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Sex Confessions #40: Nasty Sex in the Boss’s Office

Wow, I love this site and boy do I have a lot to tell; I always wondered if I’ve led as interesting a life as I thought and reading these other confessions tells me I’m not alone in my crazy exploits.

Anyway, I’ll start off with my most recent adventure; One day after getting my hefty tax return I decided to get a hooker online and screw her at the office after hours. I’m currently single and don’t know any girls right now that would be up for spontaneous office sex so a hooker it was.

I check out the “erotic services” section on a well known bulletin board and settle on a nice petite looking asian girl named Yahli. I call and arrange for her to come by my office around 6:30pm after most everyone in the building has left and to dress normally, no hooker miniskirts or glass stripper-style ultra high heels. (we have doormen)

Now bear in mind I’m doing this while at work, on the work phone, on work time (I have work issues but that’s another confession).

Aside from occasional mood swings and a quick temper, my boss is for the most part an ok guy but has control and power issues from his time as a officer in the military, he needs to be frequently reminded that we aren’t in the military and neither is he anymore and lately he’s been getting on my last nerve, especially on this particular day.

Long story short, he was in one of those moods where he was taking out his frustration with events in his personal life on us, who had nothing to do with it.

So anyway, the work day progresses, as do I with doing nothing but thinking of the impending sex. Boss man and my other co-workers head out and I make an excuse that I’m going to work late to get further ahead on our projects.

Boss (on way out the door): “I don’t know if I’ll be able to pay you overtime for that” he says before leaving.

Me (looking it at his desk and chair): “Don’t worry about it, I just like to stay ahead of the game on this”

Sheaah right, more like GET some head! So they all leave and about 20 minutes later the doormen call and say I have a visitor and to come and sign her in.

I go down to meet my “date” and am relieved that she followed my instructions about dressing appropriately; she is as petite and cute as her picture indicated and is wearing jeans and a light sweater which highlited the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra as the nipples on her small breasts were poking out.

She stood about 5′ tall, and had short jet black hair and a nice little ass.

So we go back up to my office and I unlock the boss’ door with my key (he gave us all one in case of emergencies) I pay her and tell her what’s up and she laughs and thinks it’s great!

So she pulls down my pants, sits me down in his chair, and proceeds to give me a real nice blowjob. As she’s doing this I notice what a great view he has….and also what a great view the other offices have of his! Whoops!

A quick scan verifies that they are all empty too so I go back to enjoying her service. She sucks on me for a bit more, dripping saliva all down my balls and onto his chair and I start laughing at the idea of my bare ass and balls on his chair.

She sucks for a little bit more then stands and takes off her jeans, I tell her to keep one pant leg slightly on and to also keep her sweater on but to just raise it up over her tiny breasts just in case I hear anyone coming she can sort of quickly get dressed.

She then straddles me in the chair, she was so tiny that I was able to accommodate her quite comfortably on my lap while she bounced up and down with little yips of pleasure. After awhile of this her legs start twitching and she has an orgasm or says she does, I don’t care.

We rest for a minute before I have her stand up and bend over the desk, I stand up and enter her from behind.

In this position I can see all the pictures of him, his family, and his pals that he has on and around his desk and it seems like they are all watching me screw the hell outta this girl.

One pic in particular makes me laugh; its of him giving a thumbs up next to some sort of big game fish he caught, it sort of seems like he’s actually giving ME the thumbs up as I pump Yahli vigorously from behind, the sounds of our bodies slapping together filled the office along with her high pitched squeals.

This wasn’t that long ago, maybe a coupla months ago, and I still remember the scene vividly; it sounded something like this;


I realize that I sorta lost track of paying attention to see if anyone was coming (except for me) or not and look around because I thought I heard a noise.

I don’t see anyone and look out the window to see if anyone in the other offices in the buildings around us were getting a show; I see two cleaning ladies on a higher floor in one building on the side staring down at us who then duck quickly out of the way whn they see me looking in their direction.

The idea of the two watching was more of a turn on and I feel the floodgates beginning to release. While still humping Yahli from behind, I stand up straight, hoisting her up so she could wrap her legs around me, we do it like that for awhile before I put her back down doggystyle on the desk.

I feel myself starting to cum and quickly pull out, take the condom off, and shoot one of the biggest geyser loads of love juice all over Yahli’s ass, the desk, the desk calendar, and the stapler.

My boss keeps napkins on his desk and Yahli took some to wipe the cum off of her ass, i helped her get it all and she helped me to clean the other stuff that got caught in the blast.

We put ourselves together, then I had her leave with me so it would look like she was a girlfriend who’d come to pick me up. We actually did go and have some drinks.

I guess she had some serious issues with authority figures because she said it really turned her on that I did what I did in my boss’ office and after some more drinks, she ended up spending the night with me for free!

Anyway, that’s another story for another site.

The next day at the office I couldn’t help but smirk all day and almost busted out laughing when I came to his office to get his signature on a report and saw him wiping something on his desk (I coulda swore we got it all!).

I also got a kick out of him using the stapler to attach a routing slips to his paperwork!

Anyway, I have had many crazy experiences over the years, so MANY sins to confess, some, like this one, good, some, well, some that are pretty bad, ALL of which I will do my best to recall here.


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