Sex Confessions

Sex Confessions #42: I want you so bad

I go to class early just so that I can watch you from the moment you enter the room. I try and walk past you often so I can try to inhale your scent. I hang on every word you speak.

You are speaking in English but it might as well be Japanese. Sometimes I can’t even hear you. The rush of my passion is so intense in my ears it drowns out everything.

That’s when I watch your lips. I watch how they part as you speak and I imagine my tongue darting inside quickly.

I see you lick your lips and I imagine you licking mine. After each class I go directly to the bathroom to compose myself.

You are one of my prof’s and you are married and straight. Instead of telling you how I feel about you I am sitting here anonymously telling everyone else but you how I feel.

Mark. If you read this. I am falling in love with you and you don’t even know it. If you even have one single bi bone in your body, please reach out to me.

I’ll be sitting at the back of the class, the handsome guy near the emergency exit.


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