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Literotica: Doomsday Trickery

Lauren found her roommate in front of her computer aghast at what she was seeing. On the screen some whackjob preacher was saying how the world was doomed to end in a week and a half. Lauren knew her roommate was a bit strange in the religion department, but she had no clue that she was this gullible.


“Oh no!” Christy said as she heard her friend’s footsteps behind her. “It’s doomsday. Maybe the rapture. I don’t know. But we’re all done for.”


“That’s all nonsense Chris and you know it.”


“No, it’s real. This guy is a real bonafide prophet.”


“He’s never been wrong.”


For an hour she tried to convince her friend that it was nonsense but after a while Christy started becoming truly offended at her attempts to dissuade her.


“Fine!” She finally declared in frustration. “The world is ending. So what?”


And then Christy started crying. Damn, what have I done now? Lauren thought to herself. She knew her friend was rather sensitive, even for a girly girl, but she could usually avoid hurting her feelings.”


Playing up to the girl’s beliefs she asked, “Why are you crying? Won’t you be happy to go to heaven if it is the rapture?”


“It isn’t that Lauren.” She looked up at her with tears in her eyes.


“Well,” Lauren said softly, “What is it then?”


“I had a life I wanted to live.”


“Don’t we all?” Lauren said somewhat regretfully casting a shamefaced glance down at Christy’s alluring legs and then quickly back up before her friend noticed.


Christy stood and held her friend as if for dear life and cried on her shoulder.


“But, I didn’t want the kind of life most people would expect from me. I’m dirty. Bad.”


Now that was something Lauren had never heard from her before. You think you know someone, she thought to herself.


“What do you mean?”


“I can’t.”


“Can’t what?”


“Tell you about it. I’m too ashamed.”


“You know you can tell me anything right? We’ve been friends for four years now. If you don’t know you can trust me by now, then I don’t know what to say.”


“It sin. It isn’t trust. I can’t say the words. I’m ashamed.”


Her friend was so distraught she considered for a moment as the poor girl cried on her shoulder. What she really needed was to let go of her inhibitions. At least enough to confide in her. The only thing Lauren knew that worked and was readily available, was….


“Alcohol.” She finished aloud.


“What?” Christy asked.


“I’m going to get you drunk my dear.”


“Good Christian girls don’t drink.”


“I know. But the world is ending anyway, so might as well experience it at least once. Right?”


“Well,” Christy started, “If I repent in the morning and ask for forgiveness I guess it will be alright. I mean, we’re all going to be gone in a week and a half anyway. Right?”


“That’s the spirit,” Lauren told her, rolling her eyes at her friends weirdness. She grabbed Christy’s hand and led her to the car.”


This promised to be an interesting weekend she thought as they drove. Christy was absolutely silent during the drive and Lauren was completely flustered as to what to say to her friend. How could she cheer her up without offending her friends weird beliefs? She had been religious since they’d met. The first night they shared their appartment Christy had tried to convert her, bible in hand. It had been a bit awkward for a while, but Christy had apparently, eventually, decided to accept her status as a “sinner” who couldn’t be saved, and Lauren chose to do the same for her. And they’d gotten along great ever since.

She often wondered if her friend were a closet lesbian. She didn’t date men. Of course she had her religious reason for saving herself for marriage, but Lauren was pretty sure a good Christian girl could at least date a man to find out if she wanted to marry him. Even if the date had to have a chaperone or something. But Christy never even mentioned guys. Maybe she plans on saving herself for Christ, she thought acidly, and with a tinge of regret.


Lauren was a lesbian. In the beginning that had been a big part of their conflict that made Lauren think she’d have to find a new roommate before Christy’s sudden acceptance of the fact that she wasn’t going to be converted. That had been a relief. But sometimes Lauren wished she and Christy had been unable to come to terms with each other. She found Christy very attractive and had often fantasized that the woman she was with on any given night was Christy. It was unfair to her lover of course, but she couldn’t help it. It was almost always a test of her self control. It was why her lovemaking sessions were often rough. It was also why she had never gone on more than three or four dates with the same woman. At least not after the first year they had lived together. Despite the fact that Christy was such a weirdo when it came to religious belief, she was a good, kind, and caring friend. She did more than her share of the housework. She even cleaned Lauren’s room for her once in awhile though at first that was a bit weird. She definitely cooked more than her fair share as well. In some ways Christy was a bit disturbing. She had apparently fallen for the old religious beliefs about women’s place in life. What a waste it would be to have her friend marry some guy and live the life that religions like that map out for women.


In the liquor store she bought a couple of kinds of beer, some sweet wine, vodka, orange juice, tequila and seven up. The store clerk had someone help her load it into the car and Christy showed how naive she was about that sort of thing when she asked, ” Will that be enough?”


Lauren laughed. “Sweetie, that could get an army of good Christian girls like you drunk.”


Christy’s eyes widened.


“I don’t know what you’ll like so I bought a wide variety.”


“That must have cost a lot of money I’m sure Lauren, can I pitch in?”


Lauren knew Christy didn’t make a lot of money at her job at the church. But she also knew that Christy was adamant about paying her fair share. She always paid her rent on time, and her share of the bills, even when it meant she had to walk to work instead of spending a little money on bus fair. So she told a little white lie.


“Of course you can dear, your share would come to twenty dollars.”


“Exactly twenty?” Christy asked.


“Well, twenty and a bit of change, but what’s a few cents between friends?”


Christy smiled and got twenty dollars out of her purse and handed it to Lauren.


Then she blushed and took out another quarter and set it in the change holder mounted in the dash. Lauren smiled and inwardly shook her head.


Once home the ladies took two trips to get it all inside.


“What do you want to try first?” Lauren asked her as her friend sat on the floor and leaned back against the sofa.


“I don’t know. I’ve never even tasted that stuff.”


“Ok, we’ll try you on some beer first. It doesn’t pack as much punch as some of the other stuff.”


“Will it get me drunk? I mean, if I’m going to have to repent tomorrow, I want to have something to repent.”


Christy looked a little shamefaced but eager. Lauren laughed.


Christy wasn’t her only friend with weird religious beliefs. Her friend Mark was a druid apparently. He was also gay. That didn’t matter to her of course as she had no attraction to him or him to her, but she often thought it was funny to think of a gay druid. Not that she knew why she found it funny. She loved him a great deal and valued his friendship. He had been the one she confided in of her pain regarding Christy. He sympathized, at least emotionally. He had told her he had once been in love with a straight guy. He had made the mistake of confiding his love to his beloved, and that was the end of the friendship.


Lauren grabbed them each a beer and handed one to Christy. “Shouldn’t we get glasses?” Christy asked.


“Definitely not.” Lauren said, “When you’re having an end of the world party you absolutely have to drink from the can. It’s an unwritten rule.”


Christy laughed. Even she wasn’t that naive. She pried open the top and started to lift it to her lips.


“Wait. We need a toast,” Lauren said.


“Oh, let me, I’ve never toasted anything before. Well, aside from bread.”


Lauren had to laugh at that. She nodded and waited while Christy seemed deep in thought. Apparently she wanted to make it a good one.


She stood and raised her can of beer and said, “To the end of the world, and the shedding of burdens, and the freeing of spirits to find heaven!”


Lauren suppressed a laugh. Her friend was dead serious. Oh well, she thought and smiled wistfully as she raised her can in reply and drank.


Christy downed half the can in one go. Lauren laughed and reached over and pulled the can down and said,”Whoa there girl, you’re going to make yourself sick chugging like that.”


“Oh. I thought that was how you were supposed to drink beer.”


“Well, maybe the young men do that at frat parties, but anyone with any sense takes it a squitch slower than that.”




“So how do you like beer?”


“It’s, uhm, icky,” Christy said, then burst out giggling.


“Oh. Ya well beer is an acquired taste. Let me get you some vodka. You like orange juice right?”


“Oh, I love orange juice. But I have to finish my beer. Waste not want not.”


“Ok then,” Lauren laughed. She had never seen her friend act this way. She was usually far more reserved. It worried her a little.


Lauren avoided asking any serious questions until Christy had drunk two full glasses of vodka and orange. She had of course finished the beer as promised even though she obviously dind’t like it. She knew it was time to begin the conversation when she returned with a third glass of vodka and orange and her friend was absentmindedly staring at her feet as she approached. She was wearing black open toed sandals and nylon stockings and Christy smiled dreamily for a moment as Laurend reached down to hand her the glass.


“You have such pretty feet,” Christy said, “And your nail polish is beautiful.” And then she giggled.


“Ok, you’re definitely getting drunk. I think it’s time we talked about what you couldn’t say earlier.”


“I can’t. I can’t tell you.” Christy said and Lauren started rolling her eyes. “I’m sorry, it’s not in me to say the words. Not yet anyway.”


“If you drink too much more my dear, you’ll pass out and then you won’t have said anything anyway.”


“You’re my friend. I care about you a great deal and I want you to be happy. Talk to me.”


“I can’t,” Christy shuddered, but before Lauren could express her irritation Christy went on, “but… I can show you.”


“Huh?” Lauren asked intelligently, as her irritation was replaced by surprise.


“Please come with me,” Christy said and stood shakily. She wobbled a bit on her heels before regaining her balance.


“You should probably take your shoes off hon, you’re going to fall on your head.”


“Ok,” Christy agreed readily and gingerly stepped out of them and then knelt and arranged them neatly by the front door. Christy was always a bit of a nut that way.


Finally she stood again and led Lauren to her bedroom.


She sat at her computer and warmed up. Thne she pulled up her internet browser and Lauren’s eyes nearly popped out of her head when Christy pulled up a website full of erotic stories.


Christy was blushing beet red and couldn’t look Lauren in the eyes, but she pulled up an author named ‘boundinchains’ and quietly asked Lauren to read this authors stories.


Lauren of course was staring at her puritan friend like she had lost her mind, or one of them had anyway, but she moved to the chair Christy vacated. Her friend was obviously in distress, and despite her own issues, she wanted to help. But the stories astounded her.


Christy went and got them both more alcohol as Lauren started reading.


The first story was a lesbian romance, with subtle hints of a controlling relationship that seemed to have a few religious undertones. It also had undertones of the BDSM lifestyle that Lauren had flirted with from time to time. There was nothing overtly kinky in the story, but the way the author wrote told her more than what was actually written.


She downed her drink to try to cool the fire that was spreading through her body at the thought of her beautiful and oh so puritan friend being turned on by this story. She looked over at Christy who was curled up on the bed with her eyes gazing off into space occasionally sipping her drink.


“This is uhm, different than what I’d expect to find you reading sweetie,” Lauren started but Christy came out of her distracted state and said “Please read them all and then we can talk. I ‘m too ashamed.”


Christy stood up and said, “We need more alcohol.”


Lauren handed her friend her glass and then returned to reading. The next story was more overtly kinky. The religious undertones were still there, but the lesbian relationship was definitely more in line with the ‘I say, you do’ style of the kinky lifestyle. Lauren’s mind was exploding and she harboured lustful thoughts about her oh so pretty roommate.


Christy brought her glass back full and she hardly noticed.


Another story later, when Christy brought yet another drink she realized she hadn’t even drunk the last one, though she thought Christy had drunk hers. Christy seemed quite tipsy. Lauren wanted to keep her head, and she didn’t want Christy to pass out before they had their chat so she said, “Quit it with the alcohol for now. We’ll have more later. Ok?”


“Ok,” Christy said quietly and put her glass down next to Laurens two full ones and lay back down on her bed.


Lauren was becoming hotter and hotter as she read. The stories, and there were five of them, were a bit immature in that it was obviously someone inexperienced writing them, but they were imaginative, and they became hotter and hotter and more and more overtly kinky. And they were all lesbian. The last one was all lifestyle all the way through. The relationship between a slave and her beautiful owner. But there was a constant thread of love all through them all. Despite some of the humiliating acts that the Dominant woman made her slave do in the last story.


Her juices flowed and her panties were wet enough that she worried for a moment that she’d leak through her skirt onto her roommates chair. But as she finished the last story she turned toward her friend and saw that Christy had her hand down her own skirt, but when she saw Lauren turn toward her she pulled it out and acted as if nothing had happened. Lauren for her part, pretended not to have seen though that stunned her just as much as the stories.


“Ok Christy,” she started, “I’ve read them all. And I have to say that I feel it’s very unkind of you. I haven’t been with anyone in a while and stories like this can be frustrating if you’re alone.”


“I’m sorry, Lauren,” Christy said in a quiet voice as she got off the bed and came close to Lauren. She knelt down in front of her friend and looked at the floor


“What are you doing reading this kind of stuff anyway? It’s very unlike you. Or is that the problem?”


“I didn’t just read them,” she replied, and her voice went down to a whisper. “I wrote them.”


Lauren couldn’t believe her ears, but Christy went on. “I imagine the characters in the story are you and me.” She hiccupped as that last part came out.


Lauren felt the world shifting under her feet. “What? Did you want to dominate me then?”


“No. I want you to dominate me. I want you to own me. I want to be your slave. I want to be your toy. Your possession. Your property. I want you to use me, and punish me, and reward me, and love me….At least until the world ends.”


Desperate to find some sense Lauren asked, “I thought this was against your religion?”


“If I’m your slave then it’s ok. My pastor told me that as property slaves weren’t responsible for anything except in how they served their owners and that they are still honoured in heaven after they die.”


“Well slavery is illegal now dear.”


“But I have a contract we can sign. And according to the bible if you agree to something, then it’s binding.”


Lauren felt like she had drunk far more than she had. The world was spinning around her. She figured one of them must have gone crazy and it was probably her. So she decided she had to talk to someone who was always, well, almost always, sane.


“You stay right there,” she said, letting some of her bewilderment out as anger.


She ran out of the room and put in a quick call to her friend Mark.


Luckily he wasn’t out or otherwise occupied. At first he asked her “Have you been drinking.” She replied. “Yes, with Christy!”


“With Christy?” He asked, “What is going on? Did hell freeze over?” Then he had to get her to slow down. She took a deep breath and she told him everything that had happened. His laughter came over the phone very clearly.


“Why are you laughing?” She demanded. “This is serious.”


“Oh, why am I not surprised,” He mused. “It’s always the ones you least expect,” and he laughed for a few moments longer until Laurens irritation peaked and she said, “Well what the hell am I supposed to do with her?”


He laughed harder and asked, “Why are you asking me? I’ve never been with a woman before.”


“I mean in the long term you idiot!. She’s only doing this cause she thinks the world is ending. Her religion has her so messed up that she’ll believe any old thing she see’s on youtube. What happens if I take her up on this and when she wakes up after the world was supposed to end and finds herself between my legs?”


He said, “The world’s got to end sometime.”


Then he laughed even harder. Then he got very serious for a moment. “Listen love, she obviously needs this. She has rationalized it with her religious beliefs which are very strong according to what you’ve told me about her, into something she can accept so that she can be happy. It’s something we humans are rather good at. That sort of thing is inevitable. We always do it when needed. Or we break apart into a million pieces. She will in fact find an answer to this need of hers one way or another. Either with you, or eventually, with some stranger who may or may not care for her as much as you do.” He paused and went on, “You do still care for her don’t you?”


“You know I do.”


“Well, so what is the problem? Haven’t you told me of your domination fantasies?”


“Well, I don’t know if I’m as serious about it as her stories are,” she stopped herself, “that’s not the point you idiot. This will ruin our friendship!”


He replied, “I think Christy just took you way out past it and your treatment of her at this point could in fact ruin your friendship. But if you take her up on her offer I’m sure that if you love each other you could come to some balance that pleased you both.”


“She’s drunk, and she’s crazy. Or I am. I don’t know which anymore.”


Mark laughed again and she could tell he thought this was all very funny.


He said, “This is the funniest thing I’ve heard in months. The woman you have secretly lusted for, for the last couple of years, has offered you everything you could ever want from her and you’re talking to me on the phone.”


She wanted to bitch at him more but she started to see his point.


He paused in his laughter to quietly ask, “Where is she now?”


“She was kneeling on the floor and I told her to stay put so I could come find some sanity, but I haven’t found any here you jerk!’


“You left her drunk and alone kneeling on the floor to stir in her own fear, doubt, shame, and misery, and I’m the jerk?” He asked quietly.


“Omg, you’re right. What do I do?”


“Well, the worst that could happen is she changes her mind when the world doesn’t end right? What would stop you from setting her free at that point? Or do you want her to go find some stranger who may not care about her well being as much as you do. Though I have to wonder if you really do when I think of the poor girl kneeling on the floor worried to death.”


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