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Sex Confessions #30: We have an Agreement

My wife and I have been happily married for over thirty years and we have an agreement . We both love each other very much but acknowledge that there may be others that we are sexually attracted to.

So, we agree that if we see someone else that we’d like to have a sexual encounter with, we just need to talk to each other first before it happens. This way, our trust won’t be broken.

I used to think this “agreement” we had was more fantasy than reality until last month.

I was waiting for an elevator in the lobby of a large apartment building, on my way up to sign some papers, when an attractive blonde started talking to me about how long the elevator was taking. We talked back and forth until the elevator arrived.

Both of us got on and selected our floors. As I was watching the numbers climb, I caught her checking me out. Just as she was taking a good look, I turned and asked if she liked what she saw. She blushed and said. “yes. very much so.”

So I asked her what she was doing in an 1/2 hour. She said she was only going to be taking a shower.(She had just got in from a long walk).

I asked her if she needed someone to wash her back for her. She smiled, blushed some more and then said she did need the help.

That’s when I told her that I needed to call my wife first. She looked shocked at first, then a mysterious and sexy look came over her face. I checked my phone and saw it had a few bars of signal so I called home and told my wife what was happening.

I told her that a hot woman was checking me out and wanted me to come back to her place. My wife asked to speak to her.

I handed the phone to the woman and watched her facial expressions as she talked to my wife. Her face turned even redder and I watched as a devilish but sexy smile appeared on her pretty face.

We arrive at her floor. She says, “Thank-you” to my wife and then hands the phone back to me, saying,”I’m in 2502. Walk right in in 15 minutes”

I smiled and told her I would as the doors closed. I put the phone to my ear and asked my wife what she was saying to her.

My wife says that she told her that she could do everything but sleep with me. She could give me oral sex, I could go down on her, we could do almost anything we wanted, but if she really wanted to sleep with me, she’d have to come to our house and do it in front of her. As my wife is telling my this, I fall even deeper into love with her.

I tell her i love her, she tells me to be safe and we hang up. Fifteen minutes later, after taking care of the paperwork, I returned to the 25th floor.

I stand in front of the door for a couple of seconds before mustering the courage to walk in.

I grab the doorhandle and let myelf into this strange woman’s apartment. I notice it is clean and organized, with funky retro-looking furniture. It looks like I am caught in a time-warp. I feel like I am eighteen again.

I hear the shower running, so I cautiously follow the sound and find myself in the master bdrm. The mystery woman is in the ensuite having a shower so I make my way towards her.

I speak to her through the curtain.

“You don’t have a husband or boyfriend about to come home, do you?” I say semi-serious. She responds with a laugh and peers around the shower curtain. She looks hotter now, her wet hair dripping on to the tiles.

“No, I am single and live alone. Why don’t you take off your suit and tie and join me?”

That was the end of my nervousness. I quickly shed my clothes, slide the shower curtain back and step in.

For the first time I see her nice round breasts and her great ass. She is nicely trimmed and I can see her swollen lips. I spend the next minute getting myself wet, while we check each other out. We haven’t touch yet, just looking.

Now we both are soaking wet. I reach out to her and rub her nipples. She does the same to me. Then we start exploring each other’s bodies, me rubbing her firm breasts, while she strokes me and makes me harder.

After a few minutes of our exploring, we have come closer together. I kiss her neck as she moans and strokes me harder.

My hand travels over her back and over her ass, feeling it tense as I pull her closer. I slide my hand around and touch her, getting harder as I feel the water cascading over her swollen lips.

I find her clitorus instantly and caress it, as she bites into my shoulder muscle. We remain like that, my rubbing her, her moaning, stroking and biting onto my shoulder muscle.

Suddenly she grabs my hand, separates two fingers and then plunges them inside of her wetness. I eagerly oblige and push them in and out as she grabs my wrist to help. Seconds later I feel her orgasm on my fingers, he body twitching and her voice quivering. She takes my fingers out and quickly puts them in her mouth.

This puts me over the edge. I push her down on her knees and aim the showerhead so that it hits her rear. I take myself and guide it to her mouth, where she starts sucking and licking me.

She’s got one hand between her legs rubbing, the other hand is massaging my full balls. I can already feel it happening after only a few minutes. I brace myself against the hot shower tiles as she sucks on me.

An unfortunately short time later I tell her that I am going to cum.

She rubs my balls faster and takes a few hot shots in her mouth before pulling me out so that I can cum on her tits. I explode like I haven’t in years.

We finish showering off without saying many words. She walks me to the door, where I give her my number and tell her that if she wants to continue this, she’s more than welcome to come over for a dinner party with me and my wife. she smiles, gives me a kiss and tells me she’ll call.

As I sit here writing this story out, I am having amazing flashbacks. It was so exciting, so daring, so sexual and so erotic.

She never did call, but my wife and I weren’t disappointed. We had a sex story we could bring up and think about and both of us would get very turned on.

So why can’t I tell everyone I know about this story? Why have I come to this blog to tell a story I cannot tell?

Simple. I am a major player on Capitol Hill. Major enough that if word of this got out, there would be a major issue. That’s all I am willing to say.


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