. You lust for me and I like that you do. I like that you are infatuated with me. Harish, that makes Ramee horny. Now will you stay with me while I clean the house? Then afterwards I will let you look at my real boobs.”


“Tomorrow morning I do the same thing for you if you are sleeping but you have to stay with me too.”


“But… but I have… I have school Ramee.”


“I know you do but do you want Ramee to do these things with your penis or do you want to go to school and get left out” she asked in the sweetest voice ever. “I’d miss doing that to you and your penis. I’d miss that terribly Harish.”


“Nooo I want this again. I’d pay you too Ramee.”


“No payment for what I do. I do this for you alone because I enjoy doing it to you Harish” she said smiling.

ay when i delivered his paper and would take me in his apartment and suck my cock he did this for a couple of months then told me he wanted to try other things with me but that is another story.


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