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Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I wonder if we’ll ever have a spring this year. Someone told me this weekend that long term reports had us skipping spring all together and one day summer is going to pop up. I live in a place where summer is very hot and humid, I need some spring days!


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a low sex drive. To not think sex when the question of “what would you like to do?’ comes up. Then I see other people who apparently would rather do anything else but sex and surveys answered like I would rather go shopping then have sex and I feel very fortunate I am not like those people.


Sometimes I wonder what my life will be like when my looking sexually attractive to other people is gone. I am not one to obsess over aging and this happen sometimes but sex is such a big part of my life and it cannot last like that forever. I hope things will be fine but it still pops into my head on occasion.


Sometimes I wonder when I am in a crowd or a room with many men I start going man to man in my head and think about what sizes their cocks are, what they taste like and how they would feel inside me and how they would fuck me. This has turned many a boring time and space to being quite ok to suffer through.


Sometimes I wonder what life would be like where there were no sexually transmitted diseases and with birth control pills people did not have to worry about having unprotected sex. I have never heard a man prefer a condom over natural but I know as a woman I sure love feeling and seeing a man cum inside of me. It is both a physical pleasure I get out of it but also a psychological one almost like that is how it is suppose to be done.


As an adult, the youngest and oldest you have had sexual relations with?


Oldest was an eighty-one year old I gave a blow job to. I will not go into the situation as I will save that for a later time but it was fairly quick and just fine thank you. The oldest I have had intercourse with I do not know as I did not ask for his age but he had to be in his late sixties to early seventies by my guess. I was twenty at the time and it was ok but nothing great or bad.


Youngest not that big of a deal yet with my age, I am going type that while I still can, but when I was twenty-two I was given to an excited eighteen year old birthday boy for a very enjoyable twelve hours of fun as I helped him out with his virginity. Even as a teenager I always enjoyed helping boys with this very much and this was very much fun and cool. I do not think the boy/man had even gotten to first base before me!


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