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Sex Confessions #7: My Sister’s Best Friend

I admit of having a crush on my little sister’s best friend, Giovanna. Although Giovanna already has a boyfriend, I still think she’d be better off without him. The guy is a total jerk! She caught him cheating several times and still stick with the guy. Sometimes I don’t understand women.


One time, my sister had a slumber party at our house, of course Giovanna is there. I got curious of what she looks like in her PJs so took a little peek in my sister’s bedroom. To my surprise, I saw her in her cute pink nighty with no bra! Her nipples were showing and the room was filled with a sweet scent.


I took a check on my dick, being aroused by what I just saw, when I looked back, Giovanna saw me peeking. I hurriedly went back to my room, praying she wouldn’t tell! As I lay in bed, I think about her and that sweet smell, I began to masturbate. Then went to sleep.


At around 3 am, I heard a knock at my door, it was Giovanna! In her sexy pink nighty knocking on my door. She said that she caught me peeking and wouldn’t tell my mom if I let her punish me instead. I thought, I got no other option and besides being punished by her wouldn’t be that painful.


And I was right, there was no pain at all, it was pure pleasure! She started to bestow upon me her little “punishment” by making me strip off my clothes and lick her legs. Slowly I went up to her inner thigh, her legs were spreading wider, I went up again closer to her pussy. When I heard her giggle, I knew she liked it! And with no consent, I took off her panty and licked her tiny pussy. I can hear her moan with pleasure while I eat her. She came and I licked every pouring cum coming out of her pussy.


The next thing I know, she jumped onto me and took a wild ride on my dick! I took off her nighty and sucked her tits. I gave her a nice spank to make her even wilder, and she did. She put cum on to her tits and gave me a nice boob job!


Then I made her stand and bend over to fuck her real hard, her head and upper body were rested on my study table. And when I was about to cum, I turned her over and poured it all to her tits. I fucked her and fucked her that night till she’s all dry.


After all that fucking, she returned to my sisters room to rest, she needs to sleep before she goes home, later that day. The next weekend, my sister had another slumber party at our house! Giovanna and I had sex again and again every time they held a slumber party at our house.


– Shaw, 25


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