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Sex Confessions #36: I’m staying faithful for now

I am trying with all my strength to not cheat on my husband with one of my co-workers.

He’s been flirting with me for months now, ever since I made the “mistake” of telling him how good he was looking. ( He had lost weight and really was looking good)

Since the compliment, he has been very flirty and has been paying me many, many compliments. He always makes an excuse to come to my office and I have to be honest.

The constant attention and sexual tension he gives me is making me rather hot for this man. He gets better looking each week and the more he talks to me, the more i look at him and the more I think about how his body must look like under his suit.

We have a staff softball tourney next weekend. I am looking forward to seeing him in athletic clothing. I wonder if he as nice legs.

I’m staying faithful for now. If I cave, I’ll be back to tell you all about it. I sure can’t tell anyone else.

Thanks for listening.

Marge (Not my real name)


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