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Literotica: The Teacher’s Pet

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Wow! I can’t believe what just happened to me. Or rather, I can’t believe that I just did what I swore I would never do. Let me start from the beginning.

My name is Sheri and I am a 42 year old woman who has been married for 20 years. I have two sons and three daughters, and the most wonderful husband a woman could ask for. I don’t have the perfect body, certainly not one that I would think men would lust after. My height is 5’5″ and I weigh, on a good day, about 140 lbs. I wish I had bigger boobs (b cup), and my ass is a little bigger than I’d like, but overall, I try to keep myself in reasonably decent shape. I work out occasionally and have even taken to running with my iPod now and again. I have long auburn hair that has a slight curl to it, but frequently I straighten it in the latest styles. One of my features that always gets a lot of attention is my jade green eyes. I’ve been told that they are easy to get lost inside.

Anyway, I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, and while there were certainly troublemakers, most of the people were friendly and everyone knew everyone else. My family went to a local Southern Baptist church every week and I was saved when I was 16 years old. After graduating from high school, I got a scholarship to attend the University of Georgia and left the comfort of the rural life.

However, I didn’t leave my morals behind. Many young men courted me over my years in college and nearly all of them tried to get into my pants at one time or another. Still, I stuck to my guns and soon gained a reputation for not “putting out”. Of course, this just made some guys try harder, but it also made many potential boyfriends shy away.

During my junior year, though, I joined a Christian group and met several people who had the same standards as myself. One young man, a boy who was a year older than me named Brad, expressed interest in dating. He would give me small gifts and when we went on dates, he was always a gentleman. At one point, I told him I intended to wait until marriage to have sex, and he explained that he was relieved and wanted to wait as well.

We were married a year later and not long after that, I graduated with my degree in Teaching. Brad was working in the sales department of a paper company and we were making pretty decent money. I applied to work for a couple schools in the area, but revoked my applications after getting pregnant.

Having children was amazing. I had always wanted to be a mother, and I put my whole heart into it. Unfortunately, it can be a thankless job at times, and doesn’t leave much opportunity for socializing with adults, but the rewards are countless and immense. I had little desire for anything else, but occasionally I wondered what it would be like to return to the workforce.

After each child, my sex life with Brad grew less and less. It wasn’t that I wanted it all the time, but after having our youngest, we were lucky to do it once or twice a month. Still, life was good and I learned to go without. But I’ll never forget the first time I learned how to masturbate!

It was actually kind of by accident. For our 14th anniversary, I had farmed out all the kids and had a nice evening planned. I had cooked his favorite meal, acquired some expensive wine, and had bought some really sexy lingerie that would be my only garments through dinner! For dessert, I had bought some massage oil, the kind that heats up on contact with flesh. It was going to be delicious!

Unfortunately, at the last minute, Brad got called away to an important meeting and I ended up spending the evening alone. I was so angry, not at Brad, but at his stupid work! The least they could have done was given us our special evening.

During my time alone, I decided to take a hot bath to relax. We had a large garden tub and I put bubbles in, lit some candles, and just began to soak. By this point, I had drunk a few glasses of wine (I was trying to get rid of my foul mood) and was feeling even more warm on the inside than the outside!

After getting out of the bath, I was toweling myself dry and realized that my skin felt so sensitive. I’m not sure if it was the bath or the wine or what, but I suddenly felt so sensual. As I dried between my legs, I felt a sudden jolt of energy surge through my body. Still feeling a little sullen because of Brad’s work, I decided that I shouldn’t let everything go to waste.

Gathering up my supplies, I laid down in my marital bed and began rubbing the massage oil on myself. I felt a little silly, since I really couldn’t massage myself, but it still felt really good. I always use lotion, so this was kind of like an erotic version of that. Anyway, I was mostly just rubbing it on my arms and legs, but then I started putting it on my stomach, as was my routine with lotion. I accidentally dripped some of the massage oil on my pubic area and it caused me to jump as the heat seared through my most private of places.

It felt so good that I decided to rub it in. To this day, I don’t know why I did it, but after only a few seconds, I climaxed! When I had sex with Brad, I know I had experienced orgasms, but this was so unexpected and sudden that I just let out a loud wail.

My orgasm only lasted a few seconds, but I was hooked. Since that time, I have learned to masturbate at least once a week, sometimes twice. I had always been taught before then that it was naughty, something good girls just didn’t do. But how could something that feels so good be so bad? And while the orgasms I brought myself weren’t quite as satisfying as the times I actually climaxed with my husband, I found that I could bring myself off every time, whenever I wanted.

After my youngest daughter began first grade, I decided to go back to work. Fortunately for me, although I was 38 years old with a degree and no experience, schools were desperate for anything I was able to get a job as a substitute at my children’s school. It was more for having something to keep myself busy than for the money, but the paycheck was a nice addition to our family, too. The following year, I was given my own 4th grade class and finally reaped the rewards of my career path.

Not long after my 40th birthday, my husband applied for a promotion and was rewarded with becoming the sales manager in the Northwest region for his company. So, during the summer, we uprooted our family and traveled to Oregon where we moved into a nice suburb of Portland.

I quickly applied at all the local elementary schools and was offered a job at a school in a neighboring district. My first year teaching was hectic, as I learned the state requirements and history, as well as dealing with the challenges of 6th grade. My husband was working a lot of hours, so it gave me a chance to immerse myself in my work without feeling like I was completely neglecting him. My children, however, were a different matter entirely, and I had to make sure to balance their needs with my own.

One of the funnest times during that year was the opportunity to go to something called Outdoor School. This is a week long field trip the 6th grade class takes to a camp where they learn about the environment and the world around them. It was also an eye opening experience for me, but in a completely different way.

One of the counselors at the camp was a young man named Matt. His nickname at camp was Swamp Rat, I’m not sure why, but he was nice other than that. Matt was probably around 22 or 23 years old and stood about 6 feet tall. He was muscular and frequently wore tank tops, even in the cool forest weather. He had a tattoo of a Celtic knot around his left bicep. Most of the time I knew him, he was unkempt; he rarely shaved and his hair was tousled. It was thick and dark, though, just the way I like it.

Anyway, I seem to be getting a little ahead of myself. That first year was quite an experience. The week went by so quickly and I enjoyed participating in the activities with the children. Learning about how to recycle and why it is important to seek alternative energy was informative and inspiring.

The first time I saw Matt, he was with a couple other counselors greeting the incoming students and staff. He looked at me and I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye, but I quickly averted my head and began role call. The rest of the day, I couldn’t get him out of my head, though. He was very handsome, and I knew that for my next masturbation session, I would have more fuel for the fire!

That didn’t happen for the rest of the week, though. For one thing, I was too busy. For another, I was embarrassed that someone might discover what I was doing. And while I had learned to enjoy myself during my private time, I still, deep down, thought that what I was doing was wrong and I was afraid other people would look down on me if they knew I engaged in that type of activity.

Still, every time I saw Matt, my heart fluttered. I found myself blushing for no reason at all every time he looked in my direction, but I was too shy to even introduce myself. Not to mention, I had a large diamond on the ring finger of my left hand. It wasn’t as though I was looking for a relationship!

He didn’t take the initiative, either, and at the end of the week, we still had not spoken. As I boarded my bus to return to reality, he came up and introduced himself and wished me a safe journey. It was probably more politeness than anything else, but I felt a familiar tingle between my legs and had to hurry onto the bus before I collapsed.

What had gotten into me? I was a happily married woman nearly twice the age of this young man. For crying out loud, my oldest son was only a few years younger than him! But I thought about him all the way home and when I had my next opportunity, I fingered myself to a great orgasm and nearly screamed his name as I climaxed. It was liberating, but more than a little scary. Never before had I really considered a real live person into my sexual fantasies. Always before it was nameless, faceless people, or celebrities that I knew I had no shot with.

The next year passed without much event. I still continued to think about Matt during my private exploration, but as time went on, I discovered other faces to put with my fantasies. There were Jack and Paul, two men in my church I thought about while enjoying myself. I always felt guilty afterward, but it was such a turn on! Sometimes a handsome face in the crowd at a grocery store or at the mall would get me going. I even found myself thinking about Danny, one of the other teachers at the elementary school I taught at.

Once, just before summer break, during recess when all the children were outside playing, I was feeling pretty horny. Danny had literally bumped into me in a cafeteria line and I had felt his chest awkwardly with my hand. It left me feeling a little light headed with excitement and I went into the restroom and brought myself off! It was so naughty and I worried that someone would come in and know what I had been doing, but I was so turned on I just had to finish myself off!

I was still the dutiful and faithful wife and mother and would never consider acting on my fantasies. It was just that I felt a little neglected at home. Brad and I still only had sex once every few weeks and that just didn’t feel like enough for me. I tried talking with him about it one time just after we moved to Oregon, but he became so busy with work that I didn’t want to burden him with the extra commitment. Besides, it wasn’t like I needed it so much more. I mean, I was only masturbating once or twice a week most of the time.

At the beginning of the next school year, I had a better plan for my students. It was easier going since I had experience, and I found that there was more time for myself after my lesson plans were finished. The days passed by quickly and I really enjoyed my job teaching.

Outdoor School came almost unexpectedly. I had nearly forgotten my experiences there from the previous year. Still, I found myself excited to go and had to force myself to concentrate on regular life in the weeks leading up to the event.

It finally came. My 6th grade class boarded the bus and headed off to the wilderness. When we arrived, I saw Matt, just like before, greeting the children and teachers as they arrived. This time, however, he came directly up to me and started talking. He asked how my year had been and told me he looked forward to seeing me again. I told him it was nice to see him too, but inside I felt a little awkward and silly.

After he left to speak with other people, I felt hot and flushed. My legs were a little weak and I thought maybe I was wet! This was entirely unexpected, but not totally unwanted.

The bus was unloaded and the children were situated in their cabins when I finally made my way to the teacher’s cabin. Once there, my friend Sandy, another 6th grade teacher at my school, came up to me with a huge grin on her face.

“It looks like someone’s got a crush!” she exclaimed.

“Matt?” I asked, trying to sound nonchalant. “He was just being friendly. He probably said the same things to everyone.”

“No, silly, I’m talking about you!” she said with a laugh. “Matt did say the same things to everyone, but you looked a little too excited to be talking to him!”

“Oh, stop it,” I said, trying to sound exasperated. “He’s half my age, and besides, I’m a happily married woman!”

“Just because you’re happily married doesn’t mean you’re blind!” Sandy responded. “He is nice to look at!”

“Whatever you say,” I said. But secretly, I agreed with her. He was nice to look at. And just because I had that ring on my finger didn’t mean that I couldn’t appreciate beauty when I saw it. I’m sure my husband did the same thing when he saw a beautiful woman.

But it bothered me that Sandy had seen so easily what I felt inside, and I vowed to be more professional. That lasted all of about two days. The entire time I tried to immerse myself in the learning with the children, but every time I saw him, I found that I couldn’t concentrate.

The second day of Outdoor School, we were on a hike to a nearby waterfall and Matt and one other counselor were leading my class. Once we arrived at the not inconsiderable falls, the children were allowed to take pictures and then we had a small picnic. As they were explaining the amazing qualities of nature, Matt said something that would forever change my life.

“These waterfalls are beautiful, but they are nothing compared to the beauty of your teacher, Mrs. Hansen!” he joked.

“Oh, stop it,” I blushed. Then, to my class, I said, “Children, pair up with your buddies and get ready to eat lunch.”

While we were all eating, Matt found his way up to me and began a conversation.

“I’m sorry if I embarrassed you earlier,” he apologized, “But you really are beautiful.”

“You don’t really mean that,” I said, then tried a joke to cover up what I really felt. “It’s just that you haven’t seen any real women for months, living out here at camp all the time!”

“Well, that may be true,” he laughed along with me, “But I do know a beautiful woman when I see one, and you definitely fit the description.”

“Nobody has called me beautiful in a long time,” I said, wistfully, trying to remember the last time Brad had called me beautiful.

“Then your husband is a fool,” Matt said looking at my ring finger. Then he abruptly changed the conversation, leaving me breathless. “Would you like to see something I rarely show anyone?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, a little concerned about where this was heading.

“There is another waterfall not too far from here that is a little too hard for 6th graders to hike to in a short period of time,” he explained, “But tonight, when they are at campfire, I would love to take you there to see it.”

“That would be nice, but shouldn’t I be at campfire with the rest of the group?” I asked innocently.

“You don’t have to be there,” he replied, “I’m sure the other teachers will make sure there are no problems. Besides, don’t you deserve a little time for yourself?”

“I suppose so,” I answered, hesitantly.

“If you don’t want to go, I understand,” he said, and he sounded a little disappointed.

“No, I’d love to,” I said quickly.

“Great!” he exclaimed. “After you get your class situated for campfire, meet me at your cabin and I will take you out there!”

With that, he touched my hand with his, sort of left it there a few seconds, and then turned to give attention to the rest of the people there again. It took me a little while to realize what happened, and I nearly fell over. I was so wet, I thought the children would think I peed my pants! It was a good thing I wore sturdy white cotton panties, otherwise I may have leaked clear through!

The rest of the day couldn’t go by quickly enough. I didn’t know what would happen, but I knew I wanted to be alone with Matt. Then I thought of my husband, and I nearly decided not to go to the waterfall. Then I berated myself for being silly.

You’re 42 years old, for crying out loud. He’s not interested in anything sexual, he just wants to show you something nice. There’s nothing going on, get your mind out of the gutter!

“Can you watch my class to make sure nothing happens?” I asked Sandy just before the campfire ceremony.

“Why, what are you doing?” she asked.

“Matt, er, Swamp Rat, wants to show me another waterfall up the trail, and now seems to be the only time we can get away,” I explained.

“Oh,” she answered with a knowing grin, and I nearly lost all my nerve.

“There’s nothing going on,” I playfully slapped her shoulder. When did I start playfully slapping peoples’ shoulders? What was going on here?

“Well, you have fun, but don’t do anything I wouldn’t do with your young lover,” she replied. “And I expect you back before midnight! And I expect a full report!”

“Oh, stop it!” I said, but after leaving the campfire area, I nearly ran back to my cabin. My heart nearly leaped out of my chest when I saw Matt waiting there for me.

On the way up the trail, we made small talk. He asked me about my family and work, and I talked to him about his future plans (he wanted to be do something more with the environment, but he wasn’t sure what.) We finally made it to the waterfall, and I must admit, it was gorgeous.

“Still not as beautiful as you, though,” Matt complimented me again.

“You need to get out more,” I said shyly.

He touched my hand again, this time holding it with his own. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just let him hold it there. He must have felt me shiver slightly, so he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him. Now I really didn’t know what to do, as I was torn between the impropriety and the enjoyed warmth and closeness of his body.

“You know, I’ve admired you and thought about you ever since we met last year,” he finally said after standing there for many minutes enjoying the view.

“Why is that?” I asked, my heart aflutter.

“You are unforgettable,” he replied, searching for the right words. “If you weren’t married, I would definitely want to get to know you better…a lot better!”

“Well, I’m from North Carolina, originally, and I lived in Georgia for several years,” I said stupidly.

“Shhh,” he said, “That isn’t what I meant.”

Then, he moved closer and covered my mouth with his. It was a simple kiss, nothing obscene, but it opened up something in me that I didn’t know existed. I began kissing him back, even opening my mouth and thrusting my tongue into his. Maybe it was that I was feeling neglected at home, or maybe I was vulnerable to his advances because I was naïve, but it felt good to be wanted. And he obviously wanted me!

His hardness was pressing into my stomach and I felt both shy and embarrassed, as well as horny! I don’t know what came over me, but I began unbuttoning his flannel shirt and started playing with his naked chest. I moaned into his mouth as he grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him.

I was wearing a turtleneck, much to his chagrin, but he untucked it from my jeans and slipped his left hand up inside. My bra was pretty delicate and he easily pushed it out of the way and began kneading my small breasts, quickly finding how sensitive they are. All the while, he was kissing me with a passion I have not felt in years, if ever.

When he finished with my breasts, his hand trailed down my stomach and he began fidgeting with my jeans. I knew that I should stop him. I mean, a little necking, some light petting, and a lot of steam was one thing, but he was getting into my pants, and that was somewhere that nobody but Brad had ever been.

But I couldn’t stop him, and soon he had my jeans unsnapped and the zipper pulled down, allowing him easy access to my nether treasures. Suddenly I felt very self conscious about the utilitarian briefs I was wearing. I wished I was one of those women who wore sexy panties, and I was mortified that this was the thought that made me want him to stop, and not fidelity.

“We shouldn’t do this, I’m a married woman,” I said, out of breath, trying to sound like I meant it, and trying to convince myself that I meant it.

“You are so sexy, you make me want to do all sorts of things with you,” he said in reply.

His hands felt the top of my cotton panties and he began caressing the outside. Lower and lower until I’m sure he felt my pubic hair. Still, he went lower and I felt him touching the lips of my vagina through my panties. I was so wet down there!

“You seem to be enjoying this,” he said with a smile.

“Oh, yes,” I returned, “As do you!” With that, I squeezed his hard penis through his pants.

He then moved my panties to one side and began playing with my bare skin. I unabashedly parted my legs to give him better access and he quickly separated the folds of skin and began stroking my wet vagina. His fingertips found my clitoris and I gasped as he caused sensations in me I had never before felt. When he finally entered me, just a little, I started cumming. My knees went weak and Matt had to catch me to stop me from falling.

I laughed nervously as the sensations ended, and Matt joined me.

“That was quick!” he quipped.

“Well, you obviously know what you’re doing down there,” I replied, still out of breath and coming down from my high.

“Sheri, I really want to do more than just fondle you,” he said with excitement in his voice.

“I don’t know, Matt,” I said hesitantly. “I really shouldn’t have let you get this far with me.”

“Please, I really like you,” he begged.

With that, he began fondling my breasts again and soon I was lost in the moment. A quick movement and he had my pants at my ankles, revealing my panties. He tugged at my panties and then I was standing in front of him in all my glory.

He dropped to his knees and pulled my pelvic area to his face, using his tongue to lap up my copious juices. I was embarrassed again. Never had Brad gone down on me like this, and I wasn’t exactly one to have the focus on me all the time. My husband and I had never really done oral sex, and I wasn’t sure what to do.

My young lover quickly erased all thought of that, though, as the sensation of his tongue on my clit caused me to gasp for air again. His fingers ran through my tufts of pubic hair, and I was self conscious of how long it had been since I had trimmed myself. Matt stopped just short of bringing me to climax again, and stood up.

After turning me away from him, I heard the unmistakable sound of his zipper being pulled down, and then the rustle of pants dropping. This was the moment of no return.

“Matt, I’m not sure I should do this,” I tried one last time to remain faithful to my marital vows.

“Don’t think about it, just enjoy,” came his soothing words.

Then, he bent me over and slowly pushed against me from behind. This was another new experience for me, as Brad and I had only ever made love in the missionary position. Sure I had thought about other positions, but we had never been experimental. Matt rubbed his hard member against my ass and between the crack of my legs as I found myself bucking back toward him.

When he entered me, my first thought was that he was much bigger than my husband. In reality, I don’t think he was more than an inch longer and maybe a little thicker, but in the woods that night, it felt like I was being split apart. In a good way! I couldn’t believe I was letting another man enter me for the first time ever. It felt so naughty. So good.

Matt picked up the pace and I was soon bucking hard against him, giving as good as I was getting. Here I was, a previously faithful wife and mother, fucking a man I had only known a few days. I was a whore. A slut. But I was loving every minute of it.

After a few minutes, I came again, this time harder than I think I’ve ever climaxed before, by myself or with Brad. I could feel him tense up and then he released his load deep inside my pussy. When we finished our coupling and I pulled up my panties, I could feel his seed dripping out of me in such a lewd way. I had been fixed after my last child, so I wasn’t worried about pregnancy. Actually, I wasn’t really worried about anything.

I thanked Matt for the nice time and we walked back to the camp in silence. That night, as I drifted off to sleep, I thought about what we had done. I was a married woman, I shouldn’t have let him take advantage of me like that. The problem was that I enjoyed it way too much.

My question is, was this the only time, or will there be more occasions for me to enjoy myself outside my marriage? Only time will tell…


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