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Outrageous Sex Confessions

Herman, 24

Monica and I have been dating for 8 months, now don’t get me wrong, I love her so much but I haven’t even touched her pussy. That’s because she’s still a virgin and wanted to keep it that way until we get married.

Sure masturbation is good while watching porn, but having sex with your hot girlfriend is still the best thing your cock could ever have!

One night I came early to pick her up for out dinner date at a fancy restaurant (still hoping she’d let me touch her). I came too early that she haven’t even finished showering. I went upstairs to surprise her with the flowers I bought for her, the problem is, I made I wrong turn and ended up in her sister’s bedroom!

Her sister Jenna was sitting on her bed reading some magazines with her legs wide open showing her cute yellow underwear and underneath was a nice cameltoe view of her pussy. I couldn’t keep my eyes from looking at it!

But then Jenna said, “You can suck but you can’t fuck”. Well, to hell with it! I didn’t care if it was my girlfriend’s sister, so I jumped on to her lap, stripped off her panty and started to lick her wet pussy. After receiving a hot mouthful of cum, I went back downstairs and waited for Monica.

The dinner date was normal, like always, but I did tried to tell Monica that we can do some sort foreplay even though she’s still a virgin. Unfortunately, she just nodded and said, “Not until we’re married, sweetie…”

I went home that night, unsatisfied, longing for the warmth of Jenna’s wet pussy.


Louise, 23

My College professor caught me cheating one time. He said that if he saw me doing it again he will have to punish me. Unfortunately, he did caught me cheating again! This time, there’s no way of escaping from his punishment.

The professor told me to clean his lab after school on Friday as punishment for cheating. And since, my girlfriends and I already have plans for that day, I begged my professor for another chance. He thought twice about it and decided to give me a different form of punishment, he then asked me if I would let him touch my boobs! I said to myself, “It’s only my boobs? No big deal!” So I let him have it.

All was well until the professor caught me once again. I was passing notes during a quiz and the professor noticed my seatmate leaning towards me. After that quiz, the professor told me to come to his office. As I was sitting there, with no questions asked, he told me to come over his house after class. I was shocked, thinking that the professor might want to have sex with me! But since he’s one of the honored and well known professor at school, no bad record that is, I just nodded hoping that he will just scold me for cheating.

That night, I came over to his house prepared. I wore a very simple clothing and an old fashion pair of undies. The professor opened the door and instructed me to sit and wait at his living room, I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say to him. When he came back, he was holding some CDs and placed one on the DVD player. He told me to stand and asked if I know how to dance, I said yes and smiled innocently.

As the CD played, I saw the album, they’re all ballad songs. The professor sat on his couch, looked at me and told me to dance! As I was getting the hang of it, he told me to strip, and so I did. Slowly I stripped my clothes but left my undies on and continued dancing. The music were all romantic and very sweet to the ears, I couldn’t help dancing, suddenly I noticed that I was already doing naughty moves in front of my professor. I stopped and stared at him for a moment, I saw him unzipped his pants and pulled off his huge cock! It was so big, so erected and looked so yummy! I decided to dance once more to satisfy his viewing pleasure. He then gently stroked his cock at every sexy beat of my hips.

He said that he would never have sex with me, he just wanted to see me dancing naked as it was one of his naughty fantasies. So I continued to dance that night, even made some dirty moves, till I satisfied his cock.

I went home unharmed but a little bit happy knowing that even though my professor had his chance to fuck me, he still decided not to.

Now, every time he catches me cheating, I end up dancing naked in front of him. I really don’t mind dancing for him, besides when I see his huge cock it turns me on! 😉


Liliane, 28

Sex is only natural to me, nothing special, it’s just sex. What makes it really special for me is having sex with younger men with huge cocks! I maybe 28 years old, but I still get to play with teen aged boys who loves exploring a mature woman’s body. I can’t help it if my huge tits and sexy body turns them on.

Teenagers these days will do anything just to to have sex with a woman with a steaming hot body! I know because I’m a teacher in a local College school. The girls there are wild, sleeping with all sorts of boys and even with their distant cousins. While the younger men are so in to me, they would stay after school hours for tutoring, just to stare at my huge tits!

Even though they’re still kids, their cocks are huge! Of course, I wasn’t always like this. It all started at my first year of teaching in that College school, one of my students, an 18 year old boy, asked me to tutor him at home. Since that kid was really poor in Calculus, I thought it’s okay as long as he improves. I’m a teacher who’s willing to offer my extra time to make my students excel in their studies. So, I said yes, but the tutoring has to be inside the school campus not at his house.

I waited for this kid at the teacher’s lounge after school hours is over for his tutoring. And since it was Saturday, all the students and teachers have gone home early to spend time with their friends and families.

What would you expect? I was the only teacher there with one of my handsome student! But it wasn’t me who made the first move, it was his idea to play that naughty game. Each time he gets a wrong answer he would strip in front of me, and every time he gets the answer right, I’ll strip for him. Knowing that the boy is poor in calculus, I took the deal because I know there’s no way he can beat me.

First mathematical problem, his answer as wrong, so he took off his shirt. I didn’t knew there was a hunk hiding behind that goofy shirt?! His second answer was also wrong, this time he took off his shoes and socks. The third one was also a wrong answer, so he pulled off his pants, leaving his sexy black brief on. By the time he gave me his fourth answer, I was shocked, knowing that the answer was right, there was nothing I can say so to take off my blazer. Since I got more clothes on than him, I thought even if he gets all the following answers right there was no way he’d see me butt naked!

After that fourth answer, everything till the ninth mathematical problem, he got all the answers right! I took off a lot of clothes for that, even my earrings and other accessories! I was down to three clothes left, my skirt, bra and panty. This kid amazed me!

Now, there’s only one answer to reveal (the 10th and final one), I was already prepared to strip off my skirt but all he has left was his brief. Finally, after I saw his last answer was wrong, I just stood there staring at him because I didn’t know what to do if he’d actually strip off his brief in front of me. I just whispered, “Wrong answer…” He slowly came on to me, took my hands and placed them on his brief, as if he wanted me to take them off for him. Softly, he whispered, “It’ll be our little secret…” my hands just went lose after hearing those words. I remembered touching his cock and felt it was as huge and as hard as a matured man’s cock! Then everything went blank… All I can feel was pure pleasure, from top to bottom!

After that wild sex with my student, he admitted of being one of the top math students in Campus, I didn’t know because the first time I met him at the math club he was just a slobby and geeky looking boy, whom I immediately forgot the name and didn’t even noticed he was one of my students! The next day he turned himself into a handsome geek and hid the truth from me, failing his math subject on purpose just to get near me.

Three years after that, he graduated from the College, left town and was hired by one of the big companies up in the city. I never saw him again… But that didn’t stop me from sleeping with the other boys 😉


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