Literotica: Deck the Halls

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The feather bow in your hair and pearls, Almost 20’s esq, escaping the music and the ballroom floor, an open air event, the outside of the ballroom floor room had high columns with coal fires burning, resembling that of a Greek theatre.. Warm air of body heat and fire coals, was met with a cool breeze in the air.

Hand in hand, being led round the outside of the room where it was quiet. .. Your heels were clicking on the marble floor.

Slightly naughty giggle, excitement at the anticipation, of getting hot with each other.

We found an alcove,, L shaped, out of sight, but still, semi lit, almost in the shadows of the corner of the L, the reflection of the burning coal fires placed around the columns give just the right amount of light, … your back to the wall, opening to the right, and walls to your left, on the right a marble pillar to the entrance of the hall, and no one around.


I pressed against you and began to kiss you, there was a small pedestal, must have been a cloak room at some point before the night, you put your foot up on it, exposing your leg out from the long black ball gown your wearing..


Arching your back slightly allowing me to bend down wrap my arm under your thing, and grab your behind. X


I was kissing and caressing you, making me hard for you. You would bend your neck and head back and I would slowly kiss and lick your neck, round to your ear lobe. And down the line of the pearls to your chest.


I started to pull down your knickers. And you groaned and took a deep breath. x the noise of the hall echoing around us.. The music was fitting to our clothes, I undone my tie and wrapped it around your thigh… like a garter… there are no pockets on my tuxedos… you undone my zip and slipped your hand into my trousers, feeling me… Rubbing me…


as your breath fell deep and your heart rate raced, the sound of clicking heels again!!!, I placed my hand over your mouth and you cheekily grinned , I felt the your face muscles move under my hand and you gently placed your teeth over my finger… , a couple walked past, a slight stagger in the woman’s step.. As she giggled..!!! Her man arm in arm with her. Holding a bottle of champagne took the brunt of her wait as she leant on him… They walk past and we remain unnoticed… …as i turn my attention to you… your hand began to stroke me again… the distant noises seem to die down and all we can feel is the hot breath from each other… My hand moved away from your mouth, to your cheek and cupped your face, pulling you towards me as I kiss you… my lips met yours, our lips part and your tongue firmly pressed against mine, the warm wetness of your mouth intertwined with mine, my other arm slowly round s the top of your thigh, to your knickers.. And my hand slips inside them. To feel your smooth vagina, the warmth of your lips on my fingers, now moist from you… you squeeze your thigh inwards to lock my hand in place as the feeling sends a rush to your stomach and up the back of your spine,, feeling my fingers both behind your ear and rubbing your clit. And my lips all at the same time. An arpeggio of sexual waves flowing all through your body.. Heightened by the semi exposure of your thigh at my waist, and heel digging into the pedestal.. The feeling of the tie around your upper thigh and the cool breeze rushing over your warm leg… your desires to feel my cock are now taking control. You pull your hand out from my trousers and undo the belt and button…


Encouraging moans from me show you I want you, to feel you, embrace you wetness on me…


Your knickers, black, finely laced, now draped around your ankle, my trousers. Hanging of my hips, the bottom of my shirt partying at the base of my cock, you dress hitched up, you pull me into you, the tip I pressed against the front out your vagina, softening, and wet now, another deep pressed kiss. Hands under your dress and pulling you on top of me. I enter you.. Slip right in… Deep with almost no resistance… Your eyes sharpen to pin holes as you feel my penis swell further to your warmth.


Wrapped around each other, , the cool breeze is a welcome refreshing tingle on the skin, the goose bumps sending shivers around your body, and the feeling of my cock, sliding in , back and forth.. feeling the tips of fingers dig in a take a firm hold of your bum, holding you steady as I push deep inside you, the walls of your vagina tightening with each thrust, your gaze across the courtyard just out of vision, to the open air, absorbing the echoing music as you hear my moan filling your with feelings of euphoria, the senses keeping eye for anyone that may wander past, as you try to hold your moan in,.. That feeling of what if….. But knowing you’re out of vision… and won’t get caught. Allowing you to let yourself to cum… And know your hips rocking and grinding to my rhythm will force me to cum too!!


Your throw your arms around my neck, inching that bit closer, bearing your body weight down, a deep thrust, your feel my pelvic bone smash against your clit. Both hands now pulling and pushing and rocking your hips, you feel me jiggle as I try to contain my moan of ecstasy… you feel the first spurt. And instantly feel the warm jet of cum race into you form me, tightening grip on your ass and you feel yourself cum with a wave of hot flushes flow over your body… Your jaw tightens as you bite down on my shoulder, as your body succumbs to the rushing tingles hot and wet from your muscles tightening with each wave around my cock. Feeling every final thrust in and slowing each time… your breath becoming long and withdrawn. Your lungs gasping for air, knees starting to shake as your body fall from climax…


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