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Sex Confessions #13: Fucked my Childhood Friend

So my childhood friend, Nick, and I took a road trip to visit a few friends of ours this summer.

Even though we had always been just friends, the truth is, I’ve always thought he was hot but not in an obvious manner. He was down to earth and sweet and just an all-around great guy. Over time, we grew close and I just enjoyed his company and unique sense of humor. Now, we were always a bit flirty with each other but nothing really ever happened. We stayed close friends while we both dated other people and went through breakups. We were always there for each other and I knew I could count on him to cheer me up.

Anyways after our road trip this summer, we were both single. I went over to his place and we start watching some bullshit movie on his big bed. We’ve always been pretty touchy with each other and hugged all the time. I decided to spend the night and changed into a tank and soft sleep shorts while he lounged in just his boxers.

Inevitably, we both fall asleep while watching the movie. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling his chest pressed against my back, warm breath on my neck, his body heat surrounding me. I was instantly comforted and felt like nothing could go wrong.

I feel him move against me, his chest pressing closer as he throws an arm around me, grazing my now hardened nipples. I inhale sharply and lie still, trying to calm my thoughts, hoping he’s not awake. I try to fall back asleep but could only concentrate on the now throbbing pulse between my legs, my pussy just begging for attention. I nestle into my pillow which pushes my ass back into him. His scent was all over the bed, a mixture of soap and just him. I feel his cock against my ass and started getting more aroused. I hadn’t masturbated since the first night of our road trip so I was justifiably restless.

I squeeze my eyes shut, trying to think of anything else but my increasing arousal. Minutes go by with no luck, the rise and fall of his breath tickling my neck. Before I knew it, my hand finds its way under my thin shorts. My god I was hot and slick as I start to rub my lips, feeling my breath shudder. I coat my fingers in my smooth wetness, rubbing it all over my pussy.

I start grazing my clit lazily and let out a moan, it felt too good, forbidden, Nick’s body right behind mine, pressed against me, his face buried in my neck. I feel him tense behind me and stop rubbing, praying to god he’s still sleeping. But his breathing has changed and I know he’s not sleeping anymore. I feel his cock harden against me and can almost hear my pulse thumping wildly in my neck. Back and forth I debate with myself, knowing I should probably stop but too turned on to care. I continue rubbing, feeling my pussy get even hotter, knowing he can hear and see what I’m doing.

I feel his cock stiffen even more against my back before his big hand reaches down, covering mine. God he was so warm, his hand so familiar yet so different. He presses his face into my neck and breathes deeply as my heart starts beating faster. I can’t quite believe this is happening and am not sure if I’m dreaming or awake. He threads his hand through mine, soothing my racing heart. God he knew me so well.

“Please” I whisper, knowing he needs to hear me say it. He kisses my neck softly as I sigh. He takes over and starts rubbing my clit lightly. God the sensations were so strong, my need so strong. Arousal clouds my mind as his whole hand covers my pussy, cupping me possessively.

He runs two fingers along my pussy, smearing my juices all over his fingers. He drags his finger back and forth along my slit, grazing my clit with each stride, making me want to beg for it already. His finger presses against my clit harder as he starts flicking, rubbing me expertly as if he already knew my body in and out.

“Yes” I pant as my eyes roll back and cheeks heat up. I know I’m going to come soon, the sensations and emotions too much to handle. He presses hot kisses along my neck as he keeps rubbing, his warm tongue coasting up, sucking and making me fucking melt against him. I start to come, grinding against his hand, moaning and bucking into the pillow.

I roll over him and grind my pussy against his cock, feeling myself drench all over him. I couldn’t believe this was happening, one of my best friends who I’d known since kindergarten and his cock was inches from entering my pussy. Now I’d caught him jerking off more times than I can remember so I knew he was hung, but nothing compared to the feeling of his cock pressed against my bare pussy.

I run my palms all over his chest and abs, meeting his lowered gaze, circling his nipples and running my fingers through his soft chest hair. Somehow the stillness of the night made it feel almost poetic, spiritual. I grip his hard cock and explore him, his full balls, throbbing veiny shaft, and slick head. I press into him and capture his mouth with mine, our tongues meeting furiously, all the pent up energy exploding between us. His hands grab my waist and pull me closer as his cock probes, trying to slip into my pussy.

God we couldn’t get enough of each other, his mouth felt so good I couldn’t think, I just wanted him now. He flips me over and tugs his boxers down as I pull my shorts off, my pussy just begging for his cock. I grip the headboard as he yanks my face back, seeking my mouth once again. He runs his cock between my ass and up my pussy before pressing against my clit. I feel his breath getting deeper and harsher as he fights back the urge to thrust deeply.

I reach back and cup his balls and he groans, entering me in one fluid thrust. He pauses, letting me get used to his thickness as my pussy grips him tightly. I reach down and rub my clit as he starts to move, slowly at first, making sure he’s not hurting me.

“More” I beg as he starts to move faster, running his palm over my back before squeezing my ass roughly. I keep begging for more and he starts really fucking me, pounding into me, his hips slamming into my ass as he starts groaning. I was incapable of thinking or speaking anymore, the pleasure too overwhelming, his cock too perfect. Knowing it was him fucking me after all these years made me come again. My pussy clenches around his cock as he buries his face in my neck, inhaling the smell of my shampoo. He drives faster and harder and groans my name hotly before releasing inside me, so much cum just shooting into me I never wanted him to pull out. He collapses on top of me as we try to catch our breath, the delicious sexual haze making me delirious.

Anyways, the morning after was fun but that’s another story for another day.


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