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Sex Confessions #12: Working at a Spa

I am working as a manager in a spa. I have the upper hand in the branch and have to control each and every one in the branch as well I have to work for the development of the branch. As you all know that the staff in the spa should like angels and have to support the customer requests and demands strongly.

Unfortunately in my branch there are 14 members which include massage therapists, store keepers, front end support and the customer service desk staff, in my branch all the candidates are female and they are of the age group in between 20 and 28.

I haven’t disclosed by age, I am 25. The very first day in the seat of manager I was very shocked that the spa offers the manager with 3000/- of perks in the company for every month. It’s my choice to pick up a service among the available packages, in dilemma I am unable to choose the package and one of my therapists recommends me full body massage.

I am single and still virgin. The therapists are very sexy and busty looking so hot. One of my therapists Louise (Kannadian) started the process of the massage and on request I am in gown without inner wear in it.

Madhu is very good girl and having very good physique with dimensions of 37-24-35. Very fine color and nice face cuts on her body; just like carved sculpture. I am well maintained physique with 6 pack body and fair color. I am having 7 Inch cock.

Madhu asked me to lay on the table by facing head towards her, she then removed my gown half and then started to rub my head with her fingers softly and suddenly I heard a smooth voice saying ” Yup babe I will join in 2 minutes continue the head massage”, I got shocked that another therapist is also taking part of my massage.

Edith came with 3 different body oils and 1 hair oil which are used commonly for a body massage. Edith is applying oil on my head and Madhu is rubbing my head very softly and slowly started to rub hardly. Then Edith helped me in removing the whole gown and went nude by covering a small cloth on my penis. Madhu took the charge of applying oil and Edith started massaging my body.

The therapists dress code will be bikini and it is mandatory in our company. Now both Edith and Madhu are in bikini and half of their boobs as well as ass are uncovered. I am feeling very hot inner and suddenly my dick started raising. Both were shocked by seeing this pictured and laughed themselves wildly and I am in embarrassing situation.

While applying oil, Madhu unexpectedly hit my dick and spilled oil on herself and the bikini got wet. Suddenly she removed the dress in front of me and stood naked. Now my dick is at 90 degrees elevation and fully erected position and also ready to cum if it is masturbated for 10 seconds. I am in a surprise situation and suddenly Madhu started massaging my body. She asked me to roll on in order to massage back. Madhu inserted her hand between my legs and pressed my penis softly from back side which gave me much pleasure. She asked me to insert my finger in her pussy but I rejected her offer and asked to proceed with the massage part.

Suddenly Edith also get nude and started to rub her pussy on my face. Astonishingly I shouted at them and they were stunned. Suddenly the receptionist came inside and saw everything what is happening inside. She saw all are naked and went out and changed the board to closed. She got hot and she also removed clothes. I am virgin and I fixed in my mind in that situation that I am going to lose my virginity that day.

Suddenly the therapists and receptionist mala took the oils and rub their body self and started to attack me. I am not interested to lose my virginity that day. I am having a zeal that before marriage I have to enjoy sex with at least one lady, but god listened my zeal and gave 3 girls to attack at a time.

3 forced me and had sex with me one after another. Edith is too conscious about what she is going to do, she always try to get maximum pleasure and swallow my cum many times. Mala is too busty that it is hard to insert my cock between her boobs. She force my cock in between her breasts and enjoyed a lot.

We had shot the video of sex individually and stored in our personal stuff . And we kept this secret in between us and we enjoyed the sex whenever we feel like we want it now. As a part of my promotional activities I sometimes take my therapists with me in order to explore the strength of the company.

Our development activities are done maximum at software companies where the stress levels are at peak and the massage need is much more abundant. Sometimes it is necessary to bribe a manager of the software company in order to make them our regular client. Some demand for money and some demand for sex with our therapists.

We in general off seasons introduce several packages where the new therapists are recruited to get more business . In the very first month of my join in the spa I enjoyed a lot and later the changes in the management make new recruitments and had blessed with number of sexes with number of people.

Majority of our customers are females that too software one who are far approach to sexual life. Here are some cases in my dairy that some female customers also had sex with me on special requests. Now there are male therapists who can massage female customers on special request from customer side.

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