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Sex Confessions #28: Tales of My Ex-Wife

I don’t know how other divorced guys feel about their ex., but in my case she was a real bitch. She was skinny with little tits (32A) and kind of a prude.

She did, however, have one thing about her that I can’t forget, even after 12 years. She was a great fuck. It wasn’t that she was good at sex, actually she was great at “getting fucked”. She loved getting played with for hours. I would finger her, suck her nipples and eat her through orgasm after orgasm.

A typical evening would be a bottle of champagne, which was 2/3 consumed by her; a bath; and then slipping naked between the sheets to fall into a relaxing sleep. She always said that it was best when she could relax, and getting drunk on champagne really relaxed her. I would lay next to her until she was sleeping, and then roll her on her back. If she didn’t wake up, I would start to suck her nipples, and play with her pussy until she got wet. Then I would go down and lick her pussy until she started to squirm.

As she slowly woke up, she would try to get away, and so I would hold her wrists, pulling her arms under her ass. She hardly ever said anything,except to moan softly. If she did speak, she usually whispered “tie me up”. I would stop eating and tie ribbons around her wrists, and then tie the ribbons to each other, this way I could tie her hands behind her back, or over her head, or even loop the ribbons over the post on the headboard.

After she was tied up, I could and did fuck her all I wanted. We usually ended up with me on my knees on the bed, I would be holding her by her little ass and lifting her up and down on my cock, while I sucked her little titties. her arms might be around my neck or still tied behind her back.

Like I said, she knew how to “get fucked”, and I always found different ways to fuck her.

I still remember the last time I fucked her. It was right before I moved out for good. She knew things were about over, and I wasn’t coming home much. but this last time, I stood in front of her in the family room, and she was looking at me and so I reached out for a button on her blouse. I still can’t figure out how she got naked as fast as she did.

Before I knew it, she was on her back on the carpet, and moving her hips taking my hard cock in and out of her pussy as I pulled and pinched her nipples really hard. Eventually, I bent her over the front of the recliner, and fucked her from behind.

I grabbed her arms just above the elbows, and pulled her up so her back was arched as I fucked her hard from the rear. When it was over,she said it was the most powerful orgasm of her life.


I moved out the next day. Other than this, my life with her really sucked and I’m glad it’s over. But, once in a while when I’m in the shower, I think about fucking her, and wish that maybe I could do it just once more


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