Sex Confessions #30: More Sex Confessions

An Orgy with Five Students

During my freshman year of high school everybody had a crush on the hot health teacher. She was skinny, brunette, golden skin, perfect.

Of course my buddies and I would always try to inconspicuously flirt with her. At that time she had a husband and a kid, so every effort from our part seemed fruitless.

However the image of her walking down our school hallways, or even the way she smiled at us when we did something goofy or comical in class, always stayed with me. Fast forward six years later. I am now a college man, and pursing serious things in my life when I come to find out from a friend back home that our health teacher had an orgy with five students (football players) all under age.

To top it off, this happened multiple times, and not only would they have sexual encounters, but she would also offer them alcohol and drugs. Suffice to say, when the school found out she was immediately fired and sued. She went to prison for a year (serving only 1 of her 4 year terms), and is now back living at home. I guess my buddies and I missed our chance. What a crazy thing.



I went to high school at a private catholic high school. You know the kind, where everyone is rich and everyone looks like robots since we wear uniforms. There was a student teacher who later on was hired as a full time teacher. His name was Brian.

He was young, gorgeous, and passionate about teaching. Brian happened to know a family member of mine. Unknown to me, I had gone swimming at my uncle’s house and decided to take a shower after. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in just a towel to get a glass of water from the kitchen.

There he was, Brian, sitting in all his glory on the couch. Beer in hand, game controller in the other and a great big grin across his face. I knew better then to sit down and flirt, but being sixteen, I didn’t want to say no to my sexual urges.

With my uncle out of his house, I found myself alone with Brian. Before anything happened he said that it couldn’t happen, but neither of us were willing to stop it. I lost my virginity that day on the couch to the hottest teacher in school. To this day, Brian is still a crush of mine, even years later.

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