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Sex Confessions #6: Older Women Turns Me On!

My mother is already 42 years old, a terrific mom and a great psychologist! She has lots of female friends and patients coming in and out of our house. Most of them are good looking, but what really caught my attention was her new friend, Alyssa, who’s 35 and been married for ten years. The sexy brunette, who’s also busty, is one of my mom’s patients.


Alyssa’s been seeking advice from my mom about her marriage, because her husband is a dirty cheater! Mom always told her to bring her husband with her the next time she visits, but she never does. She couldn’t also bare a child which is the main reason her husband cheats on her.


One night, when mom was out to buy some private things for her patients. Alyssa came crying. She caught her husband cheating again, this time with a college student inside their car at a fast food chamber’s parking lot. She thought her husband was just taking a break, but when she came close, she saw this blond girl wearing a college uniform, giving her husband oral sex!


Frustrated by what she saw, Alyssa ran to our house crying, seeking comfort. She came here first because my mom is the only person whom she thinks understands her situation.


I let her in, made her coffee and comforted her. Then the phone rang, it’s mom, told me that she ran into an old friend at the pharmacy and won’t be back soon. As I was about to tell her about Alyssa, she hanged up, mom seemed to be in a hurry that night.


I didn’t know what to tell Alyssa, and I certainly would not want her to leave and go back home to her stupid husband. When she asked, I just said “mom won’t be back soon, but please don’t leave, make yourself at home”. And she did! She cooked me dinner, checked the kitchen and living room to make sure they’re clean. A fine wife she is, good in the kitchen and all around the house, plus she’s sexy! Her husband is a complete jerk.


After eating, we sat in the living room and watched tv. As I was staring at her, I couldn’t get my eyes off her huge tits, which eventually made me think of horny stuff. When suddenly she said, “they’re natural!”. She caught me staring at her jugs! She stood up walked close to me and said, “wanna check them to see if they’re real?”. Of course I do, who wouldn’t, she’s a pretty woman with huge tits and a nice body.


She sat on my lap, facing me, took my hands and place them on her boobs. As soon as I felt they were real, my hands went wild and started groping them. Her tits are so soft and looked so yummy, I wanna suck them. She then took off her black top, revealing her lacy-white bra. I sucked both her tits till she got so horny and decided to have sex with me.


She rode on my hard cock wildly, moaning for pleasure till she came. I can feel her cum dripping down my balls, I wasn’t finished with her yet, so I made her bend over the couch for more pleasure. I fucked her real hard, I groped her bouncing tits with one hand, while the other one was busy pleasuring her clits.


She came again, I felt her body was weakening after that second cum. So I laid her on the floor and fucked her again till she came for the third time! She liked it so much, she even asked for more. I carried her to the kitchen and laid her on the dining table for more wild sex.


As I was about to cum, I pulled out my dick to cum on her tits, but instead, Alyssa sucked all the juice that was coming out of my hard dick. She was very good at it!


An hour and a half passed after that very satisfying sex, mom came home. I went to my room and left them to chat. The next morning, Alyssa came by again for her appointment. She came earlier than expected, mom just got in the shower and we’re both left alone in the living room.


She whispered in my ears, “let’s do it again”, so we went out the backdoor to the garden, hid in the tool shed and had sex there. Only this time she was wearing no underwear, as if she came with the intention of getting fucked wildly again! Can’t help it if her mature tight pussy wants a younger, bigger and harder dick.


We have sex every time she has an appointment with my mom, at least twice a month. Now, I am planning to make her divorce her husband and come live with me, that is if after I graduate in college next year.


– Stevenson, 20


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