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Sex Confessions #16: I Love Banging

I do admit that I’m a very horny guy, I had sex with lots of pretty girls when I was in College. Now that I’m all grown up, have a nice job, a studio type apartment of my own and a beautiful girlfriend whom I intend to marry someday, but things aren’t as easy as it looks or should be. I still crave for more sex with other girls, especially those who are already committed to someone else, it just feels very naughty yet so good having sex with these women knowing the danger of getting caught.

I’ve fucked my teenage neighbor, fucked the sexy waitress at McDonald’s, fucked with seven slutty coworkers, even my brother’s ex girlfriend and her younger sister! I can’t help being attracted to sexy and busty ladies, I get instant erection just the sight of their big yummy tits.

The last woman I had sex with was my girlfriend’s aunt, now don’t get me wrong, ’cause her aunt Melinda is only 31, I’m 29 and my girlfriend is 20. Anyway, age doesn’t matter when it comes to sex! It’s all about pleasuring horny girls and getting pleasured in return.

We only had sex twice but she often gives me a blow job. One time, we were nearly caught by my girlfriend, I was at home on my desk surfing the net, watching porn while Melinda was under the desk sucking on my cock when my girlfriend came over.

Of course she has a duplicate key to my apartment, I couldn’t move from my chair when the door opened nor hide Melinda somewhere else, because my girlfriend knows my apartment inside-out, she’ll definitely know if somebody else was inside. So I remained seated, half of my body was covered by the desk and so is Melinda, I was half naked, shaking, sweating and praying that my girlfriend wouldn’t notice.

Everything was going well, we just talked about our dinner date that coming Saturday, that we’ll meet at our favorite restaurant, what attractive dress she’d wear to seduce me after dinner and so on. My girlfriend is really hot and we were talking about naughty things we will do after that dinner date, and Melinda was still sucking on my cock, so it made me really horny and was about to cum!

I didn’t know what to do, I was trying as hard as could to hold it but Melinda kept on and on. I had no other choice so I held her head to stop her from moving and told my girlfriend to go shopping at once and look for the sexiest dress she can find for our date.

She was thrilled at it and immediately went off to the mall to actually buy a dress. As soon as my girlfriend left, I grab Melinda, forced her inside the bathroom and fucked her real hard for being such a naughty pussy!

Whew! That was a close one, I thought it was the end for me! I will never bring another girl in my apartment, it’s very risky that way. And though we were nearly caught, it was fun, I enjoyed the thrill. Better think of some other place the next time I bang another girl.

– Horny Trevor, 29


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