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Sex Confessions #45: I Did One of the Cleaners on Set

I was working in electrical. We were working late when the cleaners came in. I saw this sweet Mexican girl cleaning. She was hot. I started talking to her and flirting a little. I had too much work to do so I got her number.


I called her that night. after hours on the phone we started having phonesex. We made jokes about sexing on one of the sets. I asked her if she would do it, she told me it all depended but she might. We tried hooking up but it never seemed to work. She was always babysitting for her sister and I was working crazy hours.


Three weeks later I am working late at the studio again one night. The cleaning crew came in and there she was. I told my guys that I was going to take a break for a while. I motioned for her to come with me and we snuck onto a bedroom set that was closed off. We started making out and then we got on the bed and did it. After we finished she went back to cleaning and I went back to stringing wire.


We never saw each other again and when I tried to call her number was out of service. Weeks later I found out that we had sex on the king of queens bedroom set. I thought it was great because every time I watch that show now, I think of me having sex on that same bed while none of the actors had even done that.A story I cannot tell. I’d lose my job.


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