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Sex Confessions #21: I am Obsessed with Sex

This is part of our Sex Confessions series, where our readers and customers of our shop share with us their juicy sex tales. You can also send a confession anonymously here.

Well, most of you probably think, “Oh hell, he’s a guy, of course he is!”,but I beg to differ. I am absolutely obsessed with sex. I’m in my early 20’s and living in the south. I’ve found myself to be bi-sexual. I am in a relationship, but I keep all of this from her. First off, I’m addicted to porn. I have been for awhile and look at it all the time.

I masturbate a couple of times a day and I’m still not satisfied. I love looking at breasts and cocks, I love watching men cum and watching trannys have sex. I watch all kinds of porn, except the bizarre (scat, torture, etc). I can never watch the same movie twice, and usually skip most of the sex scenes and go straight for the money shots. Many times when a movie won’t do I’ll read stories, and the more hardcore the better. I love some of the fantasy stuff, but some of my favorites are just plain everyday sex situations. I probably know every major free story site by the back of my hand, unless there’s a new one not on Google yet.

When both of these get boring I start calling phone sex lines. I prefer keen because I can surf the prices and get a good show cheap. I sometimes even call trannys (so they say) and live out fantasies with them since there’s no such thing where I live. I’ve spent hundreds on these calls and always get off good with them.

I wish they were local escorts too, because I’d spend thousands if so. I surf escort sites all the time looking for a new girl or someone visiting my area. The pickings are slim here and I do have standards if I’m going to be forking over money. I want a hot, big titted woman who’ll take control and screw me silly. I wish there were more than 3 in the area, because those three are DOGS. I’ve even attempted picking up a couple of women at nearby stripclubs, but the clubs are horrible, have strict laws, and 95% of the women are hideous. This has yet to work, but I’ll probably try again in a couple of months.

On top of this I’m courting two long time friends who are also in relationships. They both are up for random sex and discretion, and are also absolutely gorgeous (which is a plus for a guy with my looks). I’ll likely end up hitting both of them up eventually (they live hours away). I’ve had cyber and phone sex with each and I can’t wait to do the real thing.

Of course, women aren’t my only fantasy, as you can tell. Many times I dream of being a woman and having my pussy stuffed with cock, being gangbanged,and being cum all over. I wish I could be cum all over now, even as a guy.

I’ve met a few guys online through Squirt, but I am scared to death of STDs so I just don’t do it anymore (I’d kill myself if I ever gave my woman anything, I’ve been lucky and will remain that way since I’ve given up men and unprotected sex). Truthfully, the taste and feeling of their cum in my mouth was heavenly. I wish I could have 10 or 15 guys shower me in it.

Unfortunately, I’m stuck though. A long term relationship, headed for the big hitch. Almost out of college, but can’t get away from the podunkville I live and will probably end up living. I guess most of my fantasies will remain just that, but my obsession will never be cured. This is just a scratch on the surface, just a glimpse into my world.

Fuck, I’m fucked up. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

For the parents reading: Take it from my experience. Tell your kids about sex and don’t let them secretly find out everything they can online about it and become obsessed. Just flat out tell them about it. And make sure they know it’s not as big a deal as it seems. Fuck, if I’d had been told that when I was 14 or 15. Maybe I’d be somewhat normal instead of so fucking jaded.


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