Sex Confessions

Sex Confession #3: Torn Between Two Dicks!

My sister Jade is a College slut! She has five boyfriends and doesn’t mind making out with strangers. Every school year she changes three of them but keeps two of her favorites just in case she gets very horny in middle of the night, she’ll have someone to come over and fuck her.


Anyway, Jade and I are close, so close she even lets me play with one his boys every time I get so horny. Even though I have a boyfriend, I love playing with one my sister’s boy toys, named Scott.


Scott is a College student at the nearby University in our town, he’s also a part of the soccer team. So it’s very easy for us to meet, unlike my boyfriend, Eddy, who lives in another town. He had no clue that I’ve been very naughty when he’s not around.


Scott doesn’t know that my sister knows about our dirty little secret, he doesn’t even know that my sister approves of it! I’ll never tell him about that, sex with him is great!


I’ve already tried several times, but I just can’t get rid of Scott. From all the guys I have sex with, Scott has the biggest dick! Even bigger than my boyfriend! Each time we have sex, I cum at least four times before he does. I love his huge dick banging my tiny pussy. And I can’t also get rid of my boyfriend, because he’s very good in bed, he knows how to keep me pleasured all throughout the day with all sorts of foreplay.


Every time I ask my sister about it, she just laughs, then tells me to go have a threesome with them! Anyway, I’m still young and beautiful, I’ll just keep on playing till I’m old enough to settle down with Eddy.


– Lana, 17


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