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Sex Confessions #11: Visiting the Doctor


This is my first story. I’m an average American boy studying in class 12 and am 18 years. You may call me as a tall, dark and handsome boy.

This happened during the last summer vacation. I used to masturbate daily by either watching porn or seeing pictures of nude and naked girls on the net. One day, I developed a pain after I shoot out my sperm. I thought it was temporary and let it go. But the next day also I faced the same problem. I was scared and decided to consult a doctor but was doubtful whom to consult. So I went to a clinic and wrote my name via a receptionist for a doctor named S Sen. I was nervous about how to tell the doctor my problem. I waited one hour until I was called.

But on entering the doctor’s room I got a real shock. She was a lady doctor. She was very very beautiful and sexy. She was wearing a sari which showed her flat belly and navel. Her blouse sleeves were transparent and her back was fully visible.

The sari clanged to her breast as if it was dripping wet and gave a heavenly shape to her sexy figure. She was in her mid twenties and was unmarried. I stood at the entrance embarrassed by thinking what was going to happen next and dumbstruck by her glamour, beauty and elegance.

She asked me “Are you going to stand at the door or come here?”

I slowly approached her. She asked me to sit down and asked my problem. I stammered and told that actually it’s a bit of a private problem. She smiled and told “Relax. Tell your problem”.

Next I told my problem to her in a flow without a pause. I told that “I’m having a pain in my penis since the last few days and it is troubling me very very much. I need to get rid of it”.

She: “Ok. Lie down there” pointing to the bed present in the room.

I went and lied down in the bed kept for the patients. I was quivering with excitement and embarrassment. I was excited thinking that such a young, sexy girl would actually check my private parts. She came near me and bowed down to have a look at my eyes and tongue. Her cleavage was now clearly visible to me.

Her breasts were huge about 36, and she was looking superbly sexy. Her cleavage was awesome and extremely sexy. My jaw dropped seeing it and I wish I could dig my face in there.

I was slowly developing an erection though I tried very hard to control it. She lifted up my t-shirt and checked my breathing. In the meantime she asked me some basic questions like what I did, where I studied, which class, etc.

Then she came down and pressed my abdomen area asking if there was any pain there. Then she told me to unbutton my jeans. This was very embarrassing for me to unbutton my own jeans in front of elder lady, that too a doctor. I did as she told and I was now standing in front of a gorgeous lady doctor with just my underwear.

She: “What are you waiting for. Now remove your undies also boy. I need to check your penis.”

At this point I was feeling the most embarrassed to become naked in front of an unknown lady. She assured me “Don’t be ashamed of a doctor. I need to see your problem and treat it correctly.” I slowly dragged my underwear down and my 7 inches long penis sprang up as if saluting the lady doctor. The doctor smiled and told, “Oh, I see. It is already erect, naughty boy”. Even in the cool ac room I was sweating profusely.

Then she approached my penis and had a closer look at it. My penis is brown in color and is on the fatter side and there are a lot of pubic hairs. At first she gasped at my penis and looked it amazingly. Then she caressed my pubic hairs and reached my penis. She put her hand on my penis and asked me, “Where is your pain exactly?” I could not speak by seeing her hand on my penis. She again asked me, “Tell truly when and how the pain occurs.” I told her “I masturbate everyday and since the last two days I’m developing this pain at the body of my penis.”

She then began to press my penis and asking me where exactly the pain was. I was shaking with excitement and pre-cum oozed out of my penis. Suddenly I could not hold back any longer and shoot my sperm. It flew and stick to her hand and face. I was feeling very frightened and immediately told her sorry. She did not speak a word and went to a adjacent wash room and came back with a tissue paper, washing her face.

Then she cleaned my penis with a lot of care. And all these time I was feeling so so excited. Whenever she bowed down I could have a nice view of her awesome cleavage and huge breasts. Her flat belly was also attracting me. In the meantime my penis had become smaller. Now she told me to show where the pain was. I hold my penis and showed hr the area.

Seeing me hold my penis it seemed she was amused. Then she pulled my skin down and checked it closely. After that, she told me to get dressed. She prescribed me some medicines and told me to cum for a checkup next week. I was feeling very shy and told her thank you. When I was coming out she winked at me and told ‘Your cum was very tasty!’


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