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Sex Confessions #17: A Goddess in the Kitchen

It feels so good to be able to tell someone. I am a woman with a good job in a male dominated environment. I earn good money have a successful husband and 3 great children. The problem is that I cannot stop thinking about sex with my husband. My pussy is damp now, with just the beginnings of what we get up to, in my mind.

I find myself drifting off in conf calls and meetings and imagining what my man could be doing to me, my sex throbbing as my clitoris becomes swollen and protrudes from my shaven lips. Let me tell you about last night, and maybe it will help me to clear my thoughts……

We had been mildly flirting with each other all evening, as much as you can with 3 children in the house. My satisfaction was all i could think of, playing over and over in my mind what I needed. I am ashamed to say it, but I felt like a bitch on heat. Wanting to expose myself to him, in the most explicit and crude way. He knows when i am aching for him and teases me with his arrogance, by making me wait.

Finally the time came, and i tried to play him at his own game by pretending to be uninterested. He knew. As we stripped for bed I kept my panties on, and crawled on all fours across our huge bed knowing his eyes were on me. He slid between the sheets and the moon penetrated the room, showing the curves of my body and the shadows of his muscles against his tanned and beautiful skin.

As he nuzzled his lips over my breasts, nipples becoming engorged, and erect, he slid one into his mouth and held it between his teeth as he bit down gently, increasing the pressure until i let out a yelp of pleasure and pain. My back arched to show my appreciation and he responded by moving his hand down over my belly to the top of my underwear. He knew i was more than ready, and pulled the cotton aside as he moved down over my swollen sex, to reveal my smooth pussy. I panted with anticipation as he pulled the material tighter, until it snapped between my lips and began to press down onto my clitoris.

He bit harder on my nipples and pulled on my panties until the material was rubbing against my ass and pussy, grinding into me. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and as i writhed and moaned with pleasure, and could feel his hardness twitch eager to push its way inside me. He asked me to turn around. I got on all fours, and he slowly pulled at my panties, sliding them down over my now naked ass, and watching as my body released them to expose my glistening hole, swollen and pink, pussy milk inviting him in. I spread my legs, showing him my open sex, and loving every minute of it.

“Spank me” I whispered, ashamed but desperate. He obliged, and as the sting of his hand connected with my fleshy ass cheek, it sent an electric shock of pleasure through my body, pushing my ass and inner thighs open. He did it again, and I knew he was losing his control. The power shift was coming to me.

He moaned as he could smell the aroma of pussy, sweat and ass which rose up from my body, and he pushed his fingers between my thighs and found the nub of my clitoris. Gently he began to rotate his fingers as he pushed down on the small yet responsive mound of pink, and my body opened up to him, my face resting on the softness of the pillows, absorbing the sound of my pleasure as he pursued his mission.

I came time and time again, and knew that each time he was getting more desperate to enter me. He began to tongue fuck me, pushing his way in, and I loved it. I reached up and pulled my ass cheeks apart, and he laughed with appreciation.

He stopped to take in the view, and I felt so dirty. The moon flooded, and i asked him if he liked what he saw. He loved it. His fingers returned to their task, except this time he didn’t go between my thighs, but slid his thumbs up and down between my ass cheeks.

I tensed up, nervous and excited. I could feel my sticky wetness working against his skin, allowing him to slide wherever he wanted. I was so turned on, and he played with ass teasing and coaxing me to relaxation. The sharp pain as he entered me here was exquisite as first the tip of his finger moved slowly in and out, going deeper each time.

My pussy throbbed and opened aching for the same attention. Another electric shock as he took his finger out and my tight hole closed. He rammed his cock hard and wide, into my pussy and i pushed down on him back and forth as he used the whole of his length to satisfy me. He slapped my ass and grabbed hold of my thighs as he rammed himself into me time and time again, faster and faster.

I felt like a whore, showing myself to him, and loving the roughness of his desire. I began to feel dizzy with sheer pleasure and pain as he continued, i knew he couldn’t hold much longer adding to my excitement. As he came, his final thrusts were almost too much to take.

My pussy gripped him tightly as i came over his hardness and he groaned with pleasure as i squeezed the last of his climax from him. As he slid his sated cock out, I let him watch, as our come ooze out from my hole, as the sudden coolness of exposure tingled on my skin.

This is how i want it all the time. My husband loves it, and so do i but I ashamed of loving it so much. I have a vibrator for when he is away, which he knows about but does not approve of. It feels so good but feel like i am living a double life.

Nobody but my husband would guess and i guess the old saying is true, a goddess in the kitchen and a whore in the bedroom. I never meant to be like that and have been what i thought was a feminist all my life. I can’t shake the feelings of guilt, does anyone else feel this way?


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