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Sex Confessions #9: The Wild Virgin’s Party

I just turned 18 and started noticing that I’m the only virgin left in our group. So my girl friends decided to throw a Wild Virgin’s Party for me.


The party was so wild! I was so game for it, didn’t matter to me to whom I’ll give away my virginity, every guy in that party was smoking hot!


My girl friends got me so drunk with vodka and made me dance in the center of the room while five half-naked guys circle near me. Everyone was screaming “Choose! Choose!”. I was so dizzy and the next thing I remembered I’m inside a bedroom with two naked guys.


One guy was licking my tits while the other was banging me! I closed my eyes and when I opened them, the guy who was licking me before was now fucking me dog style. And the other guy’s dick was inside my mouth.


Cum was everywhere! I remembered feeling the bed soaking wet with cum. I was so drunk and so horny that night, having sex with two hot guys is so much fun! The next day I woke up feeling my pussy a little sore from last night’s wild sex. My girl friends congratulated me for losing my virginity to two hot guys, to whom I didn’t even know their names.


I enjoyed it so much that even asked for another party! Only this time I asked for a group sex, together with my girlfriends and the guys from that party.


– Tasha, 18


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