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Sex Confessions #38: Farewell to Morality

I was recently involved with a girl named Kay who I really liked. It was a short-lived relationship. Kay is a smart and attractive girl, and I honestly thought I was going to be taken off the market when she and I started hanging out.

One night, I was at a bar with her, and she stepped outside to take a call. She came back in and told me, “I think I need o call things off with you.” Right out of the blue. This threw me off and kind of upset me, but that’s how things go.

She and this other guy named Eric had gotten together, and she decided she would rather be with him than me.

According to Kay, “I can just walk into a room, and the way he looks at me when he sees me just does something to me.” Fair enough.

She and I continued to hang out after this.

About two weeks ago, she came over to my house and we got really drunk. When I told her how drunk I was, she said she was too and said, “Can I ask you a question? Do you still want to have sex?” I told her I did but in my drunken state, I still realized this could bring about any number of problems.

I told her she was obviously confused and that I wanted to be with her but in order to do so, she needed to make a decision. Either me or Eric. She called Eric and told him the same thing she told me when she wanted to break it off. She and I hooked up. I felt like I had done the right thing. In the end, she elected to stay with Eric.

I figured this would happen.

We were drunk, but I still feel like I had made the right call. I didn’t want to be involved with someone who was in a relationship. I have seen how fucked up it gets. My friend MCG did this. Knowing MCG, the girl MCG was carrying on an affair with and her boyfriend was strange.

I got to watch the whole thing from a safe distance knowing I would never get into something like this. Wrong.

This past weekend I stepped out with my friend Ophelia to have some drinks. We ended up at a bar called Spirits, and when we were there, I ended up bumping into a girl who I will refer to as Emma right now.

Emma is really attractive and funny. She and I just shoot the breeze.

I had met her a while back through another friend (who shall go unnamed for a while) who liked her and has been trying to hook up with her.

Emma never hooked up with said guy because she has a boyfriend of four years. Well, after drinking some more at J Brian’s bar, Emma started getting pretty frisky. I knew I was in for problems when I said something, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek and said I was great.

Long story short, she and I ended up sleeping together and decided to hang out again.

took her to her car so she could drive home before her boyfriend woke up for work. The next day, she called me.

I figured I would hear something to the effect of, “I feel really bad about what happened last night…” Nope. She said she had a great time and wanted to see me again. That was yesterday.

So, after I got out of work last night, I went out with MCG to drink and catch up. As we were walking to Spirits, I saw Emma with the aforementioned unnamed friend and some other chick. We all ended up heading to J Brian’s, at which point Emma began giving me googly eyes and rubbing my hands and legs under the table.

I felt awkward because it was all in front of the unnamed friend. In the end, she ended up coming back to my house where we hooked up.

She told me more about her boyfriend and how she needs to figure out a way to leave him but can’t do so for a while because they co-rent a place and the lease is still active.

Nevertheless, she told me how much she likes to be with me and wished it was me she was with. Emma’s coming over again tonight, so we’ll see what happens from here.

The point to all of this: I think I may have finally shed one of the last personal morals I had left.


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