Sex with Strangers, Wild Sex

After Club Sex Adventures

I wake up in a foggy daze out of the gate and line up so I can sleep for ever! I head over to my nice comfy seat in first class and snooze the morning/night away. We met at the airport and he was obviously on his other lover, Blackberry, working.

Then he left and messaged me that he had a surprise and came back holding a box of chocolates including- chocolate covered strawberries, mints and Oreos (my favorite)! He knows how much I love sweets:) I left the box on the plane. Clearly, someone had one too many bloody mary’s.


When we reached the beautiful island we were smashed like hash. He knew his way around well, and the plan was that the first night we were going to stay in a beautiful suite and then after we picked up my roomie we were to move in a Villa -bitchesssssss. We picked up our huge car for the ride-to hold his surfboard. All the employees at the hotel were extremely attentive and nice. They spoke spanish and english mucho bueno.


They had the best pools and ocean views of anywhere I had ever stayed! I was in total awe, I tried hard not to show it. I kept telling him this 5 star rated beauty was o.k. They brought us delicious snacks and drinks as welcoming too….score… We made love as soon as the employees dropped off our bags, it was so great and hot. He kept telling me I was going to ware him out, but I knew that was total bullshit.


We were both pretty whipped out that night, we were traveling and driving around all day. After taking a nap and having more sex (as I predicted) we decided to have a bite to eat but we weren’t feeling the menu (we really wanted fish tacos) so Lexa had margarita’s for dinner. Yum.


The next day I slept for a while, and my phone had died. My roomie had texted me that she felt weird about coming which I understood but was kind of sad about because I knew she would have loved the island, for its beauty and fun and because of the free alcohol and food. He was a little disappointed just for the fact that the non-refundable tickets were now a waste of 1,000.00. Opps….At least we still had the Villa.


In the afternoon I started to meet some more of his friends. Check this out-they were all married but one and none of them were wearing rings. They wanted me to recruit women for them when we went out. I cannot believe this is reality. Don’t get me wrong all the guys were great fun. They knew had to drink, party hard and make a girl laugh. It was the best when we all went to dinner and they kept hitting on girls at the tables, and then I had to come over and assure the girls that the men were harmless, and they honestly were harmless. They just like to have fun and live the young life when they have the oppurtunity to.


The next night we kept it pretty low key and went to get the best sushi ever! We were exhausted so we did not go out with the crazy boys. Apparently, one night one of the nice guys encountered a grenade and had to talk to the ugly bombshell for hours so his seperated friend could get his vacation sex on. The whole trip we basically made love, drank, ate great food, danced and went to awesome bars. It was awesome!! I love day drinking too. 
 The last night before we all had to leave, we went to this sick rock bar and I danced in a cage by myself…naturally. I planned on getting pretty drunk..I needed confidence to wear this sexy outfit for him later…his birthday was coming up. One of his friends who is about late 40’s (has a 27 year old) approached a table with two younger girls who looked barely 21 a father, younger brother, and mother. He asked the father’s permission to dance with one of his daughters. I was sent to assure the father that he was not crazy, yet strangely serious. The father asked me if he was my dad, I laughed and walked away.


We left the club late and had great last night love and he loved my outfit. He fucking better have. He also claims that he has has never cheated on his wife before and out of the all years they were married, I am the first one. This I find hard to believe. He knows many stealth ways and at the airport I couldn’t even kiss him. I feel like there is a science and certain way of going about every thing, money transfers, public areas and don’t be PDA.


I was really sad the next day to leave. I thought I would be happier, I loved the treatment, the smell of the soaps and lotions, the view, sex, all the attention he gave me, margartias and fresh fish! Oh yeah and I would miss him, weird how that works. He kept asking me during the trip, “what will happen when you fall in love with me?” I said I am not allowed to love him and that he is off limits. Fuck though, I cannot fall in love with him. Lexa needs to focus on money not man.


The plane ride we did not end up riding together because I cost him more money and fucked up the date I reserved to depart the island. I should not confuse drinking and booking flight tickets together, but that is a WHOLE OTHER STORY. I had to sit in coach…next to a child right out of the womb. Instantly I scanned the rows for the nearest stuartists. I spy the bitty at 12 o’clock making her way closer to my seat and I rush to grab my card and cash for a tip! I catch her and assure her I will need her to keep sending the bloody mary’s to my seat. She kept bringing them and the flight got way better.


I was less sad to leave my hunny, but I still would miss him. We were both super wasted at the airport and made a story at the bar how we just met. It was so fun! I snuck in a kiss good bye before we left for our connecting flights. Next flight I got onto I kept drinking away and the flight went by so much faster, except I kept spelling my drink and speaking really loud. I started to get dirty looks, and when I got up to go to the bathroom re-tracking my seat was always a mission impossible.


I practically fell out of the seat covered in the bags I am carrying, one of the handles even broke on me. He gave more money when I left too, so when my roomie got me from the airport I was starving and I went to the nicest steakhouse in town so we could smoke and then eat cheeseburgers. It was the best idea ever!

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